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2. November 2020

Joseph R. Biden, Jr. began his 2020 presidential campaign with one defeat and then lost a few more. But after his extraordinary return, he claimed a prize that had eluded him in two previous presidential campaigns: the nomination of the Democrats.

Earlier in his career, which included two terms as vice president and 36 years in the Senate, Biden now faces President Trump in a game dominated by a global pandemic and a summer of unrest over the assassination of black U.S. police officers.

Mr. Biden’s year started with rock music. In February, Iowans suffered its first setback with a fourth place among the state fractions, and a week later the primary elections in New Hampshire were even worse. He finished fifth and left the state before the results were available.

The former vice president and his team had hoped that his condition would improve as more states entered the league. Nevada was next and Mr. Biden finished far behind Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

Then South Carolina came along. It was the first early game in which a large number of black voters expressed their preference, and Biden took advantage of the goodwill of those voters through his loyal service to President Barack Obama. It also received the coveted approval of the state’s most powerful Democrat, James E. Clyburn’s representative.

When the results came in, he won – and he did so decisively, with more than twice as many votes as his closest rival, Mr. Sanders.

Within 48 hours Biden got a big boost from his former competitors. Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and former mayor Pete Buttijig of South Bend, Ind. supported him and former Congressman Beto O’Rourke of Texas.

On Super Tuesday, Biden won 10 of the 14 states, some of which he never campaigned for. His former rivals continued to gather around him the following week. Senators Kamala Harris of California and Cory Booker of New Jersey confirmed Biden for the Michigan primary a week later.

The 10th. In March, Biden left for Ohio, where the most important events would take place a week later. He was supposed to hold a rally in Cleveland, but the coronavirus pandemic is about to take over the nation and end the campaign. Mr. Biden’s meeting has been canceled.

There will be no more rallies in the near future. The pandemic effectively ended the race between Biden and his remaining rival, Sanders, who retired in April.

Mr. Biden reappeared on Memorial Day, laid a wreath at the Veterans Memorial in Wilmington, Del. and wore a mask, unlike Mr. Trump. The following week, after the death of George Floyd, who was in police custody, he met community leaders in a black church in Wilmington.

Mr. Biden is back on the campaign trail. By far.

As part of his campaign, from time to time personal events were held in Delaware and neighboring Pennsylvania, designed with safety in mind, with large white circles on the ground allowing the journalists present to distance themselves socially.

Biden once described himself as a bridge to a new generation of leaders and promised to choose a woman as his walking buddy. After a few months of vacation, he chose Mrs. Harris, a former rival, as a member of the Democratic Ticket.

Ms. Harris once kicked Mr. Biden out of the discussion room, but his intervention went smoothly. She talked about working with Biden’s deceased son, Bo Biden, when they were attorney general, and the new ticket escaped the stumbling block of their earlier disagreements.

The pandemic disrupted plans for the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee and forced most of the processes to be carried out online.

Biden and Harris received their nominations for socially dispersed journalists in the centre of the Wilmington event – far from the crowded arena that was supposed to support them. On the last night of the convention, the supporters gathered in their cars as they entered the theatre and were joined by a new Democratic card for a fireworks show.

In response to some Democrats’ concerns about his visibility, Biden began to intensify his campaign for Labor Day by visiting states outside the Central Atlantic region where fighting is taking place. Once again, his campaign included carefully planned activities with social detachment and wearing masks, in contrast to Mr Trump’s well-attended meetings.

Mr. Biden returned from his campaign trip to Minnesota when the news came: Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg is dead. Mr. Trump and the Senate Republicans quickly appointed Judge Amy Coney Barrett as his successor.

Biden tried to turn the lawsuit into a fight for the future of healthcare in America and warned against Trump’s desire to see the Supreme Court repeal the Affordable Health Care Act.

The first debate was eagerly awaited and gave Mr. Trump the opportunity to change the evolving race in favour of Mr. Biden. It also shed some light on Mr. Biden after Mr. Trump had portrayed him as an old man for months.

However, this meeting was not called back because of Mr Biden’s statement, but because of Mr Trump’s constant interruptions. Voters were left with a headache show full of personal attacks instead of fabrics.

Later that week there was another seismic development: Mr. Trump tested positive for the coronavirus. Within two weeks he recovered and returned to the countryside with major rallies that violated public health guidelines.

Mr. Biden had his approach. He visited more states on the battlefields, but didn’t take part in busy events.

In recent weeks, Biden has taken the lead in replacing traditional events with a pandemic: Gather behind the wheel.

His speeches soon got a new soundtrack with applause and interrupted horns.

Biden campaigned with former president Barack Obama in the state of Michigan last weekend before the elections, where his ticket was won twice. As cases of the coronavirus increased in many places, they condemned Mr Trump for managing the pandemic.

Biden ended the campaign by presenting himself as the unifying figure who will work to repair the damage caused by Trump’s presidency.

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