Matthew Stafford


Matthew Stafford was shot and killed in Chicago.

The Detroit Lions sent the Chicago Bears home late in the game with a 34-30 victory, and some facts about wild game were hard to ignore.

Perhaps the biggest moment in terms of victory was the fact that Matthew Stafford showed a classic performance with 27:42 for 402 yards and 3 touchdowns. During the game, Stafford played a lot of games that impressed people, from a few side jumps to unlocking an incredibly deep ball.

A man who had all his eyes? Louis Riddick, ESPN analyst. Although Riddick is now an analyst, many think he should get more love as a potential candidate for the CEO position in Detroit. Riddick saw what Stafford did during the match and it looked impressive of course. On Sunday afternoon, Twitterback made some of the best quarterback shots in every game.

I’m just telling you… Stafford just took some of the best pictures of the day. Every Buy More. Any game.

– Louis Riddick (@LRiddickESPN) 6. December 2020.

Riddick was not officially named in Detroit as the actual candidate for the CEO position, but it is certainly interesting to recall such remarks. The next boss in Detroit has an important decision to make about the future of Stafford, and it is clear that if Riddick contacts him, he will be firmly in Stafford’s corner, after he has spoken out against bears and what he has to offer in his career.

The future of Matthew Stafford is uncertain

Whatever Riddick says, Stafford’s future seems to be firmly in the air. Detroit will have a new CEO and a new trainer, and these factors can often lead to changes over time. Possession wasn’t mandatory for Stafford either, although they admit they liked his toughness. In this context, it seems that this off-season will be more important than ever in the quarterback position.

But Stafford proved with his great performance on Sunday that he’s someone to remember in Detroit. Lions don’t have to go any further, and it’s more than possible that the team just has to adapt the system to what they want. It’s possible Darrell Beaverll did it because Sunday’s statistical explosion could prove…

Executive Director Luis Riddick Summary

The work of Mike Mayok and John Lynch, who recently left the transmission booth to take over as general manager, makes Riddick an interesting name for Lviv in the coming off-season. In the past, Riddick has had few opportunities to apply for the role, but if the Lions want to cast a wide net, it will be a very slim option. Before joining television, Riddick was a scout and professional human resources manager in Washington and Philadelphia. Riddick has been an NFL executive since 2013, but he’s stayed close to the game while working in television and knows it’s going to be a great location in Detroit. In this respect he is very different from Matt Millen, who had no team management or front office experience when the Lions hired him from Fox in 2000.

It is clear that Riddick’s comments on Stafford will be an eye-opener after a big victory in Detroit and elsewhere. When someone in Detroit gets an interview, everyone needs to keep an eye out.

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