The iPhone is the ultimate digital companion, making it easy to share information and have a conversation with anyone in your life. If you’re an avid texter on your phone, then you know how frustrating it can be when words or phrases begin to run together. It’s time for some underlining! Let’s get started by learning how to turn off “auto-correct” first…

The “how to underline on iphone keyboard” is a question that has been asked many times before. In this article, I will explain how to do so.

When it comes to using your iPhone, there are so many amazing features that it’s easy to overlook some of the little ones. You may wish to tweak some components of the message while texting to make particular areas stand out. How do you highlight text in a message, for example, is a huge issue that some people have.

To highlight a text message on an iPhone, make sure the option is turned on first. Long hold over the text you wish to highlight after the option is activated. Then press the “U” button, which stands for underline. This will highlight the selected text in your message.

You may start adding other shapes or bolding the text in your messages once you learn how to underline text messages on your iPhone. All of these things are easy to perform, but learning all there is to know about a new smartphone might be difficult. Continue reading to learn how to highlight your text messages.

Is it possible to highlight text in a text message?

On an iPhone, you may quickly underline text in your texts. To do so, go to your phone’s settings and make sure that the option to underline is switched on. To do so, go to your settings and choose general from the drop-down menu.

On this screen, tap accessibility and check whether or not the ability to underline and bold text is enabled. After you’ve switched it on, go back into your text messages and long touch on the area you want to highlight. To highlight the precise portion you want highlighted, you may need to swipe around the phrase.

After you’ve selected the correct text, you’ll get a pop-up that reads underline, bold, or underscore, and you’ll choose underline or “U.” Then just click away from that location, and all of your previously highlighted words will be underlined.

In an iPhone, how do you underline text on WhatsApp?

Every app may have a different method of highlighting text messages than the messaging program that came with your phone. If you’re using the WhatsApp app on an iPhone, you’ll need to touch the text you want to highlight. A box will appear on the screen after everything has been highlighted.

When you touch on either choose all or select, the box will say select (depending on what is needed underlined). The letters B I U, which stand for bold, italic, strikethrough, and monospace, will appear. Simply choose the one you want to highlight, and it will automatically underline the selected word.

What Is the Best Way to Underline Text on Facebook?

Even on the Facebook app, you can quickly underline text, which may come as a surprise. Facebook is one of the most prominent social networking platforms, and unlike Instagram, which focuses on visuals, Facebook is all about words. Underlining your text on Facebook may appear unusual, but it is simple to accomplish.

Log into your Facebook account and put “Bold Text” into the box at the top of the page to underline text. A silver and black logo with the letters “BT” (bold writing) will appear; touch on it. Then, on your screen, choose “Go to App.” To allow the program to access your Facebook, click “Allow” when requested.

 You’ll be able to put text behind your messages on any post or comment if you do this. You must then press the “U” for underline and begin entering your messages inside that app. Then, to submit your highlighted message to Facebook, touch on send.

On an iPhone, how do you make text bold?

You can’t bold your text in the message section on an iPhone’s regular messaging app since it’s not physically possible. You may, however, make each test stand out with a strong subject line. You may add a bold subject line to all text messages under the iPhone’s messaging settings.

When you’re in the conventional messaging app on your iPhone, go to the bottom of the screen and hit the “SMS/MMS” header. Toggle the “Show Subject Field” function on by tapping the toggle button next to it.

All you have to do now is open your messages and tap on the area where you want to put a message. You will type anything you want to be bold in the topic box. When you send a message, whatever you enter in the “Subject” field will automatically become bold. Even while it isn’t as bold as the text body, it still adds a little something to your future letters.

How To Underline Text on an iPhone

Is It Possible to Change the Font on an iPhone?

There are a variety of methods to change the font on your smartphone, but most of them need you to download a separate software. You’ll need to download an app for the iPhone, but you may still use the usual text messaging app with the new typeface. It’s as easy as that: simply download your preferred font software.

After you’ve downloaded the program, you’ll need to follow the on-screen instructions to download the fonts. You won’t need to use that app to type after they’ve been downloaded. You’ll have to:

  • Settings are the first thing to tap.
  • After that, choose general.
  • Then choose typefaces.

You can manage all of the fonts that have been downloaded into your phone from here. You choose the typeface you want to use, and your iPhone texts will now be in that font. It’s worth noting that your font may not appear in the recipients’ messages since they may use a different collection of fonts.

Taking Advantage of All of the Features That iPhones Have to Offer

There are several apparently tiny features on the iPhone to take use of, from bolding text in the messaging app to underling WhatsApp. Allowing your thoughts to stand out and even having others wonder how you accomplished it is possible. All you need is a second app or to activate an existing function on your iPhone.


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Underlining Text on Facebook using Techwalla

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