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Week eight of the NFL has been eventful. In an intense last-minute battle between the AFC North Stalers, Lamar Jackson and the Ravens, the attack stopped and came into play with a 7-0 lead. The Vikings beat the Packers on a big day for Delvin Cook. And the Chiefs blew up the jets with five touchdowns per pass and over 400 yards from Patrick Mahomez. Tua Tagovayloa wins his first NFL victory, Joe Barrow and the Bengal make the Titans angry, and the Patriots come back late to attack the law.

In the afternoon, the Broncos won a one-meter touchdown in the final, Russell Wilson continued to dominate and the Saints beat the Bears in overtime. On Sunday evening, the Eagles did enough to beat the Cowboys and maintain their leading position in the NFC East.

All this and much more in the biggest excursion of the 8th edition. NFL week.

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Great actor: Eagles WR Travis Fulgham, six, 78 yards, one TD.

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The current fight of quarterback Carson Wenz is disturbing. There’s no other way. With two breaks and two losses on Sunday, he now has the top 16 sales of the season – five more than New York’s Daniel Jones and the Kirk Cousin of Minnesota, both in second place with 11. But in NFC East is bad all are relative, and the 3-4-1 Eagles did enough on Sunday to beat the Cowboys and keep control of the division in the ninth minute. According to ESPN’s play-off forecast, the Eagles have a 67% chance of reaching the post-season after their victory. — Tim McManus.

Next part: Giants (13:00 ET, 15 November).

Following Sunday’s 6-2 loss to the Cowboys Eagles and next week at AT&T Stadium, they will take over the invincible Pittsburgh Steel Producers. It’s no easier, though it might help bring Andy Dalton’s quarterback back from his concussion. Key word: maybe. In the last three games, the Cowboys scored a touchdown and eventually lost to Arizona in the sixth round. They scored one goal against Washington Football and three goals against the Eagles. All cowboy offensive amulets disappeared the day the Duck Prescott Buy More was lost for the season. Ben DiNucci has been fired four times and lost twice in his debut. The quarterback of the newcomers in the first tee with the Cowboys – 3-11. — Todd Archer

Next game: against the Steelers (16:25 EST, Sunday).

Great actor: QB Ben Roethlisberger steelworks, 182 access points, two TDs.

In the second half, the Stalers joined forces to remain the only unbeaten team in the NFL and with a 7-0 victory, they started the best start in the history of the franchise. It was a very unfortunate victory, as it ended with two interruptions in the last minutes of the fourth quarter and a splash in the second half of the quarter by quarterback Ben Rothlisberger, who scored 4 out of 10 assists in the first period. People will be against it if you don’t play well, Coach Mike Tomlin said. We must not allow the emotions of the moment to overlook this fact. I’m proud of these guys, I’m proud of the fight, I’m proud of the way they’ve supported each other, but it’s important that we don’t call each other. We didn’t work so well today. — Brooke Pryor

Next race: in Cowboys (16:25 ET, Sunday).

Lamar Jackson continues to fight in the biggest games of the season. The Baltimore quarterback threw the ball four times, including his first six on the first shot, and lost to the Steelers. I think the twists and turns are the reason we lost the game, Jackson said. I blamed myself. It happened after Jackson lost the Chiefs in week three and lost the Chiefs by 97 meters. Jackson, who lost his grip on the left All-Pro to Ronnie Stanley on Sunday due to an ankle injury late in the season, won’t feel better. — Jamison Hensley.

Next part: In the ring (13:00 ET, Sunday).

Great actor: Vikings RB Dalvin Cook, 163 yards speed, three TDs, 63 receiving yards, one TD

Vikings don’t sell on time. Minnesota will try to build on this frustrated victory with a 5-2 win over Green Bay in their upcoming games against Detroit and Chicago, both of which seem unstoppable. The sale of the veterans’ assets will help Minnesota in the long term, but will affect the team that is currently racing. The Vikings can be expected to survive if they really think they can make the play-offs. A victory in week eight means nothing in the future, if the Vikings can’t win together anymore. A model for Minnesota: The Colts started the season two years ago with a 5-1 scoreline and ended with a 10-6 scoreline. It’s not an impossible achievement, especially with the upcoming games in Minnesota. — Courtney Cronin

Next game: against Lviv (13:00 ET, Sunday).

