There are many benefits to LED signage, including less maintenance and operating costs. Compared to traditional neon signs, LEDs are energy efficient, do not require any specialized maintenance, and emit little or no heat. This makes them perfectly safe for the environment. Moreover, they are shockproof and require virtually no care.

LED flexible neon signs

LED flexible neon signs are one of the most environmentally friendly types of signs. They use a minimal amount of energy and can last for decades. Furthermore, they reduce landfill waste. Vida Signs is an installation company in New York, and they install these signs. They provide high-quality signs that are bright in the daylight. Additionally, these signs are made of PVC, which makes them much lighter than their classic counterparts.

LED signs are great for outdoor use, and they are very water-resistant. They have a waterproof grade of up to IP67. These signs also have silicone-coated tubes to diffuse the light.

Orant Neon

Custom neon signs are a great way to create a statement in your business or home. These signs are ideal for a wide range of applications, including restaurants, retail shops, beauty salons, and bars. They can also be used as an accent piece in a child’s bedroom or to add a unique accent to a home’s décor.

Custom neon signs are made of flexible material that glows with fluorescent color. The neon light is heated to a high temperature and bent into many shapes. Depending on the design, neon signs can be as simple as a word or logo, or as complicated as a complex design involving multiple colours. More complex signs will be more difficult to create and cost more.

MK Neon

If you’re looking for a custom neon sign for your business, home, or other special event, MK Neon is your answer. They create customized LED neon signs that are unique to your business. The process is quick, and the signs are ready to ship in 20 to 25 days. If you need them faster, you can also request a rush order.

You can design the sign with any picture, quote, or design that you like. Neon signage is a great way to add a new energy to a room.


Neonist is a Florida-based neon sign manufacturer. They specialize in energy-efficient LED neon signs and offer FREE international shipping. Their LED signs have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, or 6 years. These signs can be customized to fit a client’s brand guidelines and can be seamlessly integrated into existing interior design schemes.

The Neonist can create custom signs of any size. Simply measure the area that needs the sign and let them create a custom neon sign to fit the space. The size of the sign will affect the price.

Custom neon signs can be produced in any size. The Neonist, based in Florida, offers free international shipping and specializes in energy-efficient LED neon signs. They can last for up to 50,000 hours, which is equivalent to six years of continuous use. Production time is typically two to three weeks.

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