The partnership between Parsiq and Autonio will bring together AI-powered trading strategies with Parsiq’s exclusive Smart Triggers functionality, which provides access to liquid and high-volume crypto trading markets. The end result will be a suite of tools that can be used by traders to autonomously execute trades that maximize returns for their portfolios.

PARSIQ, a blockchain project focused on issues facing traders, has announced a strategic partnership with Autonio, an algorithmic trading platform that makes it easy to connect and manage crypto trading bots. The partnership will enable Autonio users to quickly deploy, monitor, and control algorithmic trading bots on the PARSIQ platform. The Autonio platform employs artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to provide a powerful trading experience to users. Users will be able to take advantage of Autonio’s built-in API to gain access to a variety of trading strategies without needing to write a single line of code.

word-image-5520 Tallinn, Estonia, 18. May 2021, PARSIQ’s blockchain monitoring and automation platform is powered by Autonio’s NIOX Trading Suite through a partnership with the Autonio Foundation. PARSIQ’s unique Smart Triggers technology will be key to monitoring blockchain activity to help Autonio’s NIOX Trading Suite make informed decisions in a number of different areas. Autonio is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) with the goal of developing and providing affordable and user-friendly trading tools for the DeFi ecosystem. By democratizing access to smart trading tools, cryptocurrency traders can perform deeper trade analysis, apply advanced algorithms, and combine tools to execute their initial strategy. Autonio and his NIOX package need a reliable blockchain data stream that can be used outside of the blockchain as the basis for advanced alert systems or trading strategies based on specific triggers to execute their activities. Typically, developers reading blockchain data must create their own listeners, which requires creating their own full nodes, analyzing the complex blockchain data, and developing an API that can return that data in a more useful format. This process requires a significant investment in time and infrastructure that diverts attention from the actual implementation of the product. With PARSIQ’s smart triggers, Autonio will be able to monitor blockchain data for relevant events by integrating just a few lines of code. In the case of Autonio, the PARSIQ toolkit is essential for traders to execute their own trigger-based strategies on the circuit – such as trades from large portfolios. PARSIQ’s monitoring technology is also used to evaluate the effectiveness of NIOX’s AI-based strategies, providing valuable insights into their performance. Another expected use is the use of the PARSIQ tool for analysis. By tracking withdrawal and deposit transactions in the NIOX DAO, the project will be able to understand its users and develop key metrics to track growth. Automated trading tools are a natural fit for PARSIQ’s use of intelligent triggers, and we’re pleased that teams like Autonio are accelerating their development by choosing our solution, said Tom Thierman, CEO of PARSIQ. There’s really no reason why developers of crypto-currency apps need to reinvent the wheel. By leaving the smallest details to us, they save time, money and headaches. PARSIQ allows us to secure our governance and DAO and give our users access to asset flow information, which is a higher priority for us as we begin to implement notifications and triggers in our trading and tracking solutions, says Ali Rahman, CEO and founder of Autonio Foundation. The use of AI is of longer duration. PARSIQ has provided us with a number of improvement tools in three key areas: Negotiation, management and analysis for artificial intelligence. VIA PARSIQ PARSIQ is a blockchain monitoring and workflow automation platform that serves as a multi-layered bridge between the blockchain and off-blockchain applications. PARSIQ technology is ParsiQL’s proprietary programming language that allows users to track and interpret an infinite stream of data on the blockchain; thus monitoring the portfolios of traders and ordinary users. About Autonio Autonio Foundation is a decentralized, autonomous organization created to develop accessible, user-friendly, and low-cost trading tools and services for the DeFi ecosystem. Autonio is creating a thriving community around algorithmic trading by democratizing access to intelligent tools and automated trading infrastructures. With these tools, cryptocurrency traders can easily perform trading analysis, implement trading algorithms, trade cryptocurrencies, sell their strategies and pool funds for trading purposes, all with profit, security and convenience.



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