Matt LaFleur, packaging trainer, had the good idea that given the windy weather on the Lambo field on Sunday, the Vikings will ride Dalvin Cook as much as possible. It didn’t matter because his defense, under coordinator Mike Pettin, failed to respond to a run back to Minnesota, which was 226 yards from the fight and the four Minnesota touchdowns. Worse, it’s the same formula the 49ers used to beat the Packers in last year’s NFC title game. And guess who the Packers’ next opponent will be. We have to fix it, and we have to fix it fast, because I have a pretty good idea of what’s going to happen in a little week in San Francisco on Thursday, LaFleur said. — Rob Demovsky

Next game: 49:00 (20:20 ET, Thursday).

Great actor: Delphine S Eric Rowe, an INT, five cracks, seven tanks.

The dolphins have the top 10 in defense and find their way to the vanguard and special teams. Miami (4-3) won three games in a row (against the 49ers, Jets and Rams) with a double-digit scoring line and lost an average of 11.3 points per game. With Tua Tagovayloa as quarterback, the dolphins will now have a lot more eyes. But the most impressive part? Coach Brian Flores turned the Dolphins into a play-off team in one year. Can the dolphins maintain a favourable schedule for the next five weeks? We’ll see about that. — Cameron Wolf

Next part: Cardinal (16:25 p.m. Eastern time, Sunday).

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Tua Tagovayloa makes his first touchdown of his NFL career with a 3-yard touchdown for DeVante Parker.

The attack of the Rams could not withstand the pressure of the defense of the Dolphins and they started week nine of the game with a 5-3 victory. Now the Rams must spend a week trying to find out who they are – after Sunday’s offensive in four rounds – and how they will proceed with a schedule that will only get more complicated. In the first half of the season, they overtaken NFC East, but they won only one victory over the team with a record number of victories (24-10 victories over the Bears in the 7th round). After saying goodbye, the Rams play the masters of the rival Seattle division before going to Tampa Bay to take over from Tom Brady. — …Lindsay Tiri.

Next game: Against the Seahawks (16:25 EST, Sunday 15 November)

Great actor: Zack Moss RB accounts, 81 Rush Yards, two TDs.

The Bills eventually avoided New England and lost seven straight games to the 2016 Patriots. The victory was harder than it should have been, but it was still the victory as Buffalo advanced 4-0 east of the AFC. Devin Singletari and Zack Moss (167 United Speedy Yards) seem to be the backroom tandem Bill, and the battle of the runaway team looks to be against Seattle next week. — Marcel Louis-Jacques.

Next game: against the Sea Hawks (13:00 EST, Sunday).

It’s awful. The defeat of Quarterback Cam Newton at the last moment was heartbreaking, as in the worst case the Patriots were able to push the game in overtime. Coach Bill Belichik noted that the Patriots have been in this position three times this season – a chance to come back in the fourth quarter – and have not used any of them. Knowing it’s the strength of their former quarterback, Tom Brady makes it a little spicier. — Mike Travel

Next part: Jets (20:15 EST, Monday 9 November).

Great actor: Buy more Chiefs Patrick Mahomez, 416 mtrs passage, 5 DT. Everything you need this week
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Deep Ball is back on the attack for the Chiefs. Quarterback Patrick Mahomez ended the season with five passes of 25 meters or more, including four touchdowns. In the first seven shows Mahomez had 11 such passes, including the two previous ones. Because the former opponents had decided to cancel the big game, the leaders were dependent on their running game and short passes until Sunday. Mahomez was also the fastest player, scoring a career-high 900 fantastic points in 39 games. – Adam Thacher

Next game: against the Panthers (13.00, Sunday).

Jets have dropped to 0-8 with a predictable loss for the leaders. This is a unique loss, the most timid beginning in the history of the franchise system. Their offense is a garbage fire, with 191 and 221 garbage pitches produced in the last two games, the lowest number in the whole season. They have crossed the 300 meter barrier only seven times in 24 games led by coach Adam Gaza. His term of office has been a complete failure. — Rich Chimini

Next match: against the Patriots (20:15 EST, Monday 9 November)

Great actor: QB Derek Carr Raiders, 112 yards, a TD, 41 yards.

Derek Carr, cold warrior? Three weeks after his demons were expelled from Arrowhead Stadium, quarterback Rayders ran into a bug from Cleveland Bluestery on Sunday. Before beating the Browns, Carr was 1-10, an average of 204 yards with nine TD’s and 11 interceptions in games where the temperature was 45 degrees or more at the start. On Sunday at Pond Dawg it was 43 degrees with a wind of 31 degrees and gusts of up to 35 miles per hour. The slain dragon, with Carr at the head of the Conservatives as they are dominated by the ground game that gnawed the clock at 112 meters, runs in front of 41 others and defends football. — Paul Gutierrez.

