Hilaria Baldwin is under fire after Twitter researchers have looked into the yoga teacher’s past and created a timeline that they believe proves that she lied about her ethnicity and Latin American origins. Hilaria, who is married to Alec Baldwin, took the stage on Sunday, December 27, 2020, and visited her Instagram account to comment on the accusations after they were posted on the internet for about a week.

Alec Baldwin and his daughter from his previous marriage to Kim Basinger, Ireland Baldwin, defended the 36-year-old woman.

Alec Baldwin brings back Kathy Griffin and evokes Donald Trump as an idiot after the photo shoot sparked controversy.

In the video that Hilaria Baldwin released, she explains that her name is Hilary, that she was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and that she describes herself as a white girl.

She also accused journalists who don’t do their job of confusing her legacy. So she should have gone live at Instagram to set the record straight, but the website of her Speakers’ Agency (CAA), where people can book Hilaria (or Hillary) for a concert, says that her birthplace is Mallorca, Spain.

Alec Baldwin invites Melania Trump to SNL after the jacket scandal, I don’t care.

Both Hilaria and Alec accused the media of any confusion about the issue – neither Hilaria nor Alec publicly commented on the false information on the CAA speakers’ website, which is still circulating.

Hilary Baldwin, also known as Hilary Baldwin, gives her birthplace as Mallorca Spain on the CAA spokesperson page. #HilariaBaldwin #HillaryBaldwin

– Abolition of culture (@CultureTM) 28 December 2020

Alec Baldwin’s show was moved to a less desirable slot Saturday night after an incident in a parking lot.

Internet satellites continue to evoke old videos of Hilaria speaking with a Spanish accent, and many accuse her of falsifying the dialect. In a video Hilaria appeared on the Today Show for a cooking segment and seemed not to know the English word cucumber. Meanwhile, it is claimed that Hillary was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and educated in Weston. It was also revealed that her parents (Dr. Katherine Hayward and David Thomas) have their roots in the United States and only moved to Spain in 2011, when they retired.

At this time, Hillary Baldwin is not responding to the individual accusations against her. At birth, Hilary’s full name was Hilary Hayward-Thomas.

This is the Twitter feed it all started with.

One should admire Hilaria Baldwin’s dedication to her decades-long recording, in which she plays a Spaniard.

– elena ilana alana elana (not) (@lenibriscoe) 21 December 2020

You can see the Hilaria Baldwin scandal in the video below.

Dating with Hillary Baldwin, white girl from Boston

– Cancel Culture (@CancelCultureTM) 27 December 2020

Daley Monster didn’t hold back when she did a story about Hilaria. You can see his article below.

Alec Baldwin’s wife, Hilaria Baldwin, has been posing for years as a Spaniard

– The Daily Beast (@thedailybeast) 28 December 2020

Did you follow the last episode of the Hilaria Baldwin drama? What do you think of this developing story?

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