The Bachelor of Sport Management program is a three-year program that leads to a Bachelor of Sport Management. If you are interested in sports event management, this course is for you. You will learn to apply business and management principles to the sports industry. You must have good communication and leadership skills if you want to take this management course. Good communication skills are essential for any management training. This BSM course is available in regular and distance learning formats.  There are several colleges in India that offer this course.

There are a number of career options after earning a degree in sports management. As you progress in your career, you will earn a decent salary based on your skills and experience. You can also continue your studies after the Bachelor of Sport Management (BSM) with a Master in Sport Management.

Course Summary:

For those who want to pursue a career in sports and sports-related activities, a bachelor’s degree in Sport Management is an excellent choice. You will learn about all areas related to sports activities. You will be informed about financial management, sports events and other sports related information. You will learn to manage your time, work in a team, analyze data and work individually when necessary. You will gain a thorough knowledge of all aspects of sport and its management.

What is a sport management course?

As a sports management student, you will have the opportunity to be educated in all aspects of sports. You need to see sport as a business and learn about the planning, execution and control of all types of sporting events. Events can be national or international, and you should have the opportunity to observe them.

Bachelor of Sports Management Details of the programme:

Name of the course An undergraduate program in sport management [BSM].
Duration of the course Three years – Six semesters
Course fee Rs. 1,70,000 to Rs. 6.50.000.

If you go to a community or state university, the tuition is fixed and amounts to 4-5 million per year. But if you go to a private school, it is between 1,70,000 and 18 lakhs. It depends on the college or university you choose.

Right to manage sport:

If you wish to enroll in sports management courses, you must have completed Liberal Arts 10+2 with 50%. Art must be one of the subjects in your +2 course. You may also be required to take the CET test, which is held annually, or a college or university may hold its own placement test to screen applicants for admission to its institution. But some colleges only check the percentage of marks obtained on 10+2.

You need to download the application form from the official website of the university or school and fill it out. You can even pick up the form in person at the college and return it. Once the selection process is complete, the list of shortlisted candidates will be posted on the university or school website. This document can be viewed on the University notice board.

Sport management Curriculum:

In principle, the sports management course is divided into three years with six semesters. The course begins with a basic introduction to sports and their business applications. From semester to semester you will deepen your knowledge in this area.

It provides information on the topics or themes covered in each semester throughout the three years.

I Semester II. Semester
Financial bookkeeping Marketing management
Commercial law Labour law
Management of sports facilities and activities Organisation and management of sport
Business communication – I Business communication -II
Basic course physical education 1 Basic course physical education 2
Human Capacity Development Fund Business environment
Business Administration – I Management principles
III. Semester Term IV
HRM in sport Sports Marketing
Sports Law Financial management in sport
Information technology in business management – I Information technology in business management – II
Environmental Management Business Administration – II
Statistics on entrepreneurship economic research
Accounting for management decisions Production and full quality management
Application and practice of marketing ethics and governance
V-Semester Term VI
Sports management Digital sports marketing
Sport analysis department Media marketing in sport
Sports sponsorship Public relations in sport
Logistics and supply chain management Operational management
Strategic Management entrepreneurship management
International Trade Commercial negotiations
Summer Course Project work – Sport

So that was the full program that you get in the three years of the sports management degree. The curriculum is not the same in all schools and universities. This can vary a bit from university to university, but more or less you will only study these topics and themes. Knowing this will allow you to better manage and lead the sport and its related activities.

Post-baccalaureate programme in Sports Management

Many people want to continue studying even after they finish high school. If you wish, you can continue your studies and obtain a master’s degree in sports management. This is a two-year course with four semesters. Possess a bachelor’s degree in sport management and have obtained it with at least 50% of the cumulative points. The selection process for this course also varies from college to college. Some colleges select based on the percentage of final grades, while others also administer entrance exams for the subject. The salary will be better and you can earn two to nine lakhs per year with a master’s degree in sports management.

Career opportunities in sport management:

As in any other field, there are career opportunities in both the private and public sectors. If you are looking for a public service job, you will have to pass a few more exams to get the job. But if you are looking for a job in the private sector, there are different job opportunities in different companies. Some experience in the private sector may be an advantage when looking for work in the public sector.

You’ll get a chance to work:

  • Director Trainee
  • Sports Director
  • Sales Manager
  • Sports nutritionist
  • Sports teacher
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Athletics Administrators
  • Head of the sports department
  • marketing manager
  • Specialist in Public Relations
  • responsible for business cooperation
  • Team leader

Their job opportunities are varied, for example in sports management companies, sports companies, advertising companies, public relations agencies, sales and service companies.

Average salary for sport management:

All we teach is how to earn a job and a decent wage. After completing the course in sports management, you will have many job opportunities. The salary may be slightly lower if you are at the beginning of your career. But once you have some experience in this field, you’ll find that the job openings come flooding in. The sports industry is growing every year, which is why the best management team in the industry is in demand. So even if you have to start your career with a low salary, go for it because your experience can help you get a better salary or job in the future.

As a sports teacher, you can earn 2-4 lakhs per year. The athletic director will do something on the order of three to six gallons. If you get a job as a procurement manager, you can earn more as the salary is eight to nine lakhs. A sports dietitian gets 2-4 lakhs per annum and a management trainee 3-5 lakhs per annum.

List of famous sports management schools in India

Here is the list of some of the best and popular sports management schools in India:

  • National Academy of Sports Management, Maharashtra.
  • International Institute of Sports Management (IISM), Maharashtra.
  • Jai Hind College, Mumbai.
  • University of Mumbai, Mumbai.
  • Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports, New Delhi.
  • Centurion University of Technology and Management, Orissa.
  • Alagappa University, Tamil Nadu.
  • St. George College, West Bengal.
  • Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, University of Technology, West Bengal
  • Siamaprasad Institute of Technology and Management – SITM, West Bengal.
  • Institute of Social Welfare and Business Administration, West Bengal.

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