Next game: In Chargers (4:05 p.m. Eastern Time, Sunday).

That’s the best we can do. The weather – and the inability to leave the field – caused the robbers to lose Cleveland because they were better able to manage the elements, control the clock and the battle line. Despite Sunday’s defeat, the Browns (5-3) remain in good shape to end the longest drought of the league in the playoffs. And with wide receiver Jarvis Landry (ribs), quarterback Baker Mayfield (ribs), narrow end Austin Hooper (attachment, out since last week), running back Nick Chubb (knee), who has been in pain since week 4) and recently, star setter Miles Garrett (ankle, knee) in a painful condition, the upcoming farewell week will help them recover for a stretching run. — Jake Trotter

Next game: Against Texas (13:00, Sunday 15 November)

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Baker Mayfield defied Jarvis Landry, who made a spectacular one-handed catch in the fourth quarter with a 25-yard win.

Great actor: Colt RB Niheim Hines, 54 receiving yards, two DTs.

The Colts have done the weakest part of their program with a victory over Detroit and a 5-2 win for the second straight season, but they will now discover who the team really is, because in the next four games – Baltimore, Tennessee, Green Bay and again Tennessee – they will also play against teams that are all 5-2. Two matches against the Titans could play a major role in determining the winner of the AFC South. — Mike Wells

Next game: against the Ravens (13:00 ET, Sunday).

In many ways, the Lions have shown what Sunday is all about: a team that can beat the loser, but in many ways will beat the opponent. Detroit lost their seventh straight home game to Indianapolis, and it was similar to losing to Green Bay in the second round: The Lions break away at the front, then the combination of inability to attack, defensive errors and special team faults leads to defeat. And in Detroit, the Lions, led by Coach Matt Patricia, have all too often risen to the games they needed to win to move things in a positive direction. Patricia again regretted the lack of consistency in her team, which is the hallmark of Patricia’s team in Detroit. — Michael Rothstein

Next part: Vikings (13:00 ET, Sunday).

Great actor: BC Bengal by Joe Barrow, 249 access courses, two TDs.

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The Bengali victory ended in three games, which after weeks of excitement brought some calm and perhaps laid the foundation for a revival, led by starting quarterback Joe Burrow. This came days after Cincinnati was exchanged by defensive veteran Carlos Dunlap after a long public separation of management and John Ross III, who confirmed a request for an exchange from Cincinnati. She asked some long-term questions about franchising. Burrow and the Bengal, however, calmed down by defeating the AFC leaders in the south. For the first time the Bengali, under sophomore coach Zack Taylor, beat the team with a record number of victories. It was a victory that the Bengal desperately needed and could set the tone for a strong finish for a newcomer in the season of Burrow. — Ben baby.

Next part: Steelfactory (16:25 EST, Sunday 15 November).

Titans mourn the loss of the Bengals this week The defense fails to reach the quarterback, although Cincinnati plays with four reserve predictions and allows 28 sacks for seven games. Defensive battles allowed Burrow to contact his receivers several times during major matches. The third leak protection also takes the loss into account. Currently, Tennessee has lost two games in a row and will have to make up for lost time as they prepare to host the Bears next week. — Thurron Davenport

Next game: against the Bears (13:00 ET, Sunday).

Great actor: Julio Jones WR Falcons, 137 receiving stations.

Matt Ryan hopes his victory in Caroline on Thursday could be a spark for another climb in the afternoon. The Falcons (2-6) were the same in 2019, after a 1-7 start with a 6-2 final that included victories in four finals. It won’t be easy to do it again. Next week they win against Denver, but after saying goodbye they play twice in three weeks against New Orleans. There are also two matches against Tampa Bay and one against Kansas City and matches against the Raiders and Chargers. The Broncos and the Chargers are the only rivals still fighting with defeat records. — Mike DiRocco

Next game: against the Broncos (13:00, Sunday).

Can Christian McCaffrey save the day? Atlanta had Teddy Bridgewater try to beat them by loading the box and keeping it under constant pressure. Bridgewater could not have done it alone as part of a lower team that no one could stop. When McCaffrey returns next week from the IR against the Chiefs, it will be harder for the defense to blame it all on Bridgewater. McCaffrey will make them pay. All injuries and inexperience, especially in the back, make it difficult for the Panthers to make progress (3-5). — David Newton

Next part: Chiefs (13:00 ET, Sunday).

