India is a land of festivals and events. People have different occasions from time to time, from weddings to naming ceremonies. Making these events a success is a difficult task. It requires skills, coordination, budget management and a few other things. In order to organize a successful event or party, a family member must take on many tasks. But Indians are moving to a new form of events, even recruiting officials. Demand is high and you could be next in line to lead an upcoming event.

The goal of the event manager is to plan events and organize them properly to avoid problems. Visualizing and staging the concept desired by the client is the main task. But that’s not the end of the work. All tasks start when the program is running. You’ll also find that event managers need to pay attention to rituals and crowds. Managing everything efficiently is a skill that requires a lot of experience.

But how does an event manager get this job? What are its qualifications and what can you do to take this step? We just put it in there so you don’t have to worry. Let’s get started.

The right to become a competitive leader

There are several career paths you can take to become an event manager. If you want to become an event manager, you can get a diploma, degree or certificate. It’s about being interested in the region you serve. The only major requirement is passing grade 12. Class at a recognized board. Units at 10+2 must have 50% or more to be selected.

For mastery

If you want to take a BBA or BA course to become an event manager, you need to -.

  • 10+2 of the Commission.
  • Approval is based on a list of services.
  • Some universities have entrance exams.

These are the basic requirements set by most reputed institutions in the country during the recruitment phase. To make it through selection you may be required to take an elementary aptitude test.

For diploma, certificate and PG courses

If you are looking for a degree or certificate in event management, you should consider some private training institutions that may be of use to you.

  • Candidates seeking a degree or diploma must achieve at least 45% in class 10+2.
  • Students wishing to enrol in postgraduate studies must have cumulatively achieved at least 50% of their coursework.
  • To join the PGDM or PGPM programmes, one must pass the CAT or MAT entrance exams held at the national level.

If you meet these basic requirements, you can enroll in event management courses at top institutions or universities.

Event manager user fields

An event manager works in a variety of industries, and some of the most popular industries offer impressive salaries. If you want to become an event manager, but don’t know what your responsibilities will be, check out the following event manager jobs.

Senior Event Manager

The main event manager deals with multiple tasks and plays an important role in the overall event. Most importantly, they handle important event-related requests and help with janitorial services. From workflow management to meeting deadlines, everything is reviewed by the Senior Event Manager.  Developing a tailor-made offer according to the client’s wishes is also one of the tasks of a Senior Event Manager. So there are a lot of responsibilities for the event manager.

Executive Director Budget and Finance

The need for a budget and a financial manager is important for a large event. It is the responsibility of the organisers’ financial managers to prepare an effective budget. You will manage the budget for the entire department and work on the analysis of the company’s financial information. An important part of their job is to analyze income, expenses, budget and cash management.

Executive Director Legal Affairs

Legal assistance in legal matters and the same applies to the legal administrator of the event. They represent the client, manage interactions and participate in legal proceedings. Obtaining legal documents related to the company, the event and other aspects is an integral part of the legal management of the event. Dealing with issues of inheritance and wealth is an important part of his work.

Event Coordinator

The coordination of the event involves the role of the event coordinator. Responding to customer requests, coordinating guests, clients or the public to avoid inconveniences is part of the job of an event coordinator. This job is very important and most companies are looking for smart candidates who can come up with new ideas to solve problems.

Event production manager

Calculating and coordinating the event budget is one of the tasks of the event production manager. A large part of the budget is filled in by the production manager and the quality of the event depends on the budget. So the person in charge of producing the event talks about how to spend money to make money. The quality of service is also determined by the production manager.

Community liaison officer

An essential part of the public relations profession is developing strategic plans for the public and managing a company’s campaign. Making the company more open and working with the public, the press and other critical organizations is part of the job of the public relations specialist in the company.

Event managers are in high demand as they play an important role in campaigning and dealing with fewer issues. Most events organized by companies are designed to generate revenue, advertise and convince the public to buy their product.

Best opportunities for a manager to work in the employment sector

An event manager plays an important role in most businesses today. From campaigns to promotions, demand is high. The list below shows the jobs that an event manager can easily fill.

  • Event agency
  • Public relations companies
  • Fashion shows
  • Concerts
  • Weddings
  • Product press releases
  • Corporate events
  • Televised events
  • View
  • Integrated marketing and communication
  • Entertainment
  • catering company

Not all employment sectors are affected. An event manager can find many other jobs that meet their needs and certainly offer impressive compensation plans.

Top recruitment companies

If you want to work as an event manager for a well-known and respected company, you need the skills to stand out. After a quick search, we found some of the best event manager recruiters as follows.

  • Wizcraft
  • Cox and the Kings
  • Compass Events
  • Tafcon
  • Observation
  • Pegasus
  • Cineyug entertainment
  • DNA Networks Pvt. Ltd
  • 70 EMG
  • Fountainhead
  • Procamrunning
  • Sita Conferences
  • The electronic factor

If you join one of these companies, you will have more opportunities to grow and improve your compensation. There is no doubt that the best companies always offer higher wages, but there are also additional benefits you can enjoy by working longer.

Note – Not wanting to work at a top company may seem like a bad thing, but working at start-ups will give you more experience and increase your chances of a higher salary ranking in the future. So, if you have the opportunity, don’t waste it with lower wages.

Top 8 universities of applied sciences offering event management courses

Event planning is a good career choice in India. Some of the top colleges and institutes listed below offer event programs. Let’s see…

  1. National Institute of Event Management (NIEM) – New Delhi

It is the largest and best event institute in Asia and has been awarded by the Limca Book of Records. It has 15 branches in the country. It is the only institute that organizes events on a national level.

  1. EMDI Institute of Media and Communication – New Delhi

EMDI offers vocational training to its students. EMDI is the only Indian institute affiliated to the Entertainment and Event Management Association, giving students global exposure.

  1. Indian School of Media (ISM) – Mumbai

Students are trained by experts from IIM and IIT. ISM promotes the media and entertainment industry. Moreover, students can get various jobs and internships in the field of Wizcraft, film distribution, etc.

  1. National Academy of Media and Events (NAMIA) – Kolkata

Founded in 2014, it offers a variety of event management courses. Like wedding planning, public relations, and film making.

  1. Amity School of Communication – Noida

The institute offers various professional undergraduate and postgraduate courses. In this institute you can get masters in public relations, event management, journalism and mass communication.

  1. Institute for Event Impact Management (IEM) – New Delhi

It is one of the most popular institutes in India that offers practical courses, seminars, live sessions, networking, semesters and much more to its students.

  1. Institute of Mass Communication, Film and Television – Kolkata

It is associated with the government of West Bengal. This institute offers courses in media and communication, animation, business program, photography, animation and other courses.

  1. Prestige Management and Forecasting Research Institute (PMRI) – Indore

This institute offers a one-year full-time course in event management. The MRIP offers a variety of courses such as television production, photography and event management.

Bottom line

To begin with, 10+2 students can start looking for the best units to gain admission in a reputed institution. And a graduate student can opt for a short course and work in a company to broaden his or her experience. Following a plan to make your dreams come true is a better and highly effective choice than other options. We wish you a successful career in the events industry and at the same time excellent salary conditions.

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