The NFL is a cutthroat business, where winning and losing are judged by fans and media alike. Every coach has some sort of claim to fame and those with the best records or the greatest victories get the most attention. This is the case with Bill Belichick, who has racked up an astounding 11 Super Bowl championships.

There are a lot of great NFL coaches out there, and I’m sure most of them have an opinion about who is the best in the league. There are two main ways to rank them: by wins, or by years. I’ve decided to show you the list of NFL head coaches by wins (since wins are the only thing that truly matters), but if you’re looking for a different list, you can check out the list of NFL head coaches by years here.

The NFL is a league that is full of beautiful stories. From the unbelievable comebacks of life-long injuries, to epic seasons, to the turning points that led to championships. In the end, every story ends in a ring of gold. But, what about the coaches? I don’t mean the players, but the people who actually put the whole thing together. For years, I’ve collected information about the coaches in the NFL. It was so much fun that I decided to share it with you.. Read more about what nfl coach has the most wins of all-time and let us know what you think.Some say the quarterback is the most important person on the football team, but there is another person on the sidelines that holds the team together. Without a good coach, many great teams in NFL history would never have succeeded, despite the players they had. They are the greatest NFL coaches of all time.

John Madden

If you’re a video game fan, you probably know John Madden, but there’s more to this man’s life than gaming and acting. When he led the Oakland Raiders in 1969, few would have thought he would still be with the team nearly a decade later. The best NFL coaches of all time word-image-8828 Madden made NFL history by leading the Raiders to the Super Bowl in 1977. The Raiders won easily over the Vikings that year, and Madden became a legend. Not only did Madden become an Oakland hero, but his .759 win record is the best in the modern era of football.

Bill Belichick

A coach who has won five Super Bowls should be considered one of the best. Bill Belichick has led the New England Patriots to the Super Bowl eight times. He won 15 division titles, provided victories in more than 250 NFL games and kept the Patriots from winning a division title 10 years in a row. If he wins another Super Bowl, he’ll need two hands to show off his championship rings! The best NFL coaches of all time word-image-8829

Vince Lombardi

Had the Super Bowl been introduced earlier, Lombardi would undoubtedly have won at least five times. When he was at the helm of the Green Bay Packers, Lombardi had an impressive winning percentage of .754, and in the postseason it was a whopping .900. When a team wins the Super Bowl, they hold up the Vince Lombardi trophy, because the NFL named it after him. Lombardi is a legend, both for the Packers and for football. He is the standard by which all coaches should be judged, and if a coach is even half as good as Lombardi, his team has a great chance at glory.

Don Shula

No other coach in NFL history has won more games than Don Shula. Before becoming a legend with the Miami Dolphins, Shula coached the Baltimore Colts to 328 wins. In the 1970s, Shula led the Dolphins to three Super Bowls and won the ring twice. He appeared in the season finale a total of six times and was responsible for the Dolphins’ only Super Bowl and AFC championships. Before and after Shula, the Dolphins struggled to find success on the field. The best NFL coaches of all time word-image-8830 Every time these coaches picked a team to take the field, they were never disappointed with their players. Not only did they show great tactical acumen to bring home the Super Bowl, but they also inspired their players to improve their game when it was needed most.The ten nfl coaches at the top of the list are the best to have ever played the dirty game of football. Most of them are well known by their nicknames and have strong reputations as leaders. No matter how well you play as a quarterback, it is very hard to match Lombardi, Cavanaugh, or Parcells.. Read more about most wins nfl coach including playoffs and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the best NFL coaches of all time?

Here are the legends who have coached the franchise since its inception. The NFL coaching carousel isn’t just spinning, it’s spinning like a top. There are now only six head coaches that have been in their current position for more than ten seasons. Of those six, all of them have won at least one Lombardi Trophy (the Super Bowl), four of them have won two or more. The two that haven’t are Tom Coughlin and Bill Cowher.

Who is the most winning coach in NFL history?

Not only has this guy won 2 Super Bowls, 6 NFC Championships, and 17 NFL Championships, but he’s the all-time leader in most successful coaching wins in NFL history. Yes, this is Tom Landry. As Jim Kelly says, “If you want to be a winner, you had better start back there in the huddle.” Luckily for us, some of the best NFL coaches of all time have been willing to share their tricks with the rest of us. Over the years, we’ve seen the likes of Bill Walsh, Tom Landry, Bill Parcells, and John Madden, all give tips and tricks for winning.

Who is the best football coach of all time?

We’ve all seen football coaches. They’re the guys in the stands screaming at their players on the field, and they’re usually wearing a big headset. The truth is, they’re not always that great at the job. In fact, a new book called The Kings of Coaching, which uses data from, shows that the best NFL coach of all time is Joe Gibbs, who led Washington to three Super Bowls in the 1980s. While there’s been much debate in the NFL over the best coaches ever, this book starts to answer that question. Here are the top ten, with a few notes about each: The greatest coaches in history have a few things in common: they’re all great motivators, they’re all very good at developing players, and they’re all wildly successful. The NFL is filled with legendary coaches from all walks of life, and that means there’s no shortage of inspiration for you to learn from. If you’re looking for a master, these are the people you need to look up to.

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