Members of the same household are encouraged to maintain their physical and mental health by visiting outdoor public places during the day

SACRIAMENTO – California State Parks held its fourth SACRIAMENTO State Park Day on Friday, December 4, announcing that state campsites in areas affected by the California Stay Home Regional Order will be temporarily closed due to the capacity of the ICU. The public areas of the park, including the footpaths and beaches, are currently open to the public during the day. Members of the same household are encouraged to maintain their physical and mental health by going to the park for walking, hiking, cycling, off-road driving or boating, provided that they are responsibly recreated according to KOVID-19 guidelines.

Yesterday, California took an important step to address the alarming increase in COVID-19 cases that threaten to overwhelm the health care system, said Armando Quintero, director of California State Park. While the new regional order calls for Californians to stay in their homes as much as possible and to close the camps in the affected areas, the state also recognizes that outdoor activities are essential for mental and physical health. We invite you to relax in the open air as long as you don’t move, plan ahead for what is open, wear face protection, practice physical distance and avoid encounters with people outdoors.

The following are some of the guidelines introduced by the state parks to reduce the risk of exposure to VIDOC in the open air19 :

Stay where you are. – Stay close to home to slow down the spread of the VIDOC-19.

Plan for the future – The response to the COWID 19 pandemic remains dynamic and fluid. Before leaving the property, check the website of the park you wish to visit, whether it is open, whether there is a parking space and what rules apply to visitors.

– Stay safe at 1.80 m – Whatever your leisure activity, you must maintain a physical distance of at least 1.80 m. Your guests should only include those staying in your next apartment. That means no guests, no friends, no meetings, no parties. Visitors are asked to leave when it is too busy to cover the necessary physical distance.

– On a boat: Do not take the raft to other skippers and do not go to the beach next to other holidaymakers.

– Rest on the SUV: Don’t drive next to others and don’t park next to someone else, because that may cause you to stand next to others. Make sure you are at a distance of 10 feet or more from each other when unloading and loading.

– Stay clean. Be ready. Not all toilets are open to the public. In some cases the sanitary facilities are temporarily closed to respect the cleaning schedule. Bring soap/disinfectant for the hands. Please pack all the garbage. Parking modules are used intensively and you can help reduce the impact on parking objects.

– Stay covered – In this condition, wear a face shield if you cannot maintain a physical distance of six feet or more. People should have their faces covered at all times.

The Home Stay Scheme will be implemented at the regional level as soon as less than 15% of IC beds remain in one or more of the following regions in Northern California, Bay Area, Greater Sacramento, San Joaquin Valley and Southern California. Public campsites in these regions will be temporarily closed according to the new procedure.

Due to the urgent need to stop the peak of KOVID-19 and to prevent overloading of the Regional Intensive Care Unit, the public is advised to close the campsites at short notice. The booking holders concerned will be contacted by e-mail with the state reservation system – ReserveCalifornia – and their money will be refunded. Cancellations and refunds are automatic. This way, visitors do not have to take any action. Reservation holders can call ReserveCalifornia customer service at 1-800-444-7275. Working hours: 7 days a week, from 8 to 6 hours. PDT.

For over 150 years, public parks have connected people all over the world to their families, friends and communities in the country’s largest public parking system. In response to the pandemic, for the first time in the history of public parks, security measures were taken, such as blocking vehicle access, complete closure and removal of the reserves on this unprecedented scale.

For the latest information on how public parks are helping to stop the peak of COVID 19, including up-to-date information on camp site closures, visit or follow the ministry on its social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Updates are also published on the websites of the various parking modules.

For more information about the regional order Stay at home with

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