Interesting new sound of President Donald Trump in masks: CNN’s Maegan Vasquez reports that Trump told rally drivers in Tampa, Florida, after the blockade that the spread of the coronavirus must be stopped: We know about the disease. We’re a social distance. We’ll do everything you have to do.

If you come any closer, put on a mask. Oh, it’s controversial. It’s not controversial for me. Come closer, put on a mask. Social distance, social distance, he told the audience.

There’s a problem: Vasquez notes that the audience to which Trump sent this message was largely masked. They were so close together that several people needed medical help because of the heat, and the nearby fire truck had to cool down the trailers. The employees were also seen without masks.

How Trump’s favorite doctor helped influence Florida – It’s nothing new that Trump’s infectious disease specialists have been replaced by Stanford-based neurologist Scott Atlas, who the president saw and liked on Fox News.

But this report by John Avlon and Michael Warren on CNN shows how Atlas leaders, who oppose orthodoxy, have gone from Fox to the White House to states whose governors support trumpets like Florida.

Excessive mortality data can reveal the actual number of deaths in Covidians – CNN has detected more than 228,000 deaths attributed to Covidians. However, the latest CDC data show a much higher level of excess mortality in the United States between January and October. In addition to Kovid’s immediate death, 100,000 more Americans have died than usual. A group of senators asked the CDC and the HHS to explain how they handle this pipe.

Unexpected consequences… We are in the part of these elections where local developments may influence the national elections. Look at the weather, Covidien outbreaks and race riots.

Will the riots in Philadelphia affect the election? Now, it looks like it’s the surge of 2020. The trump needs at least one Rustmand that Democrats were unable to stay with him in 2016, and he is within reach in Pennsylvania.

Today, the murder of Walter Wallace, a mentally ill black man who attacked the police with a knife, has marginalized the state’s largest city center and a bastion of democracy. The protests degenerated into looting.

The trump card continued to criticise democracy-led cities, while former Vice President Joe Biden tried to reconcile the outrage at the murder of a black police officer with the disapproval of the looting. Details.

Hurricane Zeta left millions of people in the southeast of the country without electricity – some early elections were interrupted. We will monitor the impact this may have on voters. It is possible that Louisiana will have to offer other places to vote.

Sleep with the enemy – red or blue, Trumpf or Biden, and often with men and women. Trump is probably better for men, and Biden is better for women.

It is therefore simple mathematics (and perhaps some opposites are attracted) that divides households by these elections.

Watch this video from Victims of Pain, a private Facebook group founded by left-wing women who are married to right-wing men, and how they fought for the farm signs, contemplated divorce and learned to live together. I dare say this is happening in this time of hustle and bustle, my dear.

Forecasting models look at possible scenarios. Biden wins more. There are a number of predictive models, including Five ThirtyEight and The Economist, which suggest that Biden has a much better chance of winning than Trump. Oliver Darcy of CNN spoke to journalists who worked with the data behind them and asked them why they were better than in 2016, when they also said that the loss of an asset was more likely (although less likely than today).

This is Nate Silver – Darcy at this year’s model competition: We’re not going to the street. We’re just saying the obvious. Biden is quite far ahead of the polls, and the candidate who leads with that margin usually wins.

Click here to learn more about John King’s last race through the magic wall.

And make your own election card.

The seats of the House and Senate are shifting to the Democrats… It’s not just the presidential card that’s becoming more and more difficult for Republicans.

CNN uses the House and Senate reviews of the internal elections, which are managed by CNN’s sponsor, Nathan L. Gonzalez.

What’s changed? According to the CNN report, the Democrats are expected to have a net increase from 14 to 20 seats in the House of Representatives and a net increase from 4 to 6 seats in the Senate, which will be sufficient to lead the House.

Important details : Two U.S. Senate elections in Georgia are becoming increasingly difficult for Republicans, but they could both end in December.

More and more suburban seats in the House of Representatives are shifting from Republicans to Democrats.

Remarkable moments:

Senator Kelly Loffler, a Republican who ran for the seat she was nominated for, told reporters that she knew nothing about the famous Hollywood group Trump Access. That’s what Manu Raju from CNN explained to him.

Senator Susan Collins, a rare moderate Republican, tried to address the issue of systemic bias in the state of Maine, which is predominantly white but has a large Somali community.

Senator Martha McSally, a 16th century Republican in Arizona and now running for the place she was later named, was thrown on stage during the Trump rally and got a minute to perform because he told her in front of everyone that she didn’t want to hear it.

: It gets more and more interesting incombat situations.

Adam Levy of CNN’s political section closely monitors early voting in large states – using information CNN receives from Catalyst, a data collection and processing company whose clients include Democrats, broadcasters and academics. Read the whole story.

The crucial point: Republicans are beginning to limit their democratic advantage by voting on election day in four key states where more than 12 million people have already voted.

Florida — Trump has won 1+ points in 2016.

  • A week ago, the Democrats led the vote by 9%. That’s four percentage points.

North Carolina – Trumpf gained more than 3 points in 16.

  • The Democrats were 12 points ahead of the Republicans in last week’s Bulletins. Now eight points.

Iowa – Kozyr won with 9+ points in ’16.

  • The Democrats are 17 points ahead of the Republicans in the first vote, but this week the lead has been reduced by four points. The Democrats also led the vote in the 2016 elections.

Nevada – Clinton won in 16 by 2 points.

  • Last week the Democrats led the Republicans by 12 points. Currently, 42 per cent of the ballots submitted by the Democrats are only seven points higher than those submitted by the Republicans, an increase of 35 per cent.

The most important thing to remember: Republicans indicated that they were more likely to vote on election day and therefore these dates are marked with an asterisk. We don’t know what’s going to happen next week.

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