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Jehan Daruvala, an Indian Formula 2 driver who has spent most of his life behind the wheel, is well aware of the malfunctions that occur on the circuits. On Sunday he was on the podium, after which he was knocked off the track by one of the participants at the international circuit in Bahrain. However, his accident was not as spectacular as what happened in the Formula 1 race that followed the Formula 2 race. Haas driver Romain Groshyan had to crawl out of hell, even though his car broke in two after the crash on the first lap of the race.

For Daruvala, a terrible accident is simply part of the life of a top rider. It’s obviously hard to say, but at least he (Groshan) did well. And in the end, we know we do. We drive very fast and powerful racing cars to the limit, and sometimes things can go wrong, he says.

And if things go wrong, Daruvala admits that it is not the drivers who suffer the most, because they are willing to take risks and pursue their hobbies. It’s hard to observe, but I think my parents and my sister are harder to observe. For others, we know what we’re working for, he says.

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This means that any accident, whether with a teammate or with himself, must be quickly forgotten, at least for as long as he wants to remain a pilot. Of course, if there’s an accident, you can’t think about it, but once you’re on the track and driving your own race, you don’t think about it. You can’t think about it, because if you drive at that speed, you can’t concentrate anywhere else on the track, he says.

Although the accident of Groshzhan this weekend was the subject of discussion in Formula 1, Daruvala had its own point of view. In Saturday’s race he won his first podium – and India’s first podium in a Formula 2 championship – in the girls’ season. In the race for Carlin he proved his intelligence by making an early pit stop on a circuit that was brutal for the tyres to overtake the drivers waiting for their mandatory pit stop. He also showed incredible defensive skills, with the furious championship leader and Haas 2021, who signed Mick Schumacher for the last twelve laps.

For Daruvala, first place on the podium on the 21st. However, the beginning of the season should not be surpassed. It was good to be on the podium, but my goal is not to end up on the podium once a year. He has to be on stage all the time. He says he has to finish the whole year first and stay on that podium all the time.

After all, we know we do. We drive very fast and powerful racing cars to the limit, and sometimes things can go wrong.

Jehan Daruvala

To make matters worse for Daruvala, his teammate Yuki Tsunoda, with 157 points in 51st place, had a much more successful season with five podium finishes, including two race wins. It’s not just Daruvala’s fault. For most of the season he suffered from engine problems, a situation that only improved when he finally had his bike replaced after a race weekend at Monza in September. Daruvala scored points in four of his six starts for Monza, compared to only six of the sixteen for the exchange.

He could have scored in five of the last six starts, but in a five-second penalty in a sprint race in Sochi, where he went from fifth to eleventh place. In the last six starts he scored 28 points, compared to 30 points for Tsunoda in the same period. I changed my parking space in Monza and that made a big difference. I would have taken very good positions, but in the end I would have lost power on the straights where I have to be fast. I lost on straights to my teammates, especially at Silverstone, Spa and Monza, and after a bike change I started again with my teammate, he said.

Next weekend, again in Bahrain, Daruvala will try to collect more points. Although the route of the road has changed, the Indian is hoping for his prospects. The layout will be totally different, and no one has any experience in this area. It is also shorter and creates its own problems. There won’t be much difference in lap times because the race is shorter, but at the same time every mistake can be critical, he says.

Daruvala knows that another race this season is unlikely to bring him much success in the drivers’ championship – he is currently 13th out of 25 drivers. His goal is to finish the season at a high level and use this momentum to prepare for the next season. Of course I won’t fight for the championship this year, but all I can do is learn as much as I can and prepare for next year. I’m just looking forward to finishing the season at a high level and hopefully to have a good team next season, he said.

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