Many of the college football teams are closed this week, either because of a project or because of problems with COVID-19, so we haven’t noticed much movement in our conference capacity ranking.

Check out each conference below to see how things are going in week 12 of the season.

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Ian Book built up his game against Clemson when he threw three touchdowns and scored another one in Notre Dame’s victory at Boston College.

It was a pretty boring week in CCR at the top, but there was still a lot of drama. North Carolina again showed why they are one of the toughest teams to predict week after week at a conference and announced a 59-53 victory over Wake Forest. Sam Howell threw for a billion yards, but the Tar Heels needed a fierce comeback to catch up a 21-point deficit to win in the second half. It was another mix-up on the defensive side that was so close to the game this season that it’s hard to understand what you’re going to play.

Meanwhile, a return to Miami in the fourth quarter was expected in the ninth quarter. This was necessary in the second quarter because of the victory over Virginia Tech 25-24. The Hurricanes don’t always look like the top 10 teams, but that’s where they stand out from their last teams: In the end, they find ways to win. Thirteen players were missing against Hokies in a game that was almost postponed because Miami was so skinny in so many positions.

Then there’s Notre Dame, who showed no sign of winning 45-31 a week after beating Clemson against Boston College. The Battle Irish has won 14 straight victories, the longest winning streak in the country, and Ian Book plays at an incredibly high level and leads the attack. The biggest regular test for the Irish will take place on 27 January. November, when they play in North Carolina. Tar Heels certainly has a crime the Notre Dame can follow. But can their protection stop the Irish? That’s a question for another day. – Andrea Adelson

1. Notre Dame 2. Clemson3. Miami4. North Carolina
5. CN State
6. Alert seven. Boston College
8. Virginia Tech9. Pitt 10. Virginia11. Georgia Tech12. Louisville
13. Florida14. Prince 15. Syracuse

Large 12

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The relatively quiet weekend of the Big 12 has only two games (no, not because of the delays; six teams have agreed on an opening date in advance), so the ranking of the strongest teams this week is not really shaken.

West Virginia continues to show positive signs of progress under sophomore coach Neil Brown with an 18-point home victory over TSU. The Highlanders play a total of 5:3 and over 500 conference games in just two games.

In Lubbock, the battle between the two teams that met this year ended dramatically when Texas Tech cut the lead by 11 points in the fourth quarter and defeated Baylor in the last minute. Matt Wells of the Red Raiders said his players needed it, while the Bears, who were kicked into the nuts in their first year of a tough game under coach Dave Aranda, suffered only their fifth straight loss.

With only a few weeks to go until the Big 12 championship match, there are still several teams alive on the pier. — Sam Khan Jr.

1. Oklahoma2. State of Iowa3. Oklahoma4. Texas
5. West Virginia6. State of Kansas7. TCU
8. Texas
Technology 9. Baylor 10. Kansas

The big ten

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Indiana dominates the state of Michigan after two touchdowns by Ty Fryfogle, who saw the Hoosiers play 4-0 in the Big Ten for the first time since 1987.

Wisconsin turned out to be the top team in the Big Ten this week and is a confident second place winner with a dominant performance against Michigan. The state of Ohio is closed this week because of corona problems in Maryland, but the Buckeyes will remain at the top of the standings until they show something that proves they don’t deserve to be there. Northwestern and Indiana improved to 4-0 in the season with victories over Purdue and Michigan respectively.

The bottom half of the conference… hard. Penn State fell 0-4 in an ugly game against Nebraska (who took several positions), while Michigan fell 1-3. Minnesota are close behind these two in terms of disappointing starts after their 35-7 loss to Iowa. — Harry Liles, Jr.

1. State of Ohio2. Wisconsin
3. Indiana4. Northwestern 5. Iowa6. Maryland7. Purdue
8. State of Michigan9. Michigan 10. Nebraska 11. Minnesota-12. Penn State13. Illinois
14. Rutgers


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After a 19-7 crash Tyler Shaw finished the first half strong and stayed in shape in the second half, giving the Ducks a 43-29 victory.

For two weeks, the data available for the evaluation of Pac-12 remained very insufficient. Ute, a potential challenger to the conference title, has not yet played, and several others have had serious problems with the planning or participant lists caused by COWID-19. However, two of the three teams with a score of 2-0 were the favourites of the previous season: Oregon and USC. For the time being the Ducks are clearly in the lead, while USC was lucky to get a late heroic shot in both victories. Colorado (2-0) and Washington (1-0) qualified for second place, but everyone guessed it. — Kyle Bonagura

1. Oregon2. USC
3. Washington4. Colorado5. Utah6. Washington State7. UCLA
8. Arizona9. Cal10. Oregon 11. Arizona12. Stanford


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Number 6, Florida KB Kyle Trask, is the first alligator to miss 6 TD’s in multiple races with a 63-35 victory over Arkansas.

More than half of the meetings of the Securities and Exchange Commission have been cancelled due to delays, so most of the laundry was done this week.

Four of the top five teams didn’t play and Florida took care of business and dominated Arkansas a week after winning their biggest regular season game against Georgia. In fact, Kyle Trask made a statement at the Heisman Trophy and scored six touchdowns – all without his best player, the tight Kyle Pitts.

Kentucky, who have been a somewhat disappointing team this season, had an emotional week, beating Vanderbilt two days after offensive line coach John Shlarman died after a year of fighting cancer. The fight that showed the line of attack – and the whole team – was inspiring, and that says a lot about the unity of the program, which starts with Coach Mark Stops.

Finally, Ole Miss showed why she is the most spectacular team, without a chance and with a Sub 500, in college football, and she scored again at breakneck speed against South Carolina. Of course the rebel defense can’t stop anyone, but Lane Kiffin has a kind of offense that can keep Ole Miss in any game. — Alex Scarborough

1. Alabama2. Florida3. Texas A&M
4. Georgia5. Auburn
6. Arkansas7. Ole Miss 8. Missouri9. LSU
10. Kentucky 11. Tennessee 12. South Carolina
13. State of Mississippi14. Vanderbilt

Group 5/independent

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After three touchdowns, the other half of Tulsa, Zack Smith and Golden Hurricane brought in the 19. The shooter group is unbalanced.

This week there was a small movement in the fifth grade. The top five remained unchanged after Cincinnati, Liberty and Marshall won the dominant victory, while BUU (inactive) and Coast Carolina (postponed) were absent this weekend.

The biggest change occurred in the lower half, where Tulsa returned after winning the SMU. Golden Hurricane is in an excellent position to compete in the AAC Championship and is not yet fully out of Sides New Year’s race. (Tulsa still has a date with Cincinnati on December 4 – and maybe a rematch when they meet in the conference title game).

Louisiana and Boise set course for victory, while the Appalachian team needed a touchdown in the fourth quarter to overtake Georgia and remain unbeaten in the Sunbelt game. — Sam Khan Jr.

1. Cincinnati2. BYU
3. Carolina Coast4. Freedom
5. Marshal 6. Louisiana
7. State of Boise8. State of Appalachia9. Tulsa 10. CMU

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