It is officially the end of the Legenden 2020 League season! After the crowning of the world champion everything starts to calm down, but we are still very excited about the next season! We have no doubt about the next round of lineup changes and player migration as we enter the 2021 season. But let’s see how the top ten teams in the world are doing now.

This list of teams will be ranked according to their performance in the World Cup in 2020. The top eight teams reaching the play-offs are weighted based on the results of the play-offs and their time in the group phase. The other two locations are chosen based on the experience of the team and the expected complexity of their groups.

1. DAMWON Games

DAMWON games

Riot games

It just doesn’t make sense. DAMWON Gaming has proven its courage by winning this year’s Summer Cup. Nothing indicates the total dominance of the team in the league more clearly than the victory at the World Cup. DAMWON’s main advantage over other competitors is its incredible initiator support ChoeryL Geon-hee and the man of the jungle, Kim Canyon Geon-bu. These two players played an important role in the 3-1 victory over Suning last weekend.

The team as a whole distinguishes itself by the fact that it mainly consists of new players from the league. We can look forward to many more exciting years in the Legends League of Legends, provided this team decides to stay together at the end of the late season.

2. Sunset

Suning, SwordarT, Hu Shuo-Chieh.

Inventions in the world

It was a brave attempt by the Chinese company Suning to qualify for the third consecutive World Cup in its region. Unfortunately during a long game against DAMWON they missed a complete championship classification. A defeat puts them in second place in the standings, but that doesn’t mean they are a weak team.

The Suning line has the star of Support Hu SwordArT Shuo Chie, who has extensive experience in international tournaments. A special feature of SwordArt – a strong and visionary team duel – was monumental in bringing Suning to the stage of the grand finale. The jungle of Suning Lê SofM Quang Duy also turned out to be essential in the light of the oppressive jungle of his games.

This year may not have been crowned enough, but you can be sure they still have a chance to shake up the international scene if the other teams aren’t careful.

3. Best sports

Top Esports qualifies for the next place, despite a match for third place in a World Cup play-off round. China’s second-largest team deserves this award for its excellent track record in the group stage of the 2020 World Cup. TES also has a former world champion, Yu JackeyLove Wen Bo, as a porter. It would be unwise to reduce the amount of experience a world champion can bring to the team he has joined.

4. G2 Exports

G2 export, benefits, Luca Perkovic.

Riot games

The European Union’s G2 ranks fourth. This group of UEFA Champions League legends has reached the top four for the third consecutive year. None of their players have won the world title yet, but the players in this exciting team always defend themselves in difficult situations. The G2 Esports quietly and discreetly adhere to a reputation for consistency and endurance, given their varied past in international tournaments.

5. JD games

JD Gaming is a classic example of how strong local teams enter the international arena. Earlier this year they won a League of League Legends title. JDG has the same record as Fnatic for the group stage of the World Cup in 2020, but he is one foot higher than the EU team with his 1-1 record against DAMWON. The JDG probably had a more difficult group to fight, so they could hardly remove Fnatick from that list.

6. Fnatick

Fnatick, Reckles, Martin Larsson.

Riot games

Fnatick, the first royal family in the League of Legends, has had a rather turbulent period in recent years. The long-serving team has made numerous attempts to win back the Chronicles Cup, but often without success. Fnatik’s best chance for a new World Cup came in 2018, when they met Invictus Gaming in the grand final of the World Cup. But despite the lack of success at the World Cup, the Fnatick remain one of the strongest teams in the EU region. They have also established themselves as formidable rivals in all the international tournaments in which they participate.

Behind the wheel is his old Carrie Martin Rackles Larsson, who still performs well in the World Championships every year. Fnatic almost often makes big changes in her list in the hope of refining her strengths, but we haven’t seen how this translates into World Championship victories yet.

7. General G

General Ji, the leader, Park Jae Hyuk...

Riot games

And here is another team with a former world champion in their stable. Gen.G. is the spiritual successor of the now defunct Samsung Galaxy team that won the World Cup of 2017. They still have a member of the historic champions, the head of Curry Jae-Hyuk Park. An MVP in the 2017 finals was a constant source of reliable damage to the Gen.G series, but it would not have been enough in the search for another crown. General G had an impressive run in the group stage of this year’s World Championship, but was stopped in the first round of qualifying by the furious Esports G2.

8. DRX

The third national team of South Korea, the DRX, was faced with many difficulties in the struggle to join the World Championship. They started the competitive season with a new man in their carrier position, Kim Deft Hook-ku. Deft is an excellent carrier with years of experience in many teams in South Korea and China. DRX managed to qualify for the Worlds in one of the most difficult areas of the League of Legends, and this achievement in itself gives them a good chance to make the list. They may have gone around the world, but their boring playoffs put them in eighth place on the networks.

9. Crew fluid

Liquid team, Nikolai Jensen, Jensen.

Liquidity team

Fans were skeptical about the future prospects of Team Liquid after the team recently lost two important members. TLs are published by Edward Tactical Ra and Mads Brock Pedersen to fill the void left by some members of their sect. The team managed to recover despite the team change and won first place in the summer season of the 2020 Series Legends League.

Team Liquid could not qualify for the local titles this year, but fought hard at the world championship. The NA team had to fight for his life in the scary play-in scene and barely missed the play-offs behind Suning and G2 Esports.

10. Flying search

FlyQuest, Tristan Shrage, PowerOfEvil.

Riot games

We’re finishing our Armed Forces ranking – another LCS troop, FlyQuest. The FQ List is an association of talented people from North America, Europe and South Korea. The collective efforts of the team gave them a trip to the World Cup this year after their failed performance in the group phase. Famous names in the team are European star Tristan PowerOfEvEvil Shrage and NA Carry Jason WildTurtle awarded Tran. FlyQuest has undergone a major overhaul of the team that started in the Legendary League in the 2020 season. They managed to flee their region and, for the first time in the history of the franchise system, they managed to enter the world.


However, there is nothing on the stone. We are still at the beginning of the preseason 2021 of the League of Legends. The only chance that this list will remain up to date depends solely on these players staying together in their team. In the past, results have been mixed when teams have maintained or completely revised their alignment. One thing is certain, next year we can expect a more exciting League of Legends, which is a competition full of amazing talent.

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