Bill and Melinda Gates to End Marriage

The Gates Foundation has announced that it’s giving all of its employees a year of paid leave to get married or stay married. This announcement comes just six months after the Gates Foundation said it was ending its practice of matching employee contributions to the max.

The most valuable thing about marriage is that it brings together two people to love each other. However, this value has been decreasing in recent years due to the high divorce rate in the United States, which has caused a serious problem in the society. That’s why, Bill and Melinda Gates decided to end marriage in the U.S. and form some more creative unions that would get rid of the divorce rate and also solve other problems of the society.

After much thought and work on our relationship, we have decided to end our marriage, reads the statement signed by the two men.

The couple has three children together and co-founded the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which oversees the philanthropic efforts to which the billionaire philanthropists have dedicated their fortunes.

We still believe in this mission and will continue to work together at the foundation, but we no longer feel like we can grow together as a couple in this new phase of our lives, they said.

Gates, 65, announced last year that he was retiring from corporate governance.

Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

BRK.B 1,54% (1)

and Microsoft, a software company he founded in 1975 with a childhood friend.

Paul Allen.

Sir, I want to thank you for your support. Gates built Microsoft into one of the dominant forces in the then burgeoning personal computer industry. In 2000 he handed over the role of CEO to his long-time colleague

Steve Ballmer.

In 2008, he reduced his involvement in the day-to-day operations of Microsoft and focused more on the work of the foundation. He continued to serve as president for the Redmond, Washington-based company until 2014.

Satya Nadella

became CEO and Gates became a permanent board member.

Gates’ personal stake in Microsoft is worth about $26 billion, according to FactSet.

Mrs. Gates, born Melinda French, plays as important a public role in the foundation as her husband. She represented the organization both in remote places and in political power centers.

The foundation says its goal is to fight poverty, disease and inequality, and that it provides billions of dollars in direct grants each year. It has pledged more than $1.75 billion to support the global response to the Covid 19 pandemic, including efforts to produce 100 million doses of vaccine for the poorest countries.

Forbes noted that the organization is the largest private philanthropic foundation in the world.

Coupleat a reception in Seattle shortly after their wedding in January 1994.


Dave Weaver/Associated Press

In 2015, Gates also founded Pivotal Ventures, an investment company independent of the foundation that focuses on social progress in the United States.

Sir, I want to thank you for your support. Gates and

Warren Buffett

launched what he called the Giving Pledge in 2010 to encourage America’s tycoons to start giving sooner, while they still have a say in how they spend money. The Giving Pledge has been extended: More than 200 people from 25 countries have joined the initiative.

Mr. Gates is ranked by Forbes as the fourth richest person in the world with a net worth of $130.5 billion after Inc.

AMZN – 2.33


Jeff Bezos,

French luxury tycoon

Bernard Arnault

and his family, and Tesla Inc. Director-General

Elon Musk.

Much of the Gates family fortune is in a personal investment company called Cascade Investment LLC.

Sir, I want to thank you for your support. Bezos and his wife,

McKenzie Scott,

are settling down in 2019 after a 25-year marriage in which Mr. Bezos created one of the world’s most expensive companies, divorce.

Gates and philanthropy

Mrs. Scott, who has spent a lot of time on philanthropy, recently remarried. Late last year, she said in a post on Medium that she had given away more than $4 billion of her fortune.

Gates, 56, grew up in Dallas and earned a master’s degree in business administration from Duke University before joining Microsoft, where she developed multimedia products, according to the foundation’s website. Four months after joining Microsoft, she met the then-CEO at a dinner during a business trip to New York. He asked her out when they met in the Microsoft parking lot.

She could be entitled to half of the couple’s assets if they divorce in a so-called community state, such as Washington, D.C., where Microsoft is headquartered, or California, where they own real estate. Last year, the couple paid $43 million for a beachfront home near San Diego, one of the largest such transactions in the region.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Bill and Melinda’s marriage?

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft and the second richest man in the world, had recently lost his wife to an unknown cause. While this may not seem like a big deal to the average person, the fact that Bill is one of the richest men in the world made this a very big deal. The public wanted to know who is the new girl in Bill’s life and what happened to Bill’s wife. The once happy marriage of Bill and Melinda Gates is coming to an end. This comes after years of separation of the two, and several trips to couples therapy. The couple has three children together: Jennifer, Rory, and baby Gates. The two are the wealthiest couple in the world, with a combined net worth of $120 billion. However, divorce proceedings have not yet begun. The couple has declined to comment on news of their separation.

How much money did Melinda get in divorce?

Melinda Gates, the billionaire philanthropist, got a lot of attention last fall for starting a conversation about the need for women to have better access to birth control. But she’s not the only woman in charge of her family’s billions. In fact, if you look at the world’s wealthiest families, it’s clear that in many of them, the wife is the one who’s pulling the purse strings. This question is asked a lot, but it is hard to answer because it depends on how you define the terms “money” and “divorce”. If you define “money” as “all the money she got”, then that would be $60 billion. However, since Bill Gates is the richest man in the world, when he gets divorced, he does not get just one lump sum payment. Instead, he gets a portion of his wife’s assets. Within a year after the divorce, he had already received more than $6 billion.

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