to keep watch, to recruit the dog legion.

Screenshot of Jack Fennimore.

A major innovation of Dog’s Legion is the ability to recruit everyone on the streets to free London from the grip of Albion and Clan Kelly.

Each person you find has different skills and benefits to help your team in their business. You’ll have to make an effort to get them to you, though.

That’s how you recruit officers for a Legion of the Guard.

How to start a cooperative

To recruit someone on your team, you need to help them solve a problem that only DedSec can solve.

Use the left button to create a profile of the people you find in the open world. Here you can learn a little more about them and, more importantly, see what their advantages are.

When you find someone you want to recruit, go to them and press the Y Button for Xbox or the triangle for PlayStation to talk to them. You will receive a short program in which a recruiter tells you about a problem that DedSec can help you with.

You can also save the recruit in the contact list on the Commands tab of the main menu. To register a person in your contacts, right-click while creating that person’s profile. If you press the right button, you immediately start your recruitment mission. Otherwise just select your mission in the Mission tab when you’re ready.

When you accept a command, the location is highlighted on the map. These places are closed areas, which means enemies will attack you on sight. Go to the website and complete the task described there. It may be necessary to hack the server, destroy the weapons cache, rescue a hostage, steal a car or perform another task. The more bonuses a potential recruiter has, the more tasks you have to perform to recruit him/her.

Be careful, because some missions can end with a group of Kelly Clan members following them by car. If you are abandoned, you may fail the mission and you may have to start the recruitment process again.

The easiest way to recruit people is to find those who have been harassed or arrested by Albion’s contractors. If the contractor only talks to them, you can aim at them and distract them so that the recruit can escape. Some recruits can be attached, so you have to remove the contractor and then release him/her with the Y/triangle button. When they start working, hack them quickly to access their profile and then save them to the recruitment page so they can join the team right away. Sometimes it is enough to rescue a family member of a newcomer from a contractor in Albion.

How do I edit co-ops?

Open the main menu and go to the Command tab. Select one of your employees and press / x to edit. They can change their weapons and the device they can use. You can’t download the weapon or change the gadget of an agent you’re playing as if it were in a restricted area.

You can change an employee’s clothing by entering the store and pressing the appropriate button to go from the store selection to your wardrobe.

How many people can I hire?

You can hire up to 45 employees. After that you won’t be able to save the people on your list or start new recruitment missions.

Your roster counts towards the maximum number of employees that can be part of your team. So, if you have too many recruits on this list, you can’t invite them to join you if you are going to complete missions to recruit these people or cancel these missions.

How do I remove employees from my team?

To exclude an employee from a team, select a team member from the team menu, use the A / X button to edit the team member and then press the X / Square button. You can cancel a recruitment assignment by doing the same.

What kind of people should I hire?

Some of your recruits will have access to disguises that allow them to immerse themselves in certain limited areas, greatly reducing the distance at which enemies warn you of your presence and extending the time it takes to track you down. Use the capacity wheel to equip the uniform.

Focus on recruiting new employees with Albion and the Construction Worker Form. Most restricted areas can be crossed with Albion equipment, including (of course) Albion bases, police stations and even some medical centres. You will also find a lot of basic missions where you have to go to a place controlled by Albion. The building combinations can be used in many areas controlled by Albion and the Kelley Clan. The main mission even gives you a task – hiring a contractor. The medical centre, the police station and especially the uniform of the queen’s parade are slightly more specialized and therefore less useful than Albion and the construction workers.

The designers are also very useful because they can name cargo drones anywhere. You can jump from the top and have the ability to fly, giving you access to areas with high walls or tall buildings. I used one to get on the roof of Buckingham Palace and stop the propaganda. It is much easier to travel to London with a freight driver than by car.

Expert drones can summon their own shock drones, which can fire grenades, immobilise enemies and destroy turrets and weapon stores. They often have the ability to force enemy drones to fight for you, which is great because the most powerful enemies in the game are rebel and terrorist drones.

