San Luis Obispo – San Luis Obispo County has approached 5,000 cases of Covid 19 since March, and local health officials warn that an increase in cases this week could lead to further state restrictions in the coming weeks.

District Health Service contact centres are working quickly to investigate new cases and control outbreaks in local communities in the northern district and San Luis Obispo. Officials attribute this increase to increasing fatigue, fuelled by a one-month pandemic.
We’re all tired of this pandemic, but we can’t afford to let our parishioners calm down, said Dr. Penny Borenstein, district health inspector. The SLA country has done so well the past few weeks and unfortunately this week we see a sharp bend in the wrong direction. Young people are not immune: the vast majority of new cases occur in people aged 18 to 29, some of which end up in hospital.

Although there has been an improvement in morbidity and positive activity in recent weeks, health authorities in San Luis Obispo County have noticed trends in recent days, with 156 new cases reported in the last 72 hours. The UFO district cannot stay in the red line of the state for more than 140 cases per week (or 20 cases per day). In this short period of time, the total number of cases in San Luis Obispo increased by 10%, the total number of cases in the northern district by 3%, while the other regions showed a slight increase (less than 2% since Saturday).

We want to move forward, not backward, and we can reverse the situation before it negatively affects the entire district, Dr. Borenstein said. Young people: You know what to do. Apply a protective layer to your face, avoid encounters with people outside your social circle, stay at home when you are sick and get tested.
Most cases in the SLA district have recovered, but many active cases occur among Cal Poly students who live off campus in San Luis Obispo and congregate without adequate precautions. Of the 74 cases reported in the last 24 hours, 37 are in San Luis Obispo (town) and 7 are among the residents of the Cal Poly campus. Moreover, 73% of new cases are between 18 and 29 years old.

We remind all students of the role they play in maintaining health and safety in our community. Each student has an individual responsibility, and we ask each of you to reaffirm your commitment to strict health and safety rules, said President Cal Paulie Jeffrey D. Armstrong. While we know and appreciate that most students considered it a privilege to be on campus and acted responsibly to protect the city of Atasquadero – the city of Arroyo Grande – the city of Grover Beach. the city of Morro Bay
– the city of El Paso de Robles – the city of Pismo Beach – the city of San Luis Obispo – we know that it only takes a few people who ignore health and safety guidelines to create a risk for everyone.

District health authorities continue to work closely with affected communities, in particular in Calle Poli and the city of San Luis Obispo, to slow down the spread of the disease. To prevent meetings, in April 2020 the city of San Luis Obispo introduced a citywide safety zone that doubles the fine for noise-related violations, disobedient meetings, open alcohol containers, public urination and public health violations.

Cal Paulie is stepping up testing among off-campus students in the Greek community and in areas where case studies have been identified. Cal Paulie also follows plans and procedures to isolate and quarantine infected students on campus.

All residents must take protective measures to prevent the spread of VIDA19 : Apply a protective layer on people, keep a meter distance from other people outside your house, stay within the ASO circle (avoid going outside the circle) and wash your hands regularly.

The California Department of Health has published an updated guide to private meetings. Anyone wishing to hold or attend a private meeting must meet the following conditions:

  1. Keep him away.
  2. Keep them small (no more than three households present at the same time).
  3. Don’t come if you feel sick or in danger.
  4. Practice of physical distance and hand hygiene.
  5. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, a protective layer must always be worn.
  6. Take your time.

For the latest information on KOVID-19 in the SLA district, visit or call (805) 788-2903 for public health information. From Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., the manned call center is available at (805) 543-2444, where you can get answers to questions about KOVID-19.

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