Marcus Morris takes shot at Nuggets after blown 3-1 lead


The Los Angeles Clippers have yet to overcome their defeat against the Denver Nuggets in the semifinals of the Western Conference 2020. After the team’s 3-1 victory, Los Angeles was eliminated three times in a row. The defeat hit the organization hard enough that significant changes were made to the composition, starting with the head coach Doc Rivers, but Markus Morris says he still believes the Clippers were the better team.

On Thursday afternoon, Markus Morris addressed the media for the first time on a number of issues, including admitting that the Clippers simply didn’t do enough trivia to win.

I didn’t think we’d spend enough time breaking exactly what we need to fix it and rely more on the talent, both on paper and on the guys we had,” Morris said after Thursday’s practice. I think I said in our time there that sometimes we just rely on our qualities and not on how we waste them and that we really want to do better. Especially when we raised a certain amount of money and went into qualifying, increasing 1:3 and losing 3:3, I had the feeling that we didn’t understand the details of our parameters.

Besides the 3-1 lead, the Clippers had a double-digit lead in games 5, 6 and 7, but could not finish all games because Denver kept storming to win games and make it to the final conference.

On paper the Clippers had the best team in terms of talent and depth. The Nuggets were clearly the best team on the field. In Denver, the best collective unit in the system was to play together with a collective goal. Morris thinks the Clippers had the best team, but he couldn’t make any adjustments to prove it.

I think Ty definitely hit his nose, Markus Morris. It’s a good start, it’s a new start for us. Of course it didn’t go as well as it could last year, but we’re moving on to next year and I think the boys would really like to come back. It hurts to be 3 to 1. It’s not about losing, it’s about how we lost. I think that’s the biggest motivation for this team. In the end, this team was no better than us, we all knew that. Rising and losing has injected an extra injection into our mentality, so now we have to prove something. I think it’s important for the team.

I think the boys are very motivated to come back. It hurts to be 3 to 1. It’s not about losing, it’s about how we lost. In the end, this team was no better than us, we all knew that.

Markus Morris at the 3:1 start of the Nuggets.

– Tomer Azarly (@TomerAzarly) 3. December 2020.

After he arrived on time, Morris fought his chance at the Clippers here and there. During the regular season, he averaged 10.1 points, 4.1 rebounds and 1.4 assists with 42.5% of his shots coming from the field and 31% behind the bow.

He found his way in the play-offs when he averaged 11.8 points with 50.5% field shooting and 47.5% archery.

Together with Kavi Leonard and Paul George, Marcus Morris will now lead a training camp with the Clippers in the hope that his success in the play-offs this season will make him succeed.

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