It was Tuesday the 30th. July 2002, when dignitaries from the University of Coastal South Carolina – chancellor, athletic director, football coach, a few conservatives – gathered under a floating tent in the burning sun of Grand Beach, South Carolina. They smiled under their helmets, drove their ceremonial kicks into the sandy soil of Conway, South Carolina, and shattered the soil that would form the foundation of their new football stadium.

It was a great moment, remember Coastal Carolina’s athletic director Matt Hog. Once we get rid of all the wild watermelons.

It was a very big moment. It was a time when people dreamed of great football, with 6,6666 days left to pay for that vision. Just so we’re clear, it’s today. The day South Carolina is a college football toast. When the phone keeps ringing in the offices of the stadium that opened that day in 2002, several people – from Sports Illustrated to College GameDay – want to tell a good story in the middle of a difficult year.

Chances are that this story, which is 5-0, wins the 20th game and takes its place in the world. A strange and cheerful group that fills our time with social media: mule, lawn and mascot of dollar stores Georgia South Eagles as if it were Macho Maine Randy Savage, Nitro on Monday.

Big victory for the big party. Guys having fun #CHANTS

– Silas Kelly (@sila_SK_elly) 25. October 2020.

Hog remembers there aren’t many of us left from that day. But for those of us who are, I think our common goal is the same. Our eyes are always on the next step, but let’s enjoy this journey, especially in the middle of the year, in 2020.

Hogue began work at Coastal in 1997, when Conway residents were still accustomed to the name Coastal Carolina University, just four years after the school declared its independence from the University of South Carolina’s satellite campus system, and spit out its former name, USC Coastal Carolina College, or, as it was known throughout the state, USC Coastal. Hogue, a young sports TV presenter, was hired as a radio announcer for the Chanticleers basketball team. He has remained there ever since, from his decision to consider the idea of developing football in 1999 to the present day, including the stadium that laid the foundation stone on the corner of South Carolina Highway 544 and University Boulevard in 2002.

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When I first started working here, this was the location of the Conway High football stadium, remembers Hog. They decided to build a new stadium on their campus so that we would have free space. But it remained empty for seven or eight months between their last game and our revolutionary game, so it was completely flooded with weeds and watermelons.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Watermelons?

Yes, if you know a little about the sandy soil in this part of South Carolina, you know it’s perfect for growing watermelons, says Hog from his office in Conway, South Carolina, which is actually on the same border as Pageland, where the South Carolina Watermelon Festival takes place.

When we set out to prepare for the dedication ceremony, there were wild watermelons everywhere. So we had to work on it.

On that day an unexpected caution appeared on the ground, but the steps have now been thought out in detail. The first season of the Chanticleers was no season at all, autumn 2002 was a little more than the fights and walks that took place for the company’s future spokespersons and potential subscribers.

The work, which started in 1999 with a vote of the board of directors, was overseen by a group of stars, including former head coach Furman and retired head coach Dick Sheridan of North Carolina, as well as the 169-game winning Famer Fisher DeBerry College football hall, located in nearby Chero, S.C. The head coach was David Bennett, a former Presbyterian football star of the University of Katavba, N.C., the winner of NCAA Division II.

For a decade, Bennett led the coastal areas in their transformation into an independent CFS, a member of the Deep South and five congressional titles. In 2012, Mr. Bennett was replaced by Joe Moglia, who returned to coaching after a quarter of a century in finance, first at Merrill Lynch and then as CEO of TD Ameritrade. It was Moglia who watched the coast move to the FBS and attended the 2017 Sunbelt Conference, although he pulled out the season for health reasons and eventually handed the reins to the current head coach of the Chunts, offense coordinator Jamie Chadwell.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Coastal Carolina got out of balance in Kansas in September and has since conquered his place in the top 25. Scott Winters/Icon Sport Wire

The first three seasons in the Sunbelt have been stormy in all respects: 3-9 and 5-7 in two seasons (including several appearances on Bottom 10 about this author). Seen from the outside, South Carolina’s football history was a little more than a stupid college boxer.

