Markus Rashford Markus Rashford has scored four Champions League goals this season.

Markus Rashford came off the bench to score a clinical hat-trick as Manchester United put their recent run of form by dismantling RB Leipzig in the Champions League.

The English international Rashford came out just after the hour mark and scored three goals in 18 minutes, first to calm down and then to make a breathtaking second goal before scoring a third in the save.

The young striker Mason Greenwood scored his first goal of the game by intercepting Paul Pogba’s defensive pass before forcing a precise and deep pass in the opposite corner.

Greenwood again shot directly at Peter Goulashi, while the visiting goalkeeper also prevented Anthony Martial from being pierced.

But when Martial entered the penalty area with three minutes to go, he used a penalty kick to score his first goal of the season.

Ole Gunnar Solskier’s team confirmed their brilliant victory in their first match in Paris Saint-Germain and scored three more impressive points to extend their unbeaten run to four games.

United had a pleasant night, David de Gaye stayed away from Christopher Nkunku and Ibrahima Konate.

In another Group H race, last year’s runners-up, Paris St. Germain, was the only team to win a race in the finals. St. Germain, scored the first runs with a 2-0 victory over Istanbul Basaksehir.

Rashford must not be mistaken

Before the match, United said they were confused about the government’s decision not to admit fans to Old Trafford, despite the fact that the stadium has become a public place for 23,500 fans.

And since United played their first Champions League home game after losing Barcelona in the quarterfinals in April 2019, it’s a shame that the fans missed the best performance of their team.

Solskjaer faced the current leaders of the Bundesliga and the team that reached the semifinals last semester, but he gave the German team a respectable appearance with an excellent and extensive performance.

The man of the hour Rashford struck again, a grid with all three shots to the target.

Rashford, who received his licence from the British Empire earlier this month and continued his fight against the government for free meals for schoolchildren off the field, demonstrated his skills there by winning the first triple prize in an elite club competition in Europe.

In the beginning the assistant referee excluded him, but practice showed that he had timed his run perfectly because of the hemisphere, piercing Bruno Fernandas’ rake and opening his body before returning to the field.

The second came in with a run to the edge of the penalty area before bringing his goal back into the corner as he made his hat-trick from close range.

Combined in the race

After a 6-1 humiliation by Tottenham, United had three victories and a draw, including blank sheets in a row.

A balanced defence by Harry Maguire and Victor Lindeloff silenced the striker in Leipzig on the front line and provided another welcome entry to the field.

In front of them the Dutch international Donnie van de Beek was third in the Karabakho Cup after two years and the midfielder was consistent and precise. In 67 minutes on the field he made 89% of the 28 passes and played the ball again six times.

It’s United’s depth, star Bruno Fernandez just sat on the couch, but broke off to get more help.

Few would expect the Premier League team to score six out of six against the two toughest opponents in the group.

But they were perfectly matched to reach the Tour of 16, from start to finish against the insignificant Istanbul Basaksehir.

What happens then?

On Sunday United Arsenal meets again in Old Trafford in the Premier League (from 16.30 GMT).

Super Submarine Rashford – Statistics

  • Manchester United came in 50th. Part of Ole Gunnar Solsker as Uef manager. The Norwegian has 11 victories for Manchester United (61% win) in 18 games.
  • The RB of Leipzig has missed more goals in all leagues this season than in the last seven games together (3).
  • Markus Rashford is only the second Manchester United player to score a hat-trick as a replacement after his coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer did so against Nottingham Forest in February 1999 in the Premier League.
  • Manchester United began the Champions League campaign for only the second time since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson in 2013, also under Jose Mourinho in 2017-18, with consecutive victories.
  • Leipzig’s RB lost 5-0 – the biggest defeat in their short European history, while the result stands for Manchester United’s biggest Champions League victory since November 2013 against Bayer Leverkusen (5-0).
  • Although the debut only came in February 2020, no Manchester United player has included more participants in all competitions than 12-year-old Bruno Fernandez under Ole Gunnar Solsker, although the Norwegian took over in December 2018.
  • Only Brian Kidd (18,275,000) and Wayne Rooney (18,340,000) scored in Manchester United under Mason Greenwood (19,27,000) for the European Cup/Champions League goal.
  • As a teenager, the Manchester United Greenwood striker scored six goals in major European leagues, with his teammate Markus Rashford scoring the most goals in the UK.
  • The Manchester United striker Rushford became the fifth player in the history of the Champions League to score a hattrick as a replacement, despite his 27-minute camouflage, the weakest of the goals.

