SEEWALD, sick. — Chicago coach Matt Nagi carries Friday that he made the call to offensive coordinator Bill Lazor for the NFC North game against the Vikings of Minnesota Monday night.

That’s exactly where we are, Gnaghi said in a video call after practice on Friday. They feel and understand: Okay, here’s our offense now, and we fought for several reasons. I don’t think that’s any particular reason, but if there’s anything that can cheer us up, or sometimes it’s just a change.

It’s like bringing a jar in a different style. You have a pitcher that throws in one direction, now you have another pitcher that throws in the other direction. Sometimes change can be good in that respect, so again, none of that was done for any reason, except that we just fought, and I think that’s the best in this team.


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Nadia is Bear’s only striker since he became coach in January 2018. The Bears hired Nadia, partly because of his time as an assistant in Philadelphia and Kansas City where he submitted to Andy Reed’s attack system.

Is that hard to do? Of course, Mr. Gnaghi said. I’d lie to all of you if I said it was easy. It’s not easy. It’s one of my favorite passages from the trainer. I love the theater. I like her. I like her.

Is it forever, like you asked me before? No, it’s not forever. But you know what? If it’s what’s best for the team, that’s what I’ll do. We have to do what’s best for us, not what’s best for Matt Nagy. That’s where I am. I’m looking forward to it, you know.

Nadia, 2018 NFL coach of the year, may have had a 25-16 career, but the third year coach was under pressure to correct the Bears splash attack. Chicago’s in 31. In third place for the number of points per match (4.81) and in third place for the conversion (32.3%) and in 29th place for the number of points per match (4.81). Place in points per match (19.8), points per match (3.71) and points per pass (5.71) for nine matches. The bears (5-4) are also the 30 most effective offensives in the red zone.

Lazor, who joined Nagy’s team in the last low season, had previously served as offensive coordinator for the Miami Dolphins (2014-15) and Cincinnati Bengal (2017-18).

I think a lot of us… We can all be very excited now, Lazor said on Friday morning in a video interview. How does it feel? It’s not very pleasant if you put so much work into it and you don’t produce it the way you want. But that’s why you learn to express your emotions over a long period of time, over many years in this competition. We’re human, so be disappointed. But it should be noted. You’re supposed to be an analyst and a scientist.

We have to accept reality, okay? What went wrong, and how do we solve it? They have to be solution-oriented. If you can get everyone in the room, players and coaches, together and thinking in solutions, how can we do better? — Sometimes it seems like a big challenge. But if you break it into little pieces and do one little thing at a time, you can take care of the big things.

That’s what we need to focus on. It always has been. I never found a magic pill. So let’s take this one piece at a time, let’s analyze it, let’s eliminate the emotions and let’s try to eliminate the disappointments. And later, it’ll be a great story.

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