A Houston police officer fatally shot a man in an apparent robbery attempt. The event is being investigated as both murder and self-defense, according to the department’s public information office.

Houston Police Officer Shoots at Robbery Suspect [VIDEO]

houston police shooting

OnScene TV is a television network that broadcasts live events. According to officials, a robbery suspect was shot by a Houston police officer.

On Sunday, December 19, 2021, a Houston Police sergeant fired a shot at a robbery suspect who was rushing at her and other cops, according to officials. The suspect was unharmed as a result of the shooting. The policemen and employees at the shop where the attempted robbery took place were also unharmed, according to authorities.

According to authorities, the attempted robbery and shooting occurred at 10:50 a.m. at Regio’s Meat Market, located at 9540 Richmond Avenue. The sergeant, who has not been identified, and other cops were responding to a robbery complaint when they encountered the suspect, who has also not been recognized.

According to authorities, the suspect was armed with a knife. According to authorities, the sergeant shot at the man as he rushed at the policemen. According to authorities, the suspect was not hit and was brought into custody at the site without incident. Officers conversed with the guy while he sat in the back of a police SUV, according to video from the incident.

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According to police, the suspect attempted to steal tips from workers inside the Knifepoint Meat Market.

Assistant Police Chief Belinda Null informed reporters at the scene that cops were sent to the meat store at 10:58 a.m. for a report of a robbery in progress. According to Null, the 911 caller said that a guy was inside the company with a knife trying to steal money from the tip jar.

“He was apprehended by staff who exited the shop and locked him inside,” Null added. “Around 11:06 p.m., we arrived.” The first team on the scene saw a man inside the business who matched the description given. They told the man to lie down on the ground. Officers gave him orders, but he refused to follow them. When a second officer came, the subject disobeyed the officers’ orders once again.”

“The guy proceeded to rush towards the rear of the shop,” Null added. Due to the quantity of garments the man was wearing, officers used a Taser, which proved ineffective. The suspect then turned and began running towards the cops, at which point one of the officers fired one bullet, which missed the culprit. With cops pursuing him, the guy bolted from the business and proceeded to flee. The suspect was finally apprehended.”

The sergeant who fired her weapon had worked for the Houston Police Department for ten years.

According to Null, the officer shot because the subject “had a knife and was rushing towards the police at the moment the officer discharged.” According to her, the cop who fired the shot at the suspect is a sergeant. Null stated she had ten years of experience with the Houston Police Department. According to Null, this is the first time she has used her weapon throughout her service with the police department.

The inquiry into the incident, according to Null, is still underway. According to Null, the Houston Police Department’s Homicide Division Special Investigations Unit will investigate the incident. According to policy, the Houston Police Department’s Internal Affairs Division and the Harris County District Attorney’s Office will investigate. The shooting was recorded using a body camera, and the whole footage will be disclosed within 30 days.

Officers have already discharged their firearms 30 times in the city of Houston in 2021, according to the Houston Police Department’s website. According to the police website, 11 individuals were murdered and nine others were injured in those instances. Officers have shot their firearms at someone without injuring them 12 times, including Sunday’s incident.

According to the department’s website, the 30 instances are the highest since 2015, when police used their guns 32 times. According to the police database, there were 26 “officer-involved shooting” occurrences in Houston in 2020, with nine deaths and 11 injuries.


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