SANTA ANA (CBSLA) — Orange County CEO Frank Kim said Monday he tested positive for VIDOC-19.

PHILE – Orange County General Manager Frank Kim, who will be here in May 2015, received a positive evaluation on KOWID-19. (Photo by Mindy Shower/Digital First Media/Orange County registration via Getty Images)

Kim told the City News Service he was afraid to go on the 10th. He was diagnosed on November 11 because he had just received a negative test result and he was extremely cautious throughout the pandemic.

I thought it was the flu, he said. How could I get a COVID because I tested negative [November 6].

Kim said he’d be on the seventh floor. In November one symptom was discovered, including some body pain, and on 9 November the patient started a new treatment. November: Another test.

The prosecutor suspects that after a meeting with an employee on the 5th. November was infected, Kim said. This employee later tested positive for the coronavirus.

The good news is that we responded quickly to number one and that the contacts were able to contact and check everyone, so some of them are working, Kim said. Unfortunately, even if you work with a very small and stable group of people… There’s no guarantee you won’t pass it on.

Kim said he didn’t want to share his diagnosis because he didn’t want to be in the spotlight when the county treats more cases and hospitalizations, but he said it was important for people to be aware of the risk of becoming infected with KOVID-19.

It’s really a message, he said. Even if you are in good physical health, you can go through a VIDOC and it may take several weeks to recover.

More than a week after his illness, Kim said he still had symptoms.

It’s been about seven days now, and I still don’t feel normal, and I can’t leave the house, and it’s very difficult, he said.

Kim said he lost his sense of taste and smell from time to time and always had a sudden fever.

If you have COVID, you have no appetite, he said. It’s not fair. Some things taste normal, others don’t.

He said the only foods that didn’t change in taste were bananas and honeydew melon.

Lemon jelly has no particular taste, he says. Vegetables have no taste.

But for other Orange County officials, the biggest goal of Kim’s diagnosis was that anyone could have contracted the disease.

I don’t know anyone who is more vigilant about self-defense, says Andrew Doe, vice-chairman of the organizing committee’s supervisory board. He’s been checked several times. But despite all the precautions, he has VID-19.

He wore the mask very carefully and minimized contact with people, he said. I know this because I meet and talk to him regularly, and he’s tested regularly.

People should know this as we approach the holiday season with family parties, Orange County Governor Lisa Bartlett said.

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