There’ll be 20 more days of Trump’s burning. The president brought his dramatic show back to Washington sooner than expected, perhaps because he realized his time in the White House had shrunk to a few days and more. He also hopes to put pressure on Republican lawmakers to substantiate his wild and inaccurate accusations of fraud when the votes in the election that sealed his departure are counted in what would normally be a historic ceremony.

He will also travel to Georgia for his last political meeting as president, where he will encourage voters to go to the second ballot at 5:00. January to defend the Republican majority in the Senate. So far Trump has had two complications. He’s been fraudulently attacking the electoral system for months, especially in Georgia, where he’s lost. And one of the Republican candidates, Senator David Perdue, is to be quarantined after contacting someone who tests positive for Covid-19.

The show takes place on the 6th. The month of January takes place. CNN’s Jake Tapper reported on Thursday that as many as 140 Republicans could vote in the House of Representatives to eliminate the votes of the welfare state. It is a large majority of Republicans in the House of Representatives who are trying to nullify the election and swear allegiance to the president.

It’s easier to vote in the House of Representatives, where electoral objections to having more Democrats in the House should fall.

Senators who bite their tongues during his presidency get the chance to become independent.

Common sense will be invoked. Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse criticized the opponents of the elections in Pennsylvania and perhaps in other states when they are released in 6th place. January will be counted.

I also urged my colleagues to reject this dangerous trick, Sasse wrote in a six-part Facebook post after Senator Josh Hawley, a Republican from Missouri, said he would be the senator responsible for forcing the opposition vote.

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This will be an aggravating circumstance for the Senate Republicans running in the 2022 elections, when the party will defend more seats in the Senate than the Democrats.

There’s gonna be a fork in the GOP. A vote for the objections Trump wants is a vote for a conspiracy theory about the facts and against the democratic will of the country.

Anti-vote consists of accepting the people’s decision, but challenging the basic groups of the GOP and failing the Trump loyalty test, which is likely to result in a primary challenge in the near future.

Few Republican senators want to make this decision, so the party elders tried to fight it. But now that Hawley has decided to resist, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has made it clear to lawmakers that he will let them decide to the best of their conscience, according to a well-known source from Thursday’s conference call, in which McConnell asked Hawley – who was not attending the conference – to explain his reasoning.

Yet McConnell told colleagues that even with his career, the mood would be one of the most significant, perhaps the most significant he’s ever given – and that it would be the same for all senators on call, said two people familiar with CNN’s call.

But this separation between the parties will have consequences for other issues. When Trump interferes in everything, without any official responsibility, his power over the party is put to the test.

President Trump’s tweets in support of the $2,000 stimulus check prompted several GOP senators to support the idea, although McConnell effectively rejected it.

If former President Trump tweets for something, will the Republicans watch out?

It’s gonna take revenge on the president’s Twitter account. Even after leaving the office, the president will have access to his Twitter account. It was his favorite way to communicate at work. The problem for the future ex-president is that social media companies may not give him the same respect they gave him as leader of the free world.

Twitter and Facebook have become reference sites where he spreads lies about his election defeat, but it can soon be difficult for these companies to justify his spread.

Accounts will be suspended for less than Trump’s on a daily basis, and social media companies will immediately press Trump to censor, possibly by suspending his account.

The consequences of such a development, if it occurs, would be interesting not only to ensure that the ability to exert influence without its platform is limited, but also to speed up the revision by the GOP of Article 230, the provision of the Telecommunications Act which separates companies from the content published by users on their sites.

There will be a division among the Democrats. It is much easier to unite in the pursuit of power than to remain united in power. Trumps, on his merit, managed Republicans effectively during his term of office, often through fear and intimidation. As president, Biden probably won’t use the same tactics. And he will have to deal with left-wing progressives who want to focus more on big issues like climate change and inequality that require systemic changes that moderates in his party are less interested in. In a year’s time, the Republicans will be able to concentrate much more easily on Biden’s politics – and he will probably be a relatively moderate president – in a way that will anger and distract the progressives. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders will not allow Biden to quietly follow the temperate path. Just like the Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or the Congressional Black Caucus.

Evidence of these divisions can already be found in the research that Biden has carried out by the progressives in the choice of its company.

His ability to circumvent the demands of the groups gathering around his campaign and Republican obstacles will determine whether he can do anything in the White House.

There will be a majority in the Senate. We still don’t know what party she’ll be at. That depends on what happens in the double U.S. Senate elections on Tuesday. As two Republicans… Feel. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler… A victory would give the Republicans 51 voters and control over access to the Senate. Given McConnell’s history of obstruction and his interest in the 2022 by-election, a 51-seat majority could be Biden’s biggest presidential headache. If John Ossoff and Rafael Warnock, the two Democratic rivals, win, the resulting 50-50 tie wouldn’t give the Democrats much room to take over the legislation, but it would give them the ability to push measures through the Senate, and vice-president electing Kamala Harris could pull the strings as a Senate Speaker.

Covida’s getting a lot bigger. The beginning of Biden’s presidency will probably be measured more by what he is doing to start using Covid vaccines than by major policy proposals. The country is at war with this disease, and as it prepares to take office, thousands of Americans die every day. He has promised to move heaven and earth to make vaccines available to Americans, which is easier said than done, because he is struggling with public skepticism about vaccines.

Something new is coming. Remember early 2020, when Covid was unknown in the country and the most important political story was the trial against Trump for putting pressure on foreign governments to help him hide Biden.

A year later, these words seem to come from a different time. Covid is furious, the indictment is like a footnote in history, and instead of tolerating Trump’s sabotage, Biden will soon be president.

The coming year will undoubtedly have its own twists and turns, and our collective vision of this strange and tumultuous time will change as it expands in time and perspective.

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