In the past year The Flash has rapidly evolved from a somewhat intriguing solo adventure to one of the most exciting comics on DC’s list. Well, director Andy Mushietti made another joke about the size of the film when he was at the CCXP virtual event this year, and said that The Flash will take you to places where there wasn’t a DC universe before, so that’s very exciting.

I can’t wait to tell you more, but right now I want to thank you for your support and for being such a big fan, he concluded. Although his update of The Flash was so fast that the Scarlet Speedster itself would be blushing, a quick note about things certainly follows everything that has been revealed on the film so far.

POWERFUL: How important is the role of Batman Ben Affleck in Flash?

Lightning is supposed to be inspired by the Paradox Flashpoint comics, which tell the story of how the fastest man goes back in time to save his mother. His intervention in time, however, shows that lightning appears in a dark universe where Amazons and Atlanteans are involved in a total war that has left the planet in ruins. This alternative version of the Washington universe finds Bruce Wayne dead, killed by the same criminal who killed his parents in the original timeline. This prompted Thomas Wayne to take the Batman’s cape and use his much more brutal tactics.

It’s exciting that Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck will take over the role of Batman, and fans will be surprised to see how two totally different versions of the Dark Knight will influence events. Many suggested that Affleck would book the film in the original timeline, and that Batman Keaton would take Thomas Wayne’s place in the alternative.

Lightning finds him and him: In the second chapter, director Andy Mushietti is at the helm, and the director reveals some details about Affleck’s role in the film. He says that his Batman has a very strong dichotomy, namely his masculinity – because of his appearance and his imposing face and jaw – but that he is also very vulnerable. He knows how to overcome this vulnerability from within. He just needs a story to bring that contrast, that balance.

Mushietti added that Affleck’s Bruce Wayne is a very important part of the film’s emotional impact. The interaction and relationship between Barry and Wayne Affleck will create an emotional level we have never seen before. It’s Barry’s movie, it’s Barry’s story, but their characters are more connected than we think. They both lost their mothers in a murder, and that’s one of the vectors of emotion in the film. This is the beginning of Affleck Batman.

In addition to two totally different versions of Batman, there are rumors that the film will also include Wonder Woman Gal Gado and even bring back earlier versions of DC characters such as Brandon Rut’s Superman and Christian Bale’s Batman, as well as versions that never looked like Nicholas Cage as Superman.

Unfortunately, the audience will have to wait a long time to see how The Flash takes you to a place where the universe hasn’t set foot yet, and the film is scheduled for release on October 4. November 2022. These comments were made by Andy Mushietti during a virtual performance at this year’s CCXP event.

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