Maybe you want to find a lawyer or a police officer to reduce the time needed for the release of employees after their arrest by Albion. It is also a good idea to find a specialist who can shorten the time before people are discharged from hospital after being defeated by certain enemies.

Any agent with a silencer gun is a must for a stealth-based style of play, although you can upgrade a standard DedSec gun with a silencer. Street performers often carry paintball guns, which are essentially silent, non-lethal assault rifles.

You need cops with skills that improve melee combat if you have to cross the arenas barefoot.

However, some people have advantages that work against them. Some have reduced mobility which makes it impossible for them to walk, some have hiccups or a fart (yes, a fart) that warns nearby enemies, and some may even die accidentally and forever. In general, they are balanced by good performance, but you will want to avoid those with negative performance for those with only positive performance. However, if you want to recruit people with negative benefits to give you an extra challenge, no one will stop you.

Where can I find recruits with specific skills?

People who need special uniforms are usually in the areas where they are going to work: Albion bases for Albion uniforms, medical centres for medical uniforms, construction sites for construction workers, etc. You can also find spies with intelligence skills near government buildings or M16 headquarters.

Your assistant AI Bagley sometimes highlights experienced recruits with a green symbol on the map.

Each area of London has its own peculiarities and personalities that attract potential recruits en masse. Camden has a technological counterculture and is therefore a good place to find a competent hacker. The City of London is a great place to find lawyers or executives and investors who can help you earn more ETO currency. Brixton is a culturally diverse neighborhood where street artists have access to paintball guns and aerosols. Hyde Park is home to athletes who have excelled in physical confrontations such as hand-to-hand combat.

By winning tournaments in bare-handed arenas, you can recruit agents who have fought before, including champions. All they have to do is complete their missions after they are defeated. These agents are often designed for close combat.

To get some of the best cops in the game, you have to make the area provocative. This means that certain tasks must be performed on a map that destabilizes Albion’s power in the region, such as photographing evidence or rescuing a prisoner. The map shows you the missions to be accomplished. You will then undertake another mission to the famous London monument in the area. Then the presence of Albion is reduced and the inhabitants of the region are inspired by the uprising. You also have a brand new agent that is much stronger than most other recruits, such as a spy who can disable the weapons of multiple enemies and has access to a stealth spy machine, or a beekeeper who can dig up enemies with robot bees.

What about people who don’t like DedSec?

Some people will have a negative rating on DedSec, indicated by the red icon at the bottom of their profile. Although these people have better than average skills, a little more work is needed to integrate them into your team. These are often people like Albion and members of the Kelley clan, whom you will meet in forbidden areas. You can make someone hate DedSec if you attack them or a relative.

In order for them to participate, you must first unlock the Deep Profiler in the Tech tab. Save the person who doesn’t like DedSec in your settings list and then explore their profile using the Y-triangle. You can follow the example you see there and find a way to help them. After you’ve done that, you can start your own recruitment mission. Sometimes it is enough to save a family member from the harassment of a contractor in Albion to get good service.

The reversal of disobedience in the neighbourhoods will change the opinion of some people about DedSec from negative to positive. So, if you don’t want to make the extra effort to recruit someone who doesn’t like DedSec, start cleaning the area.

Some people have two red symbols – this is what the game calls antagonists. That means they hate DeadSec and can’t be recruited. This often happens when you destroy an enemy or a loved one. Antagonists sometimes try to catch your agents.

What about reputable cooperatives?

Several people will join your team if you have purchased a subscription or if you bought it in the Shopping tab for a premium currency. These are the prestige cooperatives.

According to the game’s manual, Prestige is included in all files saved for the unique campaign and Watch Dogs Online, released in December this year. Renowned employees expand the list of teams for your campaign, so there is always room for more teams. They are often stronger than many of the cops you recruit at the beginning of the game.

If you have enabled permadeath and they die, you can use the operators in other saved files and in a new saved file.

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