If you have a tennis court, you may be wondering whether you should install LED tennis court lights. LEDs have several advantages over traditional lighting, including long warranties and uniform illumination. Also, they’re less expensive than retrofitting, and can cut down on dazzling by as much as 40%. Read on to learn more about the benefits of LEDs.

They are a cheaper option than retrofitting

LED tennis court lights are a great way to enhance your tennis court’s lighting for a lower cost. Not only are they more energy efficient, they last much longer. They also require less maintenance. In addition, LED lights are more cost-effective than retrofitting because they use fewer watts. These benefits make LED tennis court lights a great option for municipalities and schools who want to upgrade their facilities. Additionally, LED lights are easier to install and are available in many colors.

A single 1,000-watt MH fixture can light up an entire tennis court for up to four hours. Using a single bulb will save you as much as $220 over a year. However, if your tennis court has eight 1,000-watt MH fixtures, that amount equals the equivalent of eight hair dryers running full blast for four hours a night. In addition, eight flood lights on a tennis court would cost you between $200 and $864 per year.

They provide uniform illumination

For a tennis court, a uniform distribution of light is essential for the athletic experience of the athletes and the visual effect on spectators. This uniformity is measured by a ratio of the minimum and maximum illuminance levels. A uniformity value of 0.6 or 0.7 is optimum for tennis courts.

The light emitted by LEDs is uniform and close to that of natural sunlight. This means there’s no need for long strike times and the lights can be instantly switched on. LEDs are energy efficient and have a long lifespan. The low cost of LEDs makes them an excellent choice for tennis courts. They are also versatile and powerful.

They reduce UV light

If you’re looking to light up a tennis court, you should consider installing LED tennis court lights. These lights are more energy efficient and can last a long time. They’re also smaller, and don’t produce heat. That means less money spent on energy bills and a healthier court. Plus, LED lights don’t need to warm up before they shine.

Another benefit to LED tennis court lighting is that they reduce glare. They do this by capturing the light in their lenses, which cuts down on unwanted sheen. LEDs also produce less spill light than halogen or incandescent fixtures. That means less light spilling onto neighbouring lawns and streets.

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