The actors of the game

RashfordMarcus Rashford

RB Leipzig

  1. Team number18Player nameBaby
  2. Team number6 Player nameStatus
  3. Team number5 Player nameUpamecano
  4. Team number25 Player nameOlmo
  5. Team number 10Player titleForsberg
  6. Team number1 Player nameGulasi
  7. Team number23 Player nameeHalstenberg
  8. Team number44Player namePlayer nameCamper
  9. Team number39Player name of Team Genrichs player
  10. Team number19 Name of playerSurlot
  11. Team number3 Player nameAngelino
  12. Team number21Player nameCluvert
  13. Team number9 Player nameImpulses
  14. Team number 7 Name of playerSabitzer


Limited liability companies

  • 1st Gea
  • 29 From BissakaTransfer to Tuanzebat 81 minutes
  • 2Lind phone
  • 5Maguire
  • 23 Shaw
  • 31MaticReserved at 34minsWork for McTominayat 63’minutes
  • 17Fred
  • 6PogbaTransfer by Cavanaiat 81 minutes
  • 34 from the BicZameno to Bruno Fernandezat 68’minutes
  • 9Martial
  • 11GreenwoodReplaced by Rashfordan 63’minutes


  • 7Ports
  • 8Mata
  • 10Rashford
  • 18 Bruno Fernandez
  • 21 James
  • 24-Fosu-Mensa
  • 25Igalo
  • 26Henderson
  • 33 Williams
  • 38 Tuanzebé
  • 39McTominay
  • 43 Mengi

RB Leipzig

  • 1Gulasi
  • 6Conat
  • 5Upamecano
  • 23 Halstenberg
  • 44KampaExchange for 77min against Kluvertat 76’min
  • 39HenrichsBy 46minExchanged for sabitrate 63’minBy 86min.
  • 25Olmo
  • 18 NkunkaSubstituted for 65 minutes.
  • 3Angelino
  • 9Pulse
  • 10Forsberg


  • 4Orban
  • 7 places
  • 11 Hwang Hee Chan
  • 13 Thursday
  • 14 Adams
  • 19Surlot
  • 20Samardzich
  • 21Klugeeißer
  • 33 Martinez
  • 41 Borkowski
  • 45 Martel
  • 47Wosz

Real-time text

  1. Playing, Manchester United 5, RB Leipzig 0.
  2. The second half is over, Manchester United 5, RB Leipzig 0.
  3. Aim! Manchester United 5, RB Leipzig 0. Markus Rashford (Manchester United) fired from midfield in the lower right corner with his right shirt on. With the support of Anthony Martial.
  4. Dani Olmo (RB Leipzig) hits a free kick in the attacking half.
  5. Luke Shaw, Manchester United is dirty.
  6. Foul Jusuf Poulsen (RB Leipzig).
  7. Scott Mactominay (Manchester United) wins a free kick in the defensive half.
  8. Dani Olmo (RB Leipzig) hits his free kick on the right side.
  9. Fred (Manchester United) is punished after committing an offence.
  10. Offside, Manchester United. Bruno Fernandez tries to make a cross, but Edinson Cavani is on the side.
  11. Aim! Manchester United 4, RB Leipzig 0. Anthony Martial (Manchester United) converts a penalty shot with a shot in the right leg into a shot on the left.
  12. Marcel Sabitzer (RB Leipzig) was booked for a foul.
  13. Marcel Sabitzer (RB Leipzig) lost the penalty after an offence in the penalty area.
  14. penalty kick from Manchester United. Anthony Martial commits a foul in the penalty area.
  15. The attempt is blocked. Marcus Rashford of Manchester United blocks the left jersey in the middle of the penalty area. Supported by Edinson Cavanaugh with a pass to the head.
  16. Offside, RB Leipzig. Marcel Halstenberg shoots on, but Angelinho is out.
  17. Replacement, Manchester United. Edinson Kavani replaces Paul Pogb.
  18. Replacement, Manchester United. Axel Tuanzebe replaces Aaron Van Bissacou.
  19. I missed a shot. The title of Alexander Surlot (RB Leipzig) in the middle of the box is too high. Supported by Emile Forsberg with a cross around the corner.
  20. Corner, RB Leipzig. Admission of Luke Shaw.

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