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Bill Belichik

Over the past 20 years, the New England Patriots have won six Super Bowls, mainly by giving priority to Tom Brady and actually treating all other players as consumers, at least as Asante Samuel believes.

The four-time Pro Bowler, All-Pro and two-time Super Bowl champion went on Twitter on Friday and left critical comments about Bill Belichik and the Patriot organization.

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I’ve always said that, and I hate the way they treat the players in.

Not only did Samuel say he hated the way the Patriots dealt with good players, but he also made Belichik understand that the organization could only function that way because of Tom Brady.

You can’t let the best players go and expect them to win. The only reason they got away with it is because of Tom Brady. I always said that, and I hated the way they treated the players. #pick6

– Asante Samuel (@pick_six22) 29. October 2020

The inclusion of Brady’s name in the mix is a direct hit for Belishik, while Hoody paves the way for the difficult 2020 season, the first without Brady, while TB12 enjoys a strong first half season campaign with the Tampa Bay bookrunners.

Samuel is not the only one criticizing Belichik.

Bart Scott, a former New York Jets player and current NFL analyst, has also recently set his sights on Belichik. He insisted that Belichick be fired as head coach, but the future Hall Farmer should be allowed to stay as head coach.

That’s what he said:

Here you will find a list of all the designs of the past five years that the great Bill Belitchik has selected from different options. He couldn’t really think of a single star. I don’t think he’s qualified as a professional bowler since 2013. This is a big accusation against Bill Belichik – not the coach, but the general manager – and his ability to surround his team with talent. I mean, that’s a big accusation against Bill Belichik, and maybe Bill Belichik, the general manager, should be put back on the hot seat. Keep the trainer around because he’s excellent.

Even Scott decided to drop his own references to Brady.

If you’ve got Tom Brady’s biggest eraser – EQ – the biggest of all, it doesn’t matter who was with the receiver. He’s gonna be okay. I think it is more serious for Tom Brady to say that he has been the reason for the success of this organization over the years. Take it, and it’s like when LeBron [James] left the Knights. For example: Did you win with those cats? You quit maybe a competition winner, a Super Bowl contestant, and you didn’t even make the playoffs? Are you being shut down by the Buffalo Beals?

Check out the whole ESPN The Get Up Scott segment:

@BartScott57 calls on Bill Belichick to be fired as GM

– Wake up (@GetUpESPN) 30. October 2020.

squirrels with something to prove?

How can the greatest coach in the history of the NFL prove anything? Brady’s unique position in the team for a long time and Balici’s success with the quarterback, many attribute more success to the TB12 than to the Hoodie.

It is very likely that both people have benefited from the other, but more reliable people are beginning to emerge with a similar attitude. The only thing Belichik can do to calm doubts is win, and that starts on Sunday when the Patriots meet the Buffalo Beals in a situation where they have to win.

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