See this? 2016, when Tyler Chadwick, star of the 2016 World Cup soccer team and assistant to the student soccer team, had to start as the starting quarterback after all BQ scholarship winners were injured.

See this? 2019, where every player from Coastal Carolina and South Georgia suffered a 15-yard batting foul after a persistent dance routine.

Do you see that? This tearoom, the endless jokes at Myrtle Beach University and the perfect storm at the university football stadium in the Grand Strand Recreation Area are named after Robert Brooks, a native who made his millions as the founder of Hooters Restaurants.

You see, we do things a little differently here, says Hog with a smile and quickly reminds us that he is the only known player who has climbed the sports ladder. There’s a reason why, as you travel east and cross the Little PD River, you’re in what we like to call the Independent Republic of the District of Compassion.

Yes, Gorry County, South Carolina, is home to the coastal town of Carolina, the towns of Conway and Myrtle Beach, over 80 golf courses and at least as many fireworks and pancakes. The province is named after the Independence hero Peter Horry, who together with Frances Swamp Fox Marion confused and eventually defeated the British who dared to conquer the coast of South Carolina.

It’s a pity that Marion left more than two centuries ago, but between those bones under the saddle of the Red Coats and the multicoloured blackmailer Teddy Gallagher, her cast, the line isn’t that long, Silas Kelly, a colleague from the linebacker scene, and eloquent rookie quarterback Grayson McCall, who sat on the bench last weekend because of injuries, but had previously announced numbers that matched those of another South Carolina resident, Clemens University QB Trevor Lawrence. This despite a successful but not too successful school career in Charlotte, North Carolina, a suburb that has attracted neither the attention of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) nor that of the CCA.

It is impossible to be proud of @tdyjgallagher in the All Marty & McGee team. #LikeThePhoenix

– Travis Rockhold (@TravisRockhold) 24. October 2020.

Shit, even the brutality of the mascot. In the 1960s, when the school was only a two-year branch of the University of South Carolina, it was time to find a mascot. The instruction was to choose what would be a merit for his parents’ school. A group of students worked with an English teacher to develop something that meets this requirement, but with their finger in the nose.

The fiction comes from the literary district of Chaucer Fairy Tales in Canterbury, which in the story of the nuns is described by a priest as the proud and wild cock that runs the shipyard. Chaucer wrote about the bird: For not being equal in the world. His voice was funnier than the cheerful organ in the church, and his fusion of his resting place was more authentic than the bell. His comb was redder than a small coral, and his tower looked like a castle wall; his beak was black and shone like a ray, and his toes and toes were azure blue. His nails were whiter than lilies and his feathers were like polished gold. With all its splendour, Chanticleer is also very scary and is respected by everyone.

The football teams on the Carolina Coast have always embodied that description. They’ve certainly always reminded us of the region they’re playing in. This is only the first season the team has been able to attract the nation’s attention.

If we sell this program to the neighborhood, it’s never been as hard as you’d think, says Hog, who is a member of the community in addition to his 17th birthday. Birthday in the microphone also worked in the university’s marketing department.

A graduate from the University of South Carolina talks about his alma mater, just like Clemson when he talks about his group’s purchases of tea brands in the northeast corner of Palmetto, an area that has grown from 60,000 to almost 400,000 people since 1970, with almost a quarter of that growth in the last decade.

People who grew up here want their identities, Hog said. And the people who settled here are from the Northeast and Midwest. They grew up as Penn State or Ohio State fans, but they want the home team to encourage them. We’re that team.

It’s a team that’s always been passionate. They’ve always had their own individuality. Now they have also won some victories. That’s how they get the attention of the nation. In between phone calls and interviews, Hog and everyone in all the offices around him in Coastal Carolina, from the meeting room to the dressing room, try to take a break and enjoy.

Think back to that day in 2002, that revolutionary event in the middle of an empty school football field where wild watermelons grew, or even before that, when playing football was not yet an idea, according to Hoge. It was very difficult to go from there to there, to our first Top 25 ranking and now to 20. But it’s so much fun. It was never fun. And no matter what happens from here, we’ll make it fun here, too.

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