The creator of the hit game ‘FBoy Island’ has revealed that he had to re-work the $1 million prize money in the final episode.

FBoy Island creator opens up about that finale twist

The ending surprise on FBoy Island left us shaken (Photo: HBO/Julia Dalrymple)

***Warning: This article contains spoilers for the FBoy Island finale***

Sarah Emig decided to pursue a relationship with Garrett Morosky on FBoy Island, only for him to perform the ultimate f**k boy move.

Garrett had been playing the game the whole time and had determined that the prize money of $100,000 (£72k) was more important to him than a relationship.

He, on the other hand, walked away with nothing since the money was instead given to a charity chosen by Sarah.

Elan Gale, co-creator of the humorous narrative twist, spoke exclusively to about the choice to guarantee FBoys didn’t end up profiting from their playboy antics.

‘We created that twist at the end to ensure that we didn’t praise and glorify f**kboy-ness,’ the TV producer said. It would have been a fantastic outcome if all of the FBoys chose to improve themselves.

‘Obviously, it’s a great TV moment, but I think I’d rather Garrett hadn’t chosen the money.’ We’ll have to come up with fresh methods to alter the twist in the seasons in the future.’

Another pleasant surprise for the series came in the shape of a spicy reunion that took place just before the series finale.

Viewers didn’t have to wait for the performance to finish to enjoy all of the spilt tea, and Gale said that this has always been a big part of the program.

‘Myself and [co-creator Sam Dean] have both done many programs where there are reunions after they broadcast, and we attempted to come up with a completely new method to do one,’ he said.

FBoy Island finale sees Garrett Morosky make shocking decision

Garrett was delighted to live up to his FBoy moniker (photo courtesy of Garrett Morosky on Instagram).

‘We made sure that occurred after hearing from competitors and fans who always remarked, ‘I wish that information was accessible before the conclusion of the program.’

‘The only way we’re going to be able to accomplish that is by keeping everyone on the island throughout shooting,’ Gale said. So we decided to reward the good people by providing them with a lovely location to stay.

‘While we were giving the f**k guys a hard time and dressing them up like castaways, which was a lot of fun.’

FBoy Island contestants

Elan Gale, the creator, didn’t want FBoy to benefit off their terrible conduct, and we’re glad he didn’t (Picture: Backgrid)

As he said, the reunion went as planned: ‘It was wonderful for the ladies since they had questions they wanted answered before making their final choice.’

‘They received the answers, or at least the f**k guys gave them to them.’ They already knew the good people, so it was up to them to find out who they could trust.’

‘Something we really wanted to try to emphasize is that dating is weird, hilarious, bizarre, and frustrating,’ Gale said.


‘I believe we discovered a wonderful route by structuring the program around achieving those final outcomes.’

In a future season, the uber-producer suggested that the program could concentrate on ‘FGirls,’ as well as the potential of an LGBT+ version of the reality dating show.

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In any case, we’ll be watching for more.

HBO Max has a streaming version of FBoy Island accessible.

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