The Power Rangers started their new era with Power Rangers #1, and at the end of the release there were big changes in the status quo for the Omega Rangers and Zordon. It certainly made an impression, but what happens in this press release will have ripple effects and consequences that go beyond that, so if you haven’t read it yet, there will be big spoilers. If you’ve read it, you know that the relationship between the Omega Rangers and Zordon may never be the same again, although the amazing thing is that although the dragon is in the heart, it hasn’t really caused a rift.

It all starts with the Imperials, a species capable of destroying worlds. The Omega Rangers witnessed firsthand the destruction of an entire planet by the empire they encountered and the deaths of 12 million people. The Omega Rangers are now looking for clues about their identity and where they live. So they come to Zordon to see if he can help them.

Then they will know that Dragon is in the command center, and after the interrogation they will know that it was the Imperials who fled Dragon when he fell to Earth. The Omega Rangers are trying to find out more about him. So they ask Zordon if they can take him with them, because he seems to know things that can help them in their search.

Zordon says he can’t do it, although he helps in every way he can. He will not allow what Drakkon did to the Grid to be repeated, so he has taken all necessary steps to ensure that Drakkon is taken into custody, as he is the responsibility of Zordon.

Power Rangers-1-Drakkon-Omega spoiler Rangers-2 (Photo: Studio Boom!)

The Omega Rangers are disappointed, especially because so many lives are at stake if they decide to seize the dragon. C attracts them and they have no problem reaching Dragon, but Alpha 5 is warned and confronts the Rangers, asking them to withdraw and bring Dragon back into line. There is a confrontation, but the dragon is suddenly defeated. The Omega Rangers are testing it, but Dragon tells them reinforcements are on their way, so they have to make a choice: Alpha helps or escapes and saves the universe.

Zordon then warns the transporter and sees Alpha downstairs. Jason tells him that his neural network is only encrypted and shows no permanent damage. He also tells Zordon that they will bring the dragon back as soon as the threat is removed, but Zordon is furious. He tells Jason that it is a betrayal of everything they stand for, and that if he takes Dragon with him, he will release everything he has to stop him. Jason told Zordon that his way wasn’t the only way, and he was sorry because it wasn’t supposed to be.

(Photo: Studio Boom!)

Then on the last page you’ll see Xi and the Omega Rangers team with Drakkon in tow. Although he is not a full-fledged Omega Ranger yet, he has a new and beautiful suit and seems to really belong to the team.

Power Rangers #1 is written by Ryan Parrotte and painted by Francesco Mortarino in flowers Raul Angulo and letters Ed Dukeshire. The official description can be found below.

Two new series, two new teams — The era of LIMITED MIGHT begins HERE — And only Lord Dragon, their greatest enemy, can save them! Superstar author Ryan Parrott (Mighty Morphine Power Rangers / Mutant Ninja Turtles) and fan of his favorite artist Francesco Mortarino (Go Go Power Rangers) reveals a new cosmic threat that only the original Power Rangers, now known as the Omega Rangers – Jason, Trini and Zack – can hope to defeat! But his secret weapon… the evil dragon lord? ! Zordon has forbidden the Omega Rangers from contacting Drakkon. So if they want to save the universe, they’ll have to take on their powerful allies, the morphine. Here begins the next great Power Rangers epic, perfect for long-time fans and new readers.

Power Rangers #1 is currently in comic books.

What do you think? Give us your comments, or, as always, you can say all the things that Power Rangers and comics with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!

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