The video camera was an essential part of many family gatherings when we were children. Whether it was the father who filmed your child’s birthday party or the mother who filmed you on the swing, the camera was always nearby. Many of us have fond memories of that time and would like to take a trip back in time and watch these family videos.

Unfortunately a lot of these old videos are just sitting there collecting dust and taking up space. Due to the rapid development of technology, many of us no longer even have a VCR to play on. Fortunately, there is a way to bring video into the 21st century. century through digitization.

However, the lack of a VCR is not the only reason to think about updating it. With this in mind, this blog post mentions some of the best reasons to digitize your home videos.

They will degrade over time

The first reason to switch to digital technology is that your old films will deteriorate over time. The film, which probably used a lot of chemicals that needed to be developed, will degrade over time. This can happen in different ways, it can dry out and crack, it can stink or the colours in the film can run and mix.

That is why you need to take care of the digitization of your tapes to prevent this degradation. The magnetic properties of the tapes will also disappear over time. The longer we wait, the worse it gets. If you then try to play back the tape, it may appear distorted or some parts may disappear completely. So be sure to go to Just8mm or another reliable company to digitize your old home videos before it’s too late.

Makes it much easier to share them.

When you digitize your old home videos, you can watch them directly and share them with others at any time. You can send it by email, open it on any device and start viewing it within seconds. They can also be easily sent to the family, and you can even copy the images to a DVD or USB stick and give them away.

Watching old home movies together on film not only requires a VCR, but also the simultaneous presence of everyone in your home. As you can imagine, this is not always practical and even impossible, especially in the context of the Covida 19 pandemic. At the numerical level, all problems are taken out of the equation. You can even share your stupid home videos with your friends and social network followers if you want.

Much less chance of destruction or loss

If you store personal videos only as physical copies, you risk losing them or even destroying them. It may be that you get lost in the move or transport or that you just get lost in a bunch of other old things you have. If your home is flooded or damaged by fire or other natural disaster, it can also be lost.

This makes their transition to digital video a safer path. Although digital video can really be deleted or you can lose your computer, there are ways to bypass this problem. When you back up videos to an external hard drive or store them in the cloud, they stay safe.

In addition, the home videos, which are kept in a box in the basement, will also be affected by wear and tear. If they are not stored in their original form, the films are probably dusty or objects have fallen on them. High humidity or heavy wetness can also have a negative effect on the tyres. Digital home video stays in perfect condition for the rest of your life.

Retention of old memories

Old family videos are often very important in our lives. They give us a chance not only to remember the past, but also to see it. Unfortunately, these old amateur videos are often degradable, difficult to share or can be completely lost. Fortunately, digitizing these old home videos can keep your old memories alive forever.

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