In search of the perfect plant for hanging baskets? Look no further than Lobelia, the elegant annual that produces airy foliage and delicate white or pink blooms. Alternatively, try Bacopa ‘Baristo(r) Pink’ for a delicate pastel pink bloom. If you want something more traditional, you could try Bacopa ‘Snowflake’ in classic white. The combination of these plants will create an outstanding display, and you can plant them with other colors of flowers or as a single plant.

String of Pearls

If you’re looking for a beautiful hanging basket plant, then look no further than the String of Pearls. This delicate plant grows from seeds and is easily propagated from cuttings. However, to propagate this delicate plant, you must make sure that you pollinate it properly. This plant’s flowering period lasts from May to June. Consequently, it is recommended that you repot it every three years, or when it grows out of its pot. You can always repot this plant to another pot size once it has outgrown the current one, as long as you don’t break its tendrils. Also, you should wait for six to twelve months before feeding your String of Pearls. If you’d like to plant one in a pot, make sure you wait for a month before feeding it, and then repot it

To care for your String of Pearls, choose a location with indirect light. In general, they prefer an eastern or southern exposure. Direct light during the morning hours is best, with indirect light provided in the afternoon. If you can’t find a window with direct light, try hanging your hanging basket near an interior wall instead. It will appreciate the shade! Also, keep in mind that String of Pearls are sensitive to heat, so you’ll need to move your hanging baskets to a cooler location during the cool months.

String of Hearts

Growing String of Hearts is easy. The plant grows from tubers found in the leaf axils of mature plants. You can simply pick off the tuber and plant it in fresh soil. The tuber needs a moist location and a shady spot to germinate properly. You can also prune the long vines to encourage fuller growth. To propagate your plant, simply cut the bottom stems off the mother plant.

Depending on the climate of your home, you may need to adjust the watering schedule of String of Hearts. In warmer climates, you can water it every day for at least an hour, but do not overwater it. If you overwater it, the soil may become poor quality. If this is the case, you may have to replace the soil with one that is porous and well-drained.

String of Nickels

This tropical-looking perennial is an excellent choice for hanging baskets because of its low-maintenance nature. It is easy to grow and attractive, making it a great plant for any outdoor space. In fact, it is so low-maintenance that it is perfect for beginners who want to grow their own plants. This plant is easy to propagate, too. To get a new plant, you can either take stem cuttings or seeds. Both methods can be used, but cuttings should be left out for a period of time before planting.

String of Nickels is an interesting houseplant. It has tiny leaves shaped like a nickel coin. They are native to Asia, Australia, and India, and grow on rocks and tree trunks. It needs indirect light and water when the soil dries out. If watering is insufficient, water the plant every day up to one inch from the surface. The plant grows best in an outdoor container, so it’s best to get the right soil type.

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