Language Horton Tucker is now talking about the NBA world. After two epic performances by the Los Angeles Lakers against the Los Angeles Clippers in the preseason, THT’s popularity has reached a record high.

In fact, the popularity of Horton-Tucker has increased tremendously in recent days, so even the NBA debutant tickets sell like hotcakes – at prices that more than hotcakes can buy.

For example, some of Horton-Tucker’s usual beginner cards (Optic, Mosaic, Prizm, etc.) were sold for only $5 last November. After all, he didn’t play much for Purple and Gold in his first year and only played six games with bad averages of 5.7 points, 1.2 rebounds and 1.0 assists. Moreover, he has only been on the field in two games for the Lakers and didn’t even play in the finals against the Miami Heat.

Under these circumstances, the possibility of a breakthrough year for THT seemed bleak…. Until this preseason, when he got a chance to start for the Lakers.

The 20-year-old guard never missed an opportunity and scored 19 points, nine rebounds and four assists in his first pre-season victory of the Clippers. He followed with 33 points and 10 points in the second rodeo against the Clips, this time he led Frank Vogel’s team to victory with a sweep.

His recent performance has only fuelled the hype around him and increased the value of his map from the beginning to the present.

Here is an update on THT starters cards sales on ebay (via It should be noted that a pair of Select Concourse Silver sold for 100


Now, with this price increase for VHV beginner passes, many people are asking questions: Is it time to sell your tickets if the market is interested? Or should we hold on to it and wait for the market to develop further, especially with the highlights it has experienced so far?

Languages Horton-TuckerBeginners cards: Sell it!

The answer is, of course, simple: It’s time to sell them.

If THT has shown in the NBA what he is capable of, he may not have many options when the regular season starts. LeBron James and Anthony Davis would return early in the season. So even if you can keep the THT rookie card to see if he has more chances when the real matches start, it’s a big risk if LeBron and Anthony Davis both play.

It should also be noted that Horton Tucker’s position is well below the Lakers depth chart. To get significant minutes, he’ll have to outperform Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Wesley Matthews. The HPC ended with a strong finish against Los Angeles, while Wes was called upon to provide the necessary defense.

The depth of the Lakers also explains why THT didn’t have many opportunities in their rookie season, as they had to play for KCP and Danny Green. It will face the same situation in the 2020-21 season.

Of course he has the potential to be a legitimate teammate for a title contender or borderline star if he gets the right development path, but that won’t happen with the Lakers. At least not right now.

Another question is whether he has been traded, in particular whether his preseason performance can continue into the regular season of the NBA. Still, it’s a big crowd now.

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