ATASCADERO – A brief meeting of the Atasquadero United School District Board of Trustees was held on Tuesday evening to celebrate the reopening of the high schools, which has now been postponed until the San Luis Obispo District returns to the Red Tier.

On Monday, Govin Newsome forced 27 California counties to return to blopan levels for a safer economy, including SLO and Santa Barbara counties, which went to the hardest blopan levels.

According to the project, schools that are open to full-time education can remain open, but schools that are not open to distance learning cannot remain in distance education until their neighbourhood moves to a two-week phase of purple education. Schools can still apply for an exemption from personal tuition fees for primary school pupils.

AUSD opened its hybrid primary schools when the district switched from purple to red almost two months ago. The district is also exempt from primary school fees.

Until Monday the 16th. In November, the AUSD was due to start in the second half of the year on 5 November. January to bring secondary and high school students to the campus for full-time study. SLO County must remain in the purple animal for three weeks and can only leave it if its COVID-19 performance improves for two consecutive weeks.

If the school is open for full-time education, it can stay open, said AUSD Superintendent Tom Butler. This means that all our primary schools can remain open and are now open for personal service. If the school is not open for study, this applies to Atasquadero High School, Atasquadero High School, Paloma Creek High School and the Academy of Fine Arts in grades six to eight; they cannot be open for study. When we get to the fifth floor… January in purple, which is a little outing when you’re in purple on January 5th… …we stay in correspondence school.

Butler went on to explain that some areas of the company will start easing restrictions as soon as the company reaches the red throat. However, in order to open the schools, the neighbourhood must remain at the red level for two weeks.

While we can discuss this [limitations on school openings] are at least clear, and as it’s clear when we go into the red, I’m going to activate all our staff with a reopening date based on those two weeks, Butler said. We will inform the parents that we can proceed with this reopening.

During the meeting, Mr Butler also presented the results of a recent survey among parents on whether their child will remain in distance education or, if allowed, return to full-time education according to the hybrid model.

Parents from the district’s high school went directly to the center, 50 percent chose distance education and 50 percent chose full-time education. Parents in secondary school reacted in the same way: 52% chose full-time distance education, while 48% chose the full-time option.

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