MMS (Mobile Money Services) and PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) are two of the most popular career choices for students. Both offer a challenging and rewarding career with prospects of great job security, great financial rewards, and flexibility in hours. However, their differences are equally important.

It’s been a tough week in the world of education. Most of us have heard of the government’s decision to scrap its plan to make students study for a minimum of 20 years before becoming eligible for a degree. While there’s some level of relief that the government is taking a more practical approach to education, the reality is that most of us have been left with unanswered questions. One of these is, how in-depth should a Bachelor’s degree in engineering be? Is the Bachelor of Technology degree (BTech) better than the Bachelor of Engineering degree (BE)? While these are not the only questions that need answering, they are some of the most basic questions that the government needs to answer. ~~

You have to have heard of the term “MMS” before, which is short for mobile money service. MMS is a fairly new service, first introduced in Kenya and now being introduced in other African countries and India. However, what most people don’t know is that there is a lot of confusion, even to the extent that there are people who mistakenly believe that MMS is a form of money transfer, which is why the authorities are now cracking down on MMS.

While a business degree can provide you with a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge, learning the real concepts and fundamentals brings you into the real world of business. Studying for a master’s degree in management can bring you a lot of benefits and allow you to learn more to improve the basic phenomenon.

The understanding of the operation, maintenance and management of a business is broadened with a postgraduate degree. There are other course options that students can consider when choosing the best course. But most students end up confusing the MMS and PGDM programs. In the end, the two courses are similar, without much difference.

But if they are similar, why are they called different? There must be something that sets them apart. There are many differences that you can notice. Here we compare the two courses on their main aspects and also mention some similarities so that candidates are not confused. In compiling this comparison guide, we have only considered the most important factors.

MMS – Explanation

The full form of the MMS is Master of Management Studies, and it is a postgraduate course for management students. The course lasts two years and consists of four semesters. This program is approved by the AICTE and is a popular degree in management studies. If you compare this degree to other options in terms of tuition, it is affordable.

To be admitted to the best college for the MMS program, students must pass the entrance exams. Universities of applied sciences hold general admission tests, also known as CETs. After passing the admission tests, students must participate in an interview. Admission is therefore mainly on the basis of a merit list and only a limited number of places are reserved for the MMS course.

Another popular entrance exam for MMS education is the MHCET, conducted at the state level by the Maharashtra State Board of Education. This exam is conducted only for students who want to attend management colleges in Mumbai.

PGDM – Notes

The full form of the PGDM is the Post Graduate Diploma in Management, and it is equivalent to a Master of Business Administration degree. This is a degree program with higher recruitment scores. The duration of this course is two years and is also divided into four semesters. In each subsequent semester, students gain more knowledge about how businesses work, and this course emphasizes more practical knowledge.

Students will be trained throughout the course and most practical sessions will take place in a corporate training environment. To get admission in the best institute or college, students have to pass the entrance exams. Students have to take the CAT exam and some colleges admit candidates based on their merit list.

Even many universities take the admission process to the next level by interviewing students and testing their knowledge before admission. Although it is a graduate degree, the cost of this degree is higher than MBA or MMS programs nationwide. Some of the best colleges for PGDM are SP Jain Institute of Management, IIMs and others.

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MMS vs PGDM – 3 important similarities

If you compare the two courses at a basic level, you will easily discover three major similarities. Exploring these commonalities will help the program be understood more quickly and eliminate confusion about them. When you begin to take one of the courses, you will notice the following three things:.

  • The MMS and the PGDM have the same duration for the entire course. Both courses last two years and are divided equally into four semesters. In this way, students will take courses of equal length.
  • Both courses are offered by the same colleges and institutes across the country. That way you can take similar courses under one roof. This way you can find all the best colleges that offer MMS and PGDM courses.
  • The MMS and PGDM prepare students for similar goals, namely management studies. There may be fewer or more similarities, but the overall goal of the program is the same.

Having learned that both courses are divided into similar sections, there is one more similarity. The investment rates and are also the same. However, there are some important differences that distinguish these courses from each other from a pedagogical point of view.

MMS vs PGDM – 5 key differences

As you progress through the course, you will find that there are five key differences that make these courses unique.  If you choose one of these courses, you will notice these five things:.

