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Chantel Jeffries, a 28-year-old model and DJ, who once dated Justin Bieber, is now having an affair with another musician: Drew Taggart, member of The Chain Smokers.

Jeffries and Taggart, 30. In December they spent some time together in Miami. They kissed several times and spent time together in the water.

Jeffries and Taggart confirmed they had a relationship this summer. Jeffries posted an instagram of two of them kissing a pretty smiling face:

Jeffries attended Bieber in 2014 and 2016; she was present at his DUI arrest.

Jeffries and Bieber have met and reunited for several years, from 2014 to 2016. Jeffries was present at Bieber’s arrest in Miami Beach in 2014. According to a Hollywood reporter, Bieber has been accused of drunk driving, resisting arrest and having an expired driver’s license. Before he was arrested, he was seen coming out of a nightclub next door with Jeffries.

According to a Hollywood reporter, Jeffries, who has his own rap report, tweeted something mysterious in the hours before Bieber’s arrest. She wrote something about a shock factor.

After Bieber’s arrest, there was a lot of speculation about Jeffries’ own story. Rumors about his five arrests spread over the internet, and Jeffries finally made a public statement in which he set out the accusations.

She said, according to E Online,

For your information: I have not been arrested five times, as reported in the media, and I am not guilty of physically assaulting anyone in any way. I am a full-time student who has led a normal life, without control or criticism from society. What happened to me is wrong. I would like people in general and the media in particular to think about the consequences of their derogatory remarks for a person, especially if they are incorrect.

According to the TMZ, Jeffries was arrested at the age of 18 for a felony, but his attorney later confirmed the charge was dropped for lack of evidence.

Jeffries said she was happy for Bieber when he married

Jeffries and Bieber broke up for a few years when he started dating his future wife Hayley in 2018. Bieber married Hayley at the New York courthouse in 2018. In 2019 a ceremony for family and friends was held in South Carolina.

In 2018, Jeffries spoke to us every week at the Bieber Wedding Court. On the opening night in West Hollywood, she said I feel like people don’t ask me anymore. … I’m cold enough. I don’t mind. People don’t bother me anymore. I’m happy for him.

As for who she ended up with, Jeffries seemed to have a pretty good idea who she was looking for.

I just feel like someone who’s usually a best friend and has the same interests. I’m very busy with my schedule, Mr. Jeffries said. Someone who understands that it’s really important, and someone I can learn from, because I always feel like you’re growing as you learn, and I never want to be like a still person, so I think it’s really cool.

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