Following the Warriors’ championship victory, Golden State Warriors’ big man Draymond Green called out team president Bob Myers and head coach Steve Kerr for acting like their feud never happened.

After Game 2 of the NBA Finals, Warriors forward Draymond Green was asked about his ongoing feud with Kevin Durant. Green said he wasn’t “mad” at Durant, but he was bothered by the fact that some Warriors players were acting like it was all a joke. Green implored his teammates to not take the feud too lightly, because getting into a feud with a star player like Durant can have serious ramifications.

The Golden State Warriors have had a tumultuous off-season, leading to even more drama. After an off-season filled with constant speculation and drama, the Warriors’ players have come to the realization that they already have a problem on their hands with head coach Steve Kerr and general manager Bob Myers.. Read more about kevin durant golden state and let us know what you think.

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During a Golden State Warriors-Los Angeles Clippers game, Draymond Green and Kevin Durant featured in the most contentious moment of the 2018-19 NBA season, in which they go at it. 

The big guy and KD disagreed on what the Dubs should do in the offense during crunch time, which resulted in the club failing to score and a violent confrontation between the teammates. 

This sequence continues to make news to this day. Draymond and Kevin recently got together to address the situation and talk about what truly caused KD to leave the Bay. Green and Durant discussed this on a recent edition of Bleacher Report’s “Chips,” criticizing Bob Myers and Steve Kerr for mishandling the issue (8.35). 

“How much did our case against the Clippers influence your decision to leave the Warriors?” Draymond asks. 

“It wasn’t the argument; it was the way everyone pretended it didn’t happen,” KD says. Steve Kerr pretended it never happened. Bob Myers attempted to punish you in the hopes of putting the mask over everything. That was a huge circumstance for us as a group, in my opinion. We went through something similar the first time. We had to get all of that nonsense out of the way. When Scottie didn’t play in the game after seeing “The Last Dance,” the whole squad in the locker room remarked, “Scottie, it was f****d up that you did that.” That was just what we needed. ‘Yo, Dray, K, that was f****d up that we even had to go through that,’ we just wanted to put everything out on the table and say. Let’s simply wash our hands of it and go back to work.’ That is not anything I believe we did. We attempted to dance our way around it. I simply didn’t like how all of it, just the atmosphere between everything, made me feel uncomfortable. And I’d rather that we be who we claim to be. First and foremost, put your family first. Communication is critical. That’s not to say we didn’t display it. And it was more than anything else what irritated me.”

Then, when he met with Warriors executives, Draymond recounted a portion of the incident, and they pushed him to apologize to Durant. The large guy said unequivocally that he was ready to make things ring, but that no one should tell him what to say. 

“The only people who can make this right are me and K; there’s nothing you can do, and you’re going to screw it up. They f****d it up, in my view.” 

Green agreed with KD on this point, stating they screwed ruined the relationship between the two teammates. Durant would eventually depart the Bay and join the Brooklyn Nets in the summer of 2019. 

Everyone thought it was the turning point in KD’s relationship with the Warriors at the time. They couldn’t keep him on board, and Kyrie Irving had already persuaded him to join the Nets in New York. 

What began as a fairytale for the Warriors turned into a saga of controversies, with their star player departing amid rumors about his relationship with his teammates and coaches. Durant and the Dubs are OK two years later. When they run into one other, they hug each other, and this interview was a good example of that. 

Although the team was tense at the time, there is no longer any tension, and we see Durantula hanging around with old colleagues as if nothing occurred. 

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