Lily Pino is an American actress who starred on two different Nickelodeon series, iCarly and Victorious. She has a net worth of $1 million as well as several other notable credits to her name such as the movie “Bad Teacher” in 2013.

Lily Pino is an American actress. She was born on October 16, 1997 in Los Angeles, California and is the daughter of actor Nicolas Cage. She has had roles in films such as The Adderall Diaries and Death Note: Light Up the New World.

Lily Pino Biography | Age, Net Worth (2021), Actress, Family, Affairs, Husband, Children, Height, Nationality |

Lily Pino Biography | Age, Net Worth (2021), Actress, Family, Affairs, Husband, Children, Height, Nationality |

Explore Lily Pino’s age, bio, wiki, net worth, income, profession, education, and family to learn more about her. Lily Pino’s parents, childhood, relationship, physical measurements, images, and other facts are also available.

Lily Pino is a former American actress. Additionally, she is also well-known as the wife of well-known Latino actor Danny Pino, who has been on prominent shows such as Law & Order and Cold Case.

What is Lily Pino’s claim to fame?

Bio, Parents, Siblings, and Ethnicity of Lily Pino

How old is Lily Pino?- Lilly Pino Bernal was born in 1975, in Miami, the United States. Unfortunately, there is no information about Pino’s family and siblings.

Lily Pino Lily Pino poses with her grandma (Source: Pinterest)

Lily is of mixed (Galician-Spanish) origin and has an American passport.

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History of Education

Talking about Pino’s History of Education, ѕhe went to Rockway Middle School. She also maintains close ties with FIU, her alma mater. Similarly, Lily and her husband, Danny, never miss college reunions.

What If I Told You…

  1. What is the true name of Lily Pino? – Pino’s true name is Lily Pino Bernal.
  2. – What is Lily Pino’s age? In 1975, she was born. 
  3. Lily Pino’s net worth is unknown. – Pino’s net worth is estimated to be about $1.2 million in 2021, according to research.

Everything you need to know about Lily Pino’s career.

Pino made a number of notable acting appearances in theatrical productions. She liked theatrical acting over performing on film. She may also develop an intimate relationship with the audience as a stage performer. Even the quick reaction she got from playing in front of an audience was something Lily enjoyed. The emotions she sees in the audience are what keep her going and motivate her to perform.

She’d always wanted to be an actress. She is well recognized for her role as Rosa’s mother in the film Rosa, which she starred in in 2006. She had a range of other professions and credits as well, but her finest work was on stage.

Lily Pino Lily Pino with her spouse (caption) (Source: Pinterest)

Lily has been in many short films and theater shows. Her acting career started while she was a member of the New York University Creative Arts team. The Getty and Shim Chong are two of her best pieces. She also played Rosina in the National Theatre of America’s production of Barber of Seville, which she toured around the nation.

In addition to acting, Bernal has a passion for music. She even appeared in the Los Angeles film Madrugada, which she wrote and directed. After married, Lily, on the other hand, gave up her performing career and became a full-time mother to her children. She also quit her job since she didn’t want to spend so much time away from her family owing to her travel obligations.

Lily gradually went away from the spotlight after her marriage to Danny. Aside from her historic marriage, not little is known about her present life. She also participated in a few national tours.

Salary and Net Worth

What is Lily Pino’s net worth?- Pino’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $1.2 million. As an actress, Lily earns around $47,196.

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Are you married or in a relationship?

Is Lily Pino married?- Lily Pino dated Danny Pino, a well-known American actor, for a long time. They tied the knot on February 15, 2002. They first met at Rockway Middle School, where they were both students. However, because they attended different high schools, there was a gap in their common schools.

Lily is happy to be beginning a family with the man she likes, and the couple has two children. She, too, gave up her acting profession in order to spend more time with her family. Danny, Pino’s spouse, had the most capacity to contribute to the family’s income, according to Pino. In addition, the couple decided that letting her raise the children was the best option.

Lily Pino Lily Pino with her spouse (caption) (Source: Pinterest)

Furthermore, the parents did not want to engage a nanny who would be with the children the most of the time. They were also on the same page when it came to wanting their kids to know who their parents were. In addition, there is virtually little publicly available information on her children and family. She has kept her love life and her children away from the public in order to safeguard their privacy, just as she has kept her family life secret. Lily and Danny Pino, as well as their children, live in Los Angeles at the moment.

Height, Weight, and Color of Eyes

How tall is Lily Pino?- Pino’s height and weight are unknown. Similarly, she has dark brown hair and eyes.

Profile on social media

Pino is a frequent user of social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. She has 566 Twitter followers and almost 2K Instagram followers, with 252 posts.

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Lily Pino is an American actress and singer who was born on December 1, 1995. She is the daughter of Danny Pino and his ex-wife, Lisa Rinna. Her father is a TV host and her mother is a model. Lily has one sister named Quinn. She also has two step siblings from her father’s first marriage to Elisa Gabbert: Jack and Max. Reference: danny pino family.

Frequently Asked Questions

What nationality is Danny Pino?

A: Danny Pino is a Filipino-American actor who has appeared in movies such as The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Independence Day.

How tall is Danny Pino?

A: Danny Pino is a male celebrity who has starred in many popular television shows and films. He stands at 5 10 tall.

Is Danny Pino married?

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