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Brooklyn Nets coach Steve Nash has yet to coach the NBA game, and his star players – Kevin Durant and Kiri Irving – have yet to play together. But that didn’t stop him from accepting the divine expectations of the team during the virtual meeting with the season ticket holders on Tuesday afternoon.

We’re playing for the championship, Nash said during a broadcast on the YES network. I’m not saying anything other than the championship isn’t a success, because you never know what’s going to happen in life, you never know how the ball will bounce. Luck plays a big role in winning the NBA championship.

But we’re playing for the championship, and we’re going to develop accordingly. We film everything we do for the purpose: Is this a feature of the championship or is the quality of the champion worth it?

While last season was always considered a year of consolidation, as Durant recovered from the torn Achilles tendon – and later officially so became when Irving missed most of the season with shoulder complaints – this won’t be the case next season, when both should be healthy. It is therefore expected that the networks will actively try to update the register around them.

Fault! The file name is not specified. We’re playing for the championship and we’re going to build accordingly, says the new Nets coach Steve Nash. Jennifer Stewart/U.S.A. Sport today.

This puts a lot of pressure on Nash, who was suddenly hired by Seth last month after never showing a public interest in coaching. And as he and the Nets learn from each other at work, he records some things that he will check to see how things are going.

Are we growing up? Nash asked. Were we striving for it? We’ve been pressure tested? Are we constantly asking ourselves the question of individual and collective growth on a daily basis and creating a fun but complex and cooperative atmosphere?

If these principles are respected, then there is a great success and a great reward. But we’re playing for the championship.

Part of this training process will consist of adapting Nash to what his two superstars expect from his coach. Durant and Irving discussed this topic recently in Durant’s podcast, The Etcs.

I don’t see our head coach, Irving said. KD can be the head coach, I can be the head coach [for a few days].

Steve is great, and I have a relationship with him that will develop over time, brother, Irving later added to the podcast. Steve doesn’t know me from what he’s heard or what anyone else has heard. We trained once in 2014, but they have grown by far as respectful relationships. I saw him two years ago in the Hall of Fame, kissed him and now he’s the head coach. And I think it will also change the way we think about coaches.


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I need someone who understands that I am first and foremost a human being, that I first serve the community and that basketball is what I do every day because I love it. We’ve always heard and seen what a great player Nash was, but when you get to know him as a person, you’ll understand why he can exist alongside us. We don’t need someone to come up with his training philosophy and change everything we do.

When Nash was asked about his coaching philosophy at City Hall, he switched to the language Irving used and said he wanted the players to work with the coaches on what the team was going to do.

Nash attributed a similar approach as a player to his old Phoenix Suns coach Mike D’Anthony.

Everything has to be defined somehow, and I don’t want to come up with too many hard and fast concepts and designs, Nash said. I prefer to propose principles and ideas, ideas that allow our actors to work with us and that allow their personality and the dynamics between them and chemistry to play a role in their development. People talk about the Phoenix teams I played against and the revolutionary tone of voice that influenced the game, but the truth is that Mike D’Anthony’s genius, in many ways, was to let him grow up and not get in the way.

I have the feeling that many trainers feel the need to shape every aspect of something and I have the feeling that too much remains on the table, on the floor and in the room because of the personality, the connection, the dynamics. I want us to play fast, I want us to sit on the floor. I want us to create the opportunity to get together with our players and play for each other. Attack units. A lot of high-level philosophical thinking, and of course we are going to develop and have offensive phrases and things that we think are suitable for our group, but we don’t want to go too far in the attack. We want her to stay in control for the time being.

Honestly, it was all for the defense. We have spent all of our time over the past few weeks building this project.

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