Whether you’re looking for stylish socks or something a bit more comfortable, you can’t go wrong with Condor. The company was founded in 1898 in the small Spanish town of Arenys de Mar and still plays a vital role in the local community. The brand’s yarn is spun, knitted, and tanned locally under environmentally responsible conditions. In fact, 100% of its products are made without using any harmful chemicals.

Oeko-tex certified

If you are looking for a pair of socks made of 100% organic cotton, then look no further than calze condor. Founded in 1898, the Spanish brand is well known for its quality and know-how gained from decades of experience. Moreover, the company produces all of its products under strict environmental standards. The brand is 100% environmental friendly and produces both its socks and its leggings in sustainable conditions.

The company uses an OEKO-TEX certified supplier and recycles all plastic parts in its manufacturing process. In addition, they follow the OEKO-TEX(r) Standard 100, an independent testing and certification system for textiles and garments. It covers all stages of production, including raw yarns, dyed/finished fabrics, and ready-made articles.

Made in Spain

If you are looking for socks that are made in Spain, consider the Condor brand. They are a leading Spanish brand that manufactures socks and tights of the highest quality. The company’s manufacturing facility is located in Arenys de Mar, just outside of Barcelona. This factory uses natural materials and is committed to quality and comfort. They also offer over sixty different colors.

The Condor brand’s ribbed tights are made from 75% cotton, 22% nylon, and 3% elastane. They are machine-washable at 40 degrees, making them a versatile option. The company also offers cotton geometrical knee-high socks made of 80% cotton/20% nylon. Both styles are made in Spain.


Authentic Condor socks are the perfect choice for your child’s feet. The Spanish brand has been producing quality garments for children since 1898. They are dedicated to promoting child well-being and use sustainable and ethical production methods. They also take great pride in their socks, which are known for their great quality and elegant designs.

These socks come in many different colors and designs. They are sure to add a sweet touch to your baby’s look. Moreover, they are made of high-quality materials and can be tailored to fit all types of feet. As a result, they encourage healthy foot development.


If you are looking for a pair of socks that are beautiful and environmentally friendly, you should check out Condor. The brand has been making quality garments for children since 1898 and is dedicated to a healthy environment and sustainable production practices. You can find the socks you need in a variety of colors and styles and are sure to find the perfect fit for your child.

These socks are available in a variety of colors, and are made in a factory in Spain. The Spanish company is known for producing high-quality socks and tights, and they are proud to follow EU regulations when it comes to materials. They are made from all natural materials, and offer a variety of different designs.

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