Tehsildar is one of the administrative posts and is known at the level of Tehsil or Taluka throughout the country.  The purpose of the technician is to supervise junior staff in the revenue department, as well as collect revenue from various sources, such as maintenance. Once revenues are collected, it is important to communicate that in units where participation with the department head is an important task, department staff should be involved.

Being a Tehildar is an attractive profession, and why not? Everyone wants a dream job in the public sector for the development of their country.  After Teshildar’s death, one of them. The deputy tehsildar is a group b official selected by the Public Service Commission. The appointment of the Tehsildar is on a need basis. Vacancies for Tehsildar are published annually by the government department. The main duty of the Tehsildar is to collect revenue and give instructions to his subordinates.

In addition, the Techsildar has the right to recruit officers from the unit. He is an official who represents himself in the Gram Sabha. Techsildar can manage the various registration processes and residency certificates.

What are the requirements to become a Tehsildar?

Candidates must meet the following requirements to sit for the Tehsildar exam. If they meet this requirement, they can take the exam –

  • The candidate should hold a Bachelor’s degree in any subject from a recognized university or equivalent approved by the Central Government.
  • The applicant must have valid proof of graduation – a diploma certificate.
  • Candidates must obtain the cumulative percentage of their degree and state the same at the time of registration on the website.
  • All academic qualifications must be approved by the Government of India or state regulatory authorities.
  • The candidate must be a citizen of India. Nationality is an important aspect here.

In addition to the above requirements, there are other aspects such as the age limit.  The minimum age is 20 and the maximum age is 30. In the cases indicated, a discount is granted –

  • Exemption for up to 5 years for registered caste/stem lists.
  • Redemption at the age of 3 years for another class of handicap (no cream coat).
  • Exemption up to 10 years for blind, deaf and other disabled people.
  • Rest period of up to 5 years for ex-servicemen, officials in active employment, including emergency officials, officials in active employment for short periods.
  • Remains up to 5 years for a person having his habitual residence in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Rest period of up to 5 years for those affected by the 1984 riots.

With these age limits, candidates will need a certificate or they will not be able to take advantage of these benefits. The maximum age is 30, so it is best to take these exams at a young age.

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Selection procedure for tehsildar

There is no doubt that Tehsildar is a job with more responsibilities and anyone with a legal background will want to fight for the exam. However, the selection process is divided into three categories to find the right candidate for Tehsildar’s post. The procedure is as follows –

  • In the first round, candidates take the first test, which covers the core subjects.
  • The second round concerns the previous candidates. Candidates selected in the first examination will be admitted to the second examination.
  • In the final stage, students who pass the selection threshold are selected for an interview.

These three steps will help you find the right candidate for the technician position.

Teshildar Preliminary Programme – First Document

It would have been better to prepare for the preliminary work. There are several topics that you need to study. The programme for Test I is as follows: – The program for Test II.

  • current events
  • Geography
  • History
  • Indian state and government
  • Social development
  • Economy
  • Environment and science

The seven subjects cover a wide range of topics, but the syllabus is always available during the examination period. It will help you frame the important issues in each topic so you can prepare effectively.

Tehsildar Provisional Programme – second document

There are two exams you have to take. Students who have passed the first exam are eligible to take the second exam. This time the program is much more focused on important issues. You need to be prepared for –

  • Fundamentals of mathematics
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Overall mental performance
  • Logical thinking
  • Decision-making and problem-solving
  • Analytical skills
  • The concept of English
  • Communication skills

This time there are eight subjects and the best choice would be to prepare for all of them with the help of the books selected by the examination board.

Main test programme for Tehsildar

Regardless of the state to which it belongs, it consists of six documents. Two of the exams in this section focus on language learning, while the other four focus on your knowledge. The programme for the main event is as follows

  • Indian economy
  • Human resource development
  • Science and Technology
  • Regional language
  • History of India (emphasis on the state)
  • English
  • Geography
  • Indian law and politics
  • Agriculture
  • human rights

Apart from whether you belong to Maharashtra or Punjab, there is a language test depending on the state you belong to. Most states have their own local language, and dildos need to know the local language.

Note – To increase your chances of admission, you should review the exam papers from the last five years. Going through these test sheets may not help you answer the actual questions, but you will be able to understand the difficulty level and the questions that will be asked in the test.


After passing the exam and being selected from the shortlist, candidates are invited for an interview. All selected candidates are asked questions by the interviewer on various important topics to test their knowledge. Most of the questions relate to the following subjects –

  • current events
  • Personal capacity
  • Events of national and international importance
  • Decision-making and problem-solving skills

These characteristics will determine whether or not you qualify. The interviewers look at all the candidates and find those who are capable of doing the job.

What is the salary structure at Tehsildar?

Tehsildar post is one of the most famous places and is known for its high position. Tehildar’s salaries vary from state to state depending on the salary structure. However, if you dig deeper, you will see that the range for Tehildar payments until 2021 is between 28 000 and 80 000 million rupees. Reportedly, the pay scale will be raised in the coming months and the basic salaries will be above Rs. 30,000.


Once you start learning about the admission requirements and prepare in advance, it will be easy to pass the entrance exams. Matches are difficult and require a lot of knowledge of the subjects studied. If you start these subjects early (probably after grade 12), you’ll have an easy time.

Another option that may prove useful in becoming a Thesildar is to study current affairs and history for several years. If you continue to gain knowledge from the past, it will be an advantage in these exams and you can become the next Techsildar. The only problem is that there are fewer and fewer vacancies every year, and you can only take advantage of this opportunity if you prepare properly.

frequently asked questions

What are the qualifications to be a tehsildar?

What, uh… what… what… what… what… what… What?

Is the Tehildar an IAS officer?


SDM and Tehsildar are the same?


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