Countytends to return to thelevel, which is self-limited to purple.

San Luis Obispo – New cases of Covid-19 continue to accumulate in San Luis Obispo County. It is likely to return to the most rigorous purple phase of the state’s plan to create a safer economy.

SLO County has been in the red for seven weeks, but his COVID-19 has been on the rise since Halloween and is about to fall behind.

Dr. Penny Borenstein, SLO County Health Inspector, said there’s no exact date, but people need to get ready.

It is very likely that we will meet again in a few weeks at the Purple Animal, Mr. Borenstein said. We don’t have a specific date, but we want companies to think about it and prepare as they did during this pandemic. If we reach the purple level in a week or two, there are still three days left for these adjustments.

Thursday the 12th. In November, SLA district health officials reported 72 new cases of COVID-19, bringing the total number of cases since March to 4,972. On Wednesday 54 new cases were reported.

Since the first one. On 11 November, the SLA district reported 662 new cases of COVID-19, most of which occurred in the town of San Luis Obispo and the Cal Poli campus, with 255 and 93 cases respectively.

The plan is updated every Tuesday. If SLO County has to be in a state of emergency at 17. In November he will return to the Purple level in three days.

Every Tuesday indicators are published based on positive indicators and on the number of cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Government indicators are 7-day averages with a delay of 7 days. Government officials use a population of 278,862 for the UFO district.

Tuesday the 10th. In November, SLO County was dismissed at 7.2. Last week it was 4.1. It should be between 4 and 7 a.m. when the Master Plan is published on November 17th so OLS County can stay in the red line.

The SLA district must not exceed 140 cases per week (or 20 cases per day) in red in the state.

The positivity of the province is 3%, which is sufficient for the orange content.

Districts throughout the state are faced with an increase in the number of COWID 19 cases. The 10th. The provinces of November 11th withdrew from the printing of the sheets.

The district must stay for at least three weeks and then meet the criteria for the next level for two weeks before moving to a less restrictive level. Cities for which data is on two different levels for two consecutive weeks will be moved to a stricter level; this is where SLO County is located.

The state does not allow provinces to go back if they can show objective signs of improvement. In this context, Borenstein stated that the ASO-district would be established on the eleventh day. I filed a form relating to Cal Paulie with the state on November 11th.

Mr. Borenstein said the average amount of test results from another medical facility serving Cal Paulie is not within the state system.

We expect them to eventually put the figures back on that basis and possibly prevent our violet status from being reversed for another week, according to Borenstein.

Another consideration, Borenstein said, is that they hope the state will consider that many Cal Paulie students will return home in a few weeks.

Maybe we can make some concessions and see the impact of having 4,000 to 5,000 students as early as the age of 20. November, Borenstein said. Stay with us.

The plan has four levels: yellow, orange, red and purple. Purple means that transmission of COVID 19 is widespread in the province, with all refectories, gyms, fitness centres and cinemas, but other commercial spaces are more limited. It does not require the closure of schools that are already open for full-time education.

All types of personal care remain open to change, even if the neighborhood has to turn purple.

Certain industries, such as our gyms and fitness centres, our restaurants, our museums, are certainly the most influential; they should all stop working indoors and start working outdoors when the time comes for us to be purple, Borenstein said.

In most cases, 4,357 persons were found in COVID-19 in the SLA district. There are 580 active cases in the ASO neighbourhood, 575 of which are reconstructed houses. Borenstein noted that despite the increase in the number of cases, the impact on hospitals was negligible – five in the hospital, two of them in intensive care.

I would like to point out that for some reason we always have a less acute or less serious disease in our district, Mr. Borenstein said. We can conclude that although the disease is spreading rapidly, many of our cases are asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic.

Mrs. Borenstein ended the weekly briefing on COVID-19, as she always does, which confirms the importance of the guidelines, especially when people get together for the holidays:
– Keep him away.
– Keep them small (no more than three identical households each).
– Be short (maximum 2 hours).
– Don’t come if you feel sick or at great risk.
– Keep a distance of 6 feet between you during your visit.
– Wash your hands regularly or use hand sanitizers at the meeting.
– Wear a protective cover to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We’re doing everything we can to avoid going backwards and we need your help, Mr. Borenstein said. Meetings are our most important contribution to the high morbidity rate, so we ask you to meet responsibly and follow all medical instructions of KOVID-19 for private meetings.

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