Alicia (Alicia Debnem-Carey) secretly watches Viktor Strand (Coleman Domingo) from Inside Damage, the semifinal of the film Fear of the Walking Dead. The couple, who have been good friends with Alicia Madison’s mother (Kim Dickens) since the zombie apocalypse attack, was last seen in episode 602 Welcome to the Club, where the new Ranger Strand sent Alicia back with Charlie (Alexa Nissenson). When Strand encounters the unusual activity of walking and observes Dakota (Zoe Colletti), the younger sister of a chief from Virginia (Colby Minifi), he urgently tries to contact Alicia and the remote outpost Charlie.

Beach says it’s urgent, but Alicia ignores the call. When Strand reports strange walking activities she has to see, Charlie asks if they should see what she’s talking about, but the apathetic Alicia answers: How long have we been here? Six weeks? What has he done for us?

Charlie admits that the answer is nothing, and Alicia tells him that’s exactly what we’ll do for him.

The trailer for the mid-season finale, which will be broadcast on the 22nd. Released on November 11, Alicia shows how she is captured by a species called Ed Gayne, who is behind a horrible horde of pedestrians who have been released in Inside Damage. This man seems to be the source of a serious threat that leaves Virginia in a state of fear and anxiety and is becoming increasingly furious with the attacks and mysterious messages – from end to end – aimed at the colonies.

Strange hikers have appeared throughout the season – a freshly embalmed corpse nearly killed Altea (Maggie Grace) at a funeral home in Alaska, and hikers with finger knives attacked June (Jenna Elfman) when she was buried next to the jasper bone – and this new enemy may bring Alicia and the beach back or drive them further away.

After the dirty act of Beach in Welcome to the club, where he used Sanjaya (Satya Nikhil Polysetti) as bait to save Alicia and Janice (Holly Kerran), he decided to send Alicia away. Like he explained to her: They remind me of the person I am and do all the things I have to do now – for you, for me, for all of us – I have to forget that person. And I can’t do it with you around.

The beach has developed in recent years. I think Alicia has a version of Strand in her head: She knows his heart, she knows he cares for her and she can count on him. He pushes her away because he has to do things she might not like, things that could challenge her understanding of him, Domingo explained on the CMA blog earlier this season. Strand wants Alicia to remember his story because it’s important. He can’t get his gift because it would compromise what he has to do. He has to make very difficult decisions to survive.

Domingo added that he didn’t want to tarnish the vision he had of him, so she had to leave him to become the man he needed to save them all.

The movie Fear of the Walking Dead comes out in the middle of week six. Relay on Sunday the 22nd. November, at 21:00 ET/8c on the AMC channel. Follow the author @CameronBonomolo on Twitter for everything to do with TWD.

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