Great actor: Drew Lockes Broncos, 248 access roads, three TDs.

How much can a second, a game, a recruiting end cost for a reconstituted list of injured youths? The broncos will find out soon enough. Their best player (by Miller), best wide receiver (Cortland Sutton) and most off-season awards (five times at Pro Bowl Jurrell Casey) are all in the injury category, and the Broncos are not very prominent in many ways. But they have won three of the last four games after the start 3-0 and quarterback Drew Locke won the first game Sunday with a touchdown in the final. The last four years the Broncos haven’t played with much confidence and in the coming weeks they will find out if they finally found something they can use. — Jeff Legold.

Next race: in Falcons (13:00 ET, Sunday).

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Drew Lock took the pressure from his right side and joined KJ Hamler for a short touchdown when the Broncos beat the Chargers 31-30.

The chargers make history, but not in the way they want. They suffered their fourth loss this season after a 10-point lead and the fourth straight game with 16 points or more, the longest streak in NFL history. If there’s one positive point, it’s quarterback Justin Herbert, who now has 15 touchdown passes in his first six games to match Deshawn Watson’s record since 2017. According to ESPN Stats & Information, Herbert is the first quarterback since 2001 and scores at least three touchdowns in four of the first six games. But in the end he stood powerless on the sidelines and watched his defense abandon a certain victory. — Shelly Smith

Next game: against the Raiders (16:05 ET, Sunday).

Great actor: Russell Wilson Buy More Sea Hawks, 261 Yard, 4 TD.

You know the defense was bad if she can show improvement while allowing 27 points. The same group that missed the most yards in six games in NFL history held 116 yards in San Francisco in the first half for a total of 351 yards, some of which went to the dumpster. Linebacker Bobby Wagner was in his best all-pro team, and his two bags showed a more aggressive game plan than coach Pete Carroll and coordinator Ken Norton Jr. last weekend. The 49th didn’t have the best offensive weapons of course, but the Sihawks lacked a defense without Jamal Adams, Shakeel Griffin, Hugo Amadi and Benson Mayova. The Seahawks are waiting for Adams’ return next week and Carlos Dunlap’s debut on the track. In the mountains they go upstairs to protect them from the fighting. — Brady Henderson

Next part: Accounts (13:00 ET, Sunday).

The season of the 49-ers is coming to an end after the terrible loss of Sunday. Yeah, the 4-4 Niners have been beaten, but they haven’t fought the Seahawks much, and it doesn’t get any easier. After a short pre-game turnaround at Green Bay on Thursday, followed by a trip to New Orleans, the Niners won’t have many reinforcements after an injury in the near future, which means their answers will have to come home. It’s a big challenge for a team that misses so many important players. But if they still want a chance to come back after the season, they have to at least do some magic and find a way to climb to 11th place. The next farewell week is no worse than 5-5. — Nick Wagoner

Next game: against the Packers (20:20 p.m. Eastern time, Thursday).

Great actor: St. John’s Alvin Camara, 67 emergency courts (and 96 shelters).

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These are the saints’ four consecutive victories (5-2) after escaping the literal snail festival on Sunday. But it’s hard to get excited about their strength, grain size and the finish of the clutch if they keep digging these big holes. They should do much better in the decisive NFC battle in the south in Tampa Bay (5-2) next Sunday night. Something that should help us? Major recipients Michael Thomas, Emmanuelle Sanders and Callaway Brands have the opportunity to return to the lineup. — Mike Triplet

Next part: Buccaneers (20:20 ET, Sunday).

The formula of the bear for the victory of the ugly failed on Sunday. For the third time in 2020, Chicago eliminated a double-digit deficit in the fourth quarter and won another race in which there was no commercial victory. The 51-yard strike by Santos in Cairo brought extra time, but Chicago’s attack – the curse of the Bears’ existence – turned out to be too ugly to beat. All too often the bears (5:3) returned to their old attacking habits: late penalty kicks, sacks, interceptions and loss of control thanks to a wide receiver, Javon Weems, who was sent away to suck. The bears haven’t played a full attack game yet. At this point, it’s fair to wonder if they do. — Jeff Dickerson.

Next race: in Titans (13:00 ET, Sunday).

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