  • The first difference you will notice is that the MMS figure has a higher confidence level than the PGDM figure. The MMS is a master’s program that is different from an academic program.
  • In case of better structure and easy to understand syllabus, the PGDM will take over the MMS course. A PGDM degree increases your chances of getting a job because of the better structure and ease of studying.
  • The PGDM program is a relatively expensive option compared to the MMS program, and it is also a degree program. Thus, the MMS program seems to be suitable for students who do not want to spend too much on a business degree.
  • In the case of the distribution factor, the two courses are equivalent on the resume or CV. However, students who have completed the PGDM program are more likely to find employment.
  • The PGDM offers a more comprehensive education than the MMS or MBA program. From admission to enrolment in an MMS course is easy, but the PGDM can be frustrating in this category.

These are the main differences you will notice in the two courses. Depending on what you want to study, you can choose the right course for the program and the competition, or you can choose an entrance exam for both programs.

Note – During the admissions process, you may notice that the MMS program is competitive and more students are taking entrance exams. The admission requirements are almost identical, so you can try to take entrance exams for both programs and thus increase your chances of being admitted to either one.

PGDM and MMS – minimum entry requirements

There is a minimum requirement for each student entering the MMS or PGDM program. The minimum requirements for both courses are the same, so you can consider both courses competitive.

  • The candidate must have a degree in business administration or management. A bachelor’s degree in a field related to the chosen specialty is essential.
  • Each candidate must obtain a cumulative score of at least 55% to be admitted to the desired institution. Minimum amounts may vary depending on the setting you choose.
  • Some universities require students to pass an entrance exam and then an interview to select the ideal candidate.
  • Meanwhile, students applying to the MMS program must be on the merit list to be admitted to the university of their choice.

If you compare all this to the PGDM, you will find that the best colleges never use selection scores and conduct an interview to identify the ideal candidates.

Employment rate – is there a difference?

Whether you have completed an MMS or a PGDM degree, the chances of finding a job are the same in both cases. What can make a big difference in the recruitment process are your communication skills, your knowledge of relevant management during your studies, and the university you choose for your programme. So, it is all about the skills of the candidate and the recruitment companies are mainly interested in the name of the institute.

Additional note

Some things to know

  • If you didn’t get into the MMS program due to a slightly lower score, the PGDM is a competitive and easy choice.
  • The qualification marks are not published by any leading institute for PGDM course.
  • Many institutions have short deadlines and it is important that you do not miss the opportunity to enroll in an upcoming program.

To avoid problems in choosing a facility, compare the track record, withdrawal rate and other important factors.

Final assessment

When choosing a graduate program, you can focus on the proficiency factor. If you meet the requirements for both programs, we recommend that you enroll in the PGDM program, as it offers better job opportunities than the MMS. However, if you want to go to one of the best institutes in Mumbai and get a management degree, then MMS is a good choice.

Both programs are equally competitive, giving students hope for a better enrollment rate. If you want a competitive education, the MMS or PGDM is an excellent choice. MBA is also one of the most popular options and students consider it because of its affordability, more institutes to access and curriculum. We hope this comparative guide to MMS and MMS Vs. PGDM can help you choose the ideal course.

The post MMS Vs PGDM: The post What’s the difference? appeared first on CoursesXpert.MMS or MicroMotion XR is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that uses light to stimulate the production of collagen in the dermis in order to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. While it is more expensive than other types of cosmetic treatments, it is projected to cost $1,000 to $2,000 per treatment. PGDM or Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing Management is a course that is designed for people who want to enter the marketing and management field. It is a 2 year post graduate course that can help individuals gain a better understanding of marketing. It is also a beneficial course for those who are thinking of joining the marketing field as well.. Read more about pgdm vs mms quora and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MMS equal to MBA?

No, MMS is not equal to MBA.

Is MMS a degree?

No, MMS is not a degree.


MBA MMS PGDM is a course offered by the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. It is a two-year full-time program that leads to an MBA degree and a Master of Management Studies (MMS) degree. What is the difference between MBA MMS PGDM and an MBA? The main difference between an MBA and a Master of Management Studies (MMS) degree is that the former is a full-time program while the latter is a part-time program.

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