Deshaun Watson #4 of the Houston Texans.

With quarterback Deshaun Watson unhappy in Houston, there have been rumors that he would like to be traded in the offseason. And every little thing that pops up can be more than a rumor.

We’ll be thinking about where Watson is until that happens, but until then we’ll be looking for clues. Can Watson negotiate with other teams? There are no concrete indications, but we do know that he could be referring to several teams, including the Atlanta Falcons.

Watson posted a photo of him stuffing the Atlanta Falcons’ jacket in the Big Apple.

Deshaun Watson posted on IG in Falcons jacket

– Atlanta Sportsguy (@Atlantasportguy) 16. January 2021

The Falcons jacket certainly looks good on Watson. And even if he doesn’t go to Atlanta, it’s clear the player isn’t on his team if he’s gone for another.

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Deshaun Watson will cost a lot

Watson is obviously from Georgia, was born and raised a fan of the Atlanta Falcons and was even a ball boy for the team in high school.

It would make sense for Watson to return to the A’s and play for his city, but that could cost a lot more than Atlanta can muster.

That doesn’t mean he was just excluded from the list, because if a high-level young QB had called, the Falcons would have certainly answered. The problem will be taking over the place and what is best for the Falcons. If the Falcons can find a trade for Matt Ryan, they could use some of the ceiling to take on Wayton’s $21.6 million. But given the way Ryan’s contract is structured, it makes sense to wait until 2022.

The Falcons will also have to give up some of their starting money, including this year’s first and second, and maybe two or three more. And that still wouldn’t have been enough, as Houston would have needed one or two talented players from Atlanta who could have even gotten past top guard Grady Jarrett.

But with the Falcons just getting a new head coach, Arthur Smith, and being in the midst of a rebuild, anything is possible.

Why Watson is unhappy

I can understand why Watson is unhappy. Houston owner Cal McNair promised to include Watson in the new front office suspensions, but did not.

Watson wanted Houston to consider appointing Eric Benimi as head coach, but the Texans seemed to ask for a call and did not follow through.

Last week, Watson made it increasingly clear with a simple tweet how unhappy he was: I was on 2 and I went to 10.

I was on line 2, then I went to …..

– Deshaun Watson (@deshaunwatson) January 15, 2021

What does that mean?

The tweet actually comes from a tweet posted by NFL insider Adam Schefter.

Also noteworthy: A source said this week that after Houston traded Pro Bowl receiver DeAndre Hopkins last season, Deshaun Watson’s anger level 2…… was This time it’s the 10th

– Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) 10. January 2021

Since Sunday, Houston has also been taking the issue very seriously, worrying about potential trade partners and what they would do without him.

According to ESPN @sarahbarshop., the Texans have had internal discussions about Deshaun Watson’s potential business partners and what their quarterback position will look like in the future without him.

– Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) January 17, 2021

Stay with us.

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