The fantasy football season will increasingly depend on broad receivers as the trend to move to the NFL continues. In the PPR leagues, Wide Receivers are one of the most important, if not the most important, figures in building a champion.

Although the unusual opening hours are usually not for a few weeks, here are some potential wide receivers that you should buy cheaply on your way to the next season.

5. Tim Patrick

The Denver Broncos broke a 2-4 record this season, but if you look closely at their losses, you’ll see that the Broncos’ talent is not reflected in their record. You just played for the best teams. The Broncos have suffered four losses this year: Chefs (5-1), Titans (5-1), Metallurgists (6-0), Books (5-2).

Let’s not forget that the Broncos only had Drew Lock for three weeks this season, and that otherwise his leaders were reserve and third class quarterbacks. They’re ready for the winning battle. That’s why they’d have to broadcast it.

Tim Patrick was the top receiver of the team with Cortland Sutton in IR. Although Jerry Gedi would be the top receiver of the team without Sutton, Tim Patrick became a popular option.

Patrick is third in the team in terms of goals, but he leads in the receptions and on the field and is connected to TE Noah Fant in terms of touchdowns (2).

As the program of the Broncos progresses, I expect this group to explode aggressively. Tim Patrick is the leader of that explosion.

Patrick only owns 21% of the leagues. Take it when you can, buy it cheap when it’s yours.

4. Jarvis Landry

Jarvis Landry is still pretty disappointing in 2020. In 7 weeks time Landry only shot more than 80 yards once, took no more than 5 shots and had no touchdown.

Why buy cheap?

With Odell’s absence this season, Landry is the best option for the team. Baker Mayfield and Browns continue to throw the ball in the absence of Nick Chubb, and if this continues, Landry gets his usual goals plus Odell’s share.

I expect Landry to improve significantly over the course of the season. Given the lack of production this year, Landry will probably be available at low prices in fantasy football.

3. Dibo Samuel

The 49-year-olds are just starting up again, and part of their resentment comes to the fore. Brandon Iyuk was an electrician during this attack, and George Kittle is more productive than ever. But everyone always seems to forget Dibo Samuel.

Samuel stops more than 5 shots in a row and 60 meters a week to catch all the balls aimed at him. That’s a good sign for a sophomore star.

Samuel also often appears in Kyle Shanahan’s game, adding even more value to fantasy football.

Samuel was injured earlier and failed four and five weeks later. The last two weeks he has been on the path of the 49ers WR1 again. I’d fall in love with Dibo Samuel.

2. Cole Beesly

According to the definition of consistency, Cole Beesley only got less than 10 fantasy points (in RPP) once this year (he scored a 9). So far this has been an incredibly reliable option for Josh Allen, and I think it will continue to be so.

In the last two weeks Beesley has collected 19 targets, with 15 strikes and 36 RPPs.

Beesly is not a respected receiver in fantasy football, but his consistency makes him an incredibly important asset. It can be used for wide receivers that you have left on or as a flexible service option.

I’d buy Beesly if you could.

1. Curtis Samuel

The Carolina Panthers have certainly become the surprise team of the year 2020. No one would have predicted that a young Panther team would be 3-5 without Christian McCaffrey and look like a potential wild card team. They did a lot better than expected.

Curtis Samuel, on the other hand, has failed. Robbie Anderson played a bigger role than expected in the Panthers, so Samuel was not a factor. At least that’s what happened in the first few games.

Samuel has scored 10 or more points in three of the last four weeks, including an impressive performance in Thursday night’s football match against the Falcons with two touchdowns.

Samuel starts to feel more comfortable with the QB Teddy Bridgewater and is used as a service knife in this offensive (similar to Samuel’s Dibo). He’ll be a bigger part of this crime and move on.

Curtis Samuel only owns 20% of the leagues. I’d take it if he said no, or I’d buy it cheap if it belonged to him.

Today, eight weeks into the season, fantasy football teams are getting ready for qualifying. Don’t just sit back and watch your opponent improve. Buy these recipients at low prices and improve your team.

Brett Favor, the Cowboys, Mike McCarthy.

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