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The Tampa Bay Pirates will try to save their victory when they play in Sunday’s big championship game at Raymond James Stadium in New Orleans. The Buccaneers dominate the southern NFC with a 6-2 record, thanks to their triple victory after huge victories over the Green Bay Packers, the Las Vegas Raiders and the New York Giants. The Saints are hiding behind a 5-2 result and after the start of the season are in the four win with a 2-1 tie. The Saints had the advantage over the Buccaneers by winning the return game in week 34-23. A second stage is therefore mandatory for Tampa Bay, who are trying to strengthen their position within NFC South and increase their chances of qualifying for the post-season.

In his Instagram account on Thursday, quarterback Tom Brady posted some pictures of himself and his teammates in action for his clash with the Saints. He followed him to New Orleans with a subtitle. Brady’s post appears to be his wife, supermodel Giselle Bundchen, who commented… Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. …with two fiery smiles.

Brady describes the Saints as a great team.

In the first round match-up against the Saints, Brady, 43, repelled two touchdowns and two interceptions, including a top-six, in his first regular season Buccaneers game against the first round Saints. At Thursday’s press conference, Brady stressed that there is no room for mistakes when playing in a team as good as the Saints. When you play against a great team, you can’t make mistakes, tweeted Brady Rick Strauda of the Tampa Bay Times.

#Tom Brady, QB of the GoBuc, is in his first week Every year is a little different… it’s soccer. The first week we didn’t have any preseason games and we were just trying to learn from each other… we threw the ball twice. Call 6. If you play in a big team, you can’t make them (wrong).

– Rick Straud (@NFLSTROUD) 5. November 2020

Brady explained the poor performance in the first round by the fact that the team did not have a preseason game and they tried to learn from each other spontaneously.

Brady also talked about his rivalry with veteran Saints quarterback Drew Bree and said that both love the competition. Brady also admitted that their respective careers are closer to the end than the beginning. Brady is currently leading the list of records for missed touchdowns – 561-560.

Bris, on the other hand, is ahead of the number of passing shipyards – 79,314 versus 76,760 Brady.

#GoBuc’s QB Tom Brady on Drew Brees # We’re both closer to the end than we are to the beginning… We both love the competition.

– Rick Straud (@NFLSTROUD) 5. November 2020

Experts choose cookies instead of saints

The Buccaneers were this week’s favorite, 5.5 points ahead of the Saints in several sports books. Experts from various news organizations also selected pirates to defeat the saints on Sundays. History is also good for Brady, as he hasn’t been absorbed by a divisional opponent during his 19-year career as a starting quarterback. Greg Rosenthal of voted for the Buccaneers and said that Brady and the company will defeat the Saints 27-24.

Eight out of ten ESPN analysts voted for the Buccaneers, while Pro Football Talk Michael Florio and Michael David Smith said the Buccaneers will win 30-27 and 27-20 respectively. Experts at USA Today, SB Nation and also chose Pirates over Saints.

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