Kitchens are where we spend the most time at home and are essential when cooking. Especially after cooking, clean air is needed, and hoods, one of the ventilation products, are preferred. Food in kitchens etc. Kitchen hoods, which are produced to prevent the mixing of odors and prevent the smoke from penetrating the kitchen and creating unpleasant odors, change the atmosphere of your home with the Kumtel brand. It provides clean air in kitchens with high traction function and powerful working performance. The Kumtel brand has been designing and developing cooker and heater products for years, making kitchens more comfortable with its quality and innovative structure.

In addition to the standard type models, inclined and glass-designed, wall-mounted kitchen hoods provide convenience for ventilation. The Kumtel brand, distinguishes itself from the home appliances it produces with high quality and durable construction, provides ease of use in terms of functionality, and makes a difference with its stylish designs. The models with black or white glass surfaces and the hoods it produces with manual and touches function features meet users’ needs.

Kitchen Hoods Technical Specifications

The hoods, sales on, are necessary for kitchens, provide an incredible convenience in terms of their functions. The great hoods of the Kumtel brand create a clean environment with their ergonomic structure, minimum sound level, and high performance that does not disturb. It cleans the kitchens from foul odor and smoke as soon as possible with its models with different angles and strong shooting capacity. Thanks to its other pulling functions, it cleans the air and provides efficient work in kitchens with its LED light system.

Kummel brand hood models clean the air with 650 cubic meters of suction power and 52 decibels sound level, providing a comfortable air atmosphere. The aluminum filter feature prevents the engine from clogging by trapping dust and dirt and offers a more extended usage time. Kumtel kitchen hoods are produced using the latest technology, which provides the ease of drawing the air in the shortest time.

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