Knight of Arkham Batman

Batman: The Arkham Knight – an unexpected horror (Photo: WB Games)

The reader mentions the scariest moment he’s ever seen in Zelda video games: The breath of wild animals for the people of Evil 7.

Since Halloween, I’ve decided to watch games and things that scare me.

Zelda: The breath of wild animals – the bloody moon rises.

Why does this game scare me? It’s a family game for children, and yet the music has a way of moving you. I think the worst thing is the enemy can rise on a bloody moon. But I think it’s disturbing, not scary, unless you wake Lionel, who is.
Evaluation of contaminated trousers: 2/10 (light marking only)

Batman: Knight Arkham – bat.

Arkham’s games have always been a bit scary: morgue scene in the first game, strange robot stuff in the City of Miracles in the second. However, the jump is most frightening when you first meet the Batman in the Knight of Arkham. Although it’s not so bad after the first shock.

Also, now buying an ffxiv account is much easier than before. Try here for best gaming options.

Note for dirty trousers: 4/10 (which may leave a stain)

The dwellings of evil are zombie dogs.

The first Resident Evil was the first horror game I ever played. I don’t remember much about the game and I never finished it. But I remember the horror when I ran to the window and broke it as if the zombie dogs had attacked me. This is definitely one of the best jumps you’ve ever made, and the fact that the horror doesn’t stop there, with the dogs chasing you down the aisle, makes it more effective than most.

Fill your dirty pants: 6/10 (Best disappearance)

Far Cry 5 is a haunted house.

Again, it’s a shame it’s another game that shouldn’t scare me, but it still scares me. It was a race between Hopper’s hideout, where you go into underground caves and a bunch of infected angels crawl around the house, and Hopper’s cursed hideout. Why does that scare me? It’s a stupid haunted house. Even the real ones scare me less. Hats off, Ubisoft, I can’t sleep now.

Note for dirty trousers: 7/10 (requires a hot wash)

The remake of The Dwelling of Evil 2 is Lord X.

God, there are so many things in this game that it gives me the creeps. First fight at Lyser, gas station at the beginning of the race. Another tight runner was the area with the morgue and the cameras, where the parking lot is, it was all tense. But in the end, it’s always possible for Mr. X to show up. He may have a hat that can be pulled and his name may look like a tweet pen, but it doesn’t matter if he’s so ruthless in his pursuit. I panic every time I hear those spooky footsteps.

Note for dirty trousers: 8/10 (call the dry cleaner)

The Last of Us Part 2 – Rat King
For some strange reason I feel good playing parts of the game where Ellie/Abby has a companion. Aah, Joel, you big, man bearded animal, you protect me from the swelling. And you, Leo, even if you’re half Abby’s size, you can save me from scary monsters. But if I have to go alone, it gets more nervous.

The best example of this is the surgical nursing service. I’ve already seen a spoiler for this part of the game, but if there’s one thing that excites me even more. It’s so intense and atmospheric, and when the king of the rats finally arrives, it’s scary, and when he breaks up, and the stalker in a hurry, it’s even scarier.

Note for dirty pants: 9/10 (for new pants it is better to go to the store)

Resident Evil 7 – all that (especially the VR mode)
As someone who has successfully tested the first original games on PS1, I became interested in the game in the last part, after the critics had announced it as a comeback for the series. Seeing the first person only makes things more intense. In the game, I was able to leave my first fight with Jack in the garage before giving up because I was terrified.

When I bought the PlayStation VR, I decided it couldn’t beat me, but this time I barely got home and gave up. The RV mode was even stranger. I’m a 36-year-old man with two children who has been in the emergency room for 10 years and can handle all sorts of terrible and crazy things, but I still can’t finish playing video games because I’m too scared. It’s a disgrace.

Note for dirty trousers: 10/10 (it is on the sofa and the carpet, you have damaged the upholstery)

Happy Halloween, especially for my eldest daughter, who turns five. There seems to be nothing scarier than parental responsibility.

According to the reader of Matc7884.

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