Gemma Collins shows money as she picks up her takeaway (Picture: ITV)

Gemma Collins was spotted at her favourite restaurant for a takeaway in East London.

The 40-year-old former Towie star has been spotted in lingerie (who can blame him?) looking like a boss with a £20 note in a fan’s hand.

G.C. turned her into quite the ballerina, earning more than £1 million and pocketing £75,000 for a position at Instagram – or at least that’s what she said in a recent interview with Piers Morgan.

Wearing sports leggings, a pink Hello Kitty hoodie and colourful Crocs, Gemma goes masked to get her food at Italian Café E. Pelliccini, and honestly, we’re quite jealous of their weekly treat.

She was seen walking to her car with her sweets in hand while a staff member helped Gemma place her order.

She appeared after fans recently saw Gemma in Piers Morgan’s new series Life Stories, in which she spoke candidly about everything from the embarrassment of her television debut to her turbulent relationship with her boyfriend James Arg Argent.

Gemma rocked her closed recliner at her favourite restaurant (Photo: Colleen Jack).

She was seen wearing a fan made of banknotes (Photo: Colleen Jack).

The reality star got help from one of the staff (Colleen Jack) for her order.

Gemma has loaded her weekly supply of takeaway treats into the boot of her car (Photo: Colleen Jack).

In the interview, Gemma also admitted to making a sex tape with an ex-boyfriend – which she now claims was a lie.

Gemma told Pierce that she had intimate images stored on her phone and that she might be tempted to sell them if she desperately needed more money – One day I might go for a walk and have to do Kim K, she said.

Pierce disagrees and urges Gemma not to sell all the pieces of her life. Towards the end of the episode, Gemma seems to freak out and insists that she go home and retract her indecent video.

But Gemma has since admitted that the sex video doesn’t really exist.

Gymnastics leggings and Hello Kitty hoodie (photo: Collin Jack).

Gemma was distracted while waiting for her phone (Photo: Colleen Jack)

Gemma provided the supplies for her mission (photo: Colin Jack).

Gemma juggles keys and delivery on the way back to her car (Photo: Colin Jack)

His trip to the city took place after an episode of Life Stories aired on television (Photo: Colin Jack).

In her appearance on Unforgivable Mel Gedroyc, Gemma revealed: Anyway, I said it once in an interview and I thought it was funny: Yeah, I made a sex tape like Kim K. I never thought about it again. Laughing.

Next I have an interview with Piers Morgan in Life Stories. So he takes me and he says: You made a sex tape, didn’t you? I was thinking: Oh, shit. I just said ha-ha-ha, but now it’s in my head. I put myself in hot water.

The plot thickens, however, as Pierce now claims that Gemma is lying because she didn’t mention the sex video at all. Are you still with me?

Pierce tweeted: Hm. How do we know she’s not lying now?

We think it’s for Gemma, but it’s not for us.

Since then, Pierce has announced that his episode of the new series has been a hit with viewers, with 43% more viewers watching his interview than during Question Time.


He shared this on social media: Amazing stories of my life chat with @missgemcollins had 43% more viewers than @bbctiontime last night! Thank you, Gemma, and thank you to everyone who watched.

Fans praised Gemma’s honesty during the interview about her ups and downs. The Essex star described her appearance in Life Stories while I pinched myself.

Gemma’s Life Stories episode can be watched via the ITV Hub.

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