The Black Clover anime cycle is coming to an end, so it’s time to look back at how it went and all the fun fights that were. The anime will end with a whopping 170 episodes, introducing fans to a whole new action-packed magical world. In the series, we’ve seen various fighters go up against increasingly strong and powerful opponents. Yuki Tabata’s series has become one of the most popular action anime of recent years, and when you watch it, you’ll immediately see why.

To celebrate the final episode of Black Clover, we look back at the best and brightest episodes of the anime over the years. First, we decided to analyze the best opening themes of the series, then we looked at the best closing themes, and finally, we have the biggest draw of the anime as a whole.

Fighting is an essential part of any successful action series, and Black Clover is one that understands this. But what is a fight? In the case of this series, that could be anything from the stunning visual presentation to the involvement of the fighters and the story as a whole. It’s a unique mix, as the anime battles evolved along with the production of the series as a whole.

There are too many great fights and moments to list them all here, but read on for our picks for the top 10 Black Clover fights! Tell us your choices in the comments! You can even contact me directly about anything related to black clover and other cool stuff @ Valdezology on Twitter!

#10 – Mereoleon Vermillion vs. Raya

Mereoleona Vermillion is one of the most exciting characters in the series. With her magnetic and boisterous personality, she totally shines when we first get a chance to see what she can do. It’s not the most impressive performance (especially compared to some of the later battles on this list), but it’s just nice to see a character completely dominate an opponent that has caused others so much trouble. After all these episodes, it’s still fun to watch Mereoleona make her way through all the copies of Raya’s magic with ease.

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#9 – Yami vs. Vetto

Like the fights that preceded this finale, Yami’s fight against Vetto is as entertaining as expected. Although his fight against Vetto was more of a solo performance, it was also the result of him pushing his limits for the first time. This is an important moment, as it is the first time he has used Dark Disguise: Dimension Slash, and the thread that precedes it is one of the best in the series, as Yami congratulates all the members of Black Bulls for their hard work and inspires him to excel. It is a rare moment of discovery for Yami, which is also a great demonstration of strength and composure.

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#8 – Yami vs. Light

The lack of a real fight between Yami and the members of the Third Eye of the Midnight Sun was apparently made up for by Yami using her skills against the light to the fullest. With an opponent of decent strength, we could also see Yami use all his skills in real time for the first time. Yami was always a bit stronger than any threat this early in the series, so seeing him make an effort against an opponent with the exact opposite element was pretty fun. It’s not as simple as some of the fights we’ll have later.

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#7 – Asta, Vanessa and Finral vs. Vetto

One of the best features of Black Clover is the extensive roster of characters who often compete against each other in different teams, but there was really only one time when these teams led to a true tag team move. This fight was important because it showed Vanessa and Finral in a new light, as they were at the center of the real-time action for the first time (which is notable given their later importance), and their work with Asta here, when they combined Vanessa’s wires and Finral’s portals to zap Asta around Vetto, is the kind of combination that doesn’t make much sense in the series. It’s rare to be so adept with such a technique.

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#6 – Juno vs. Rill

Although most of the Black Shamrock qualifying matches provided a unique backdrop to the tournament, things generally didn’t go smoothly until the final match of the series. While Rill and Juno don’t do a particularly good job in terms of overall impact on the story, the setting reinforces that impression. Asta had to watch in frustration as Juno failed in the final, Juno unleashed her form for the first time in Spirit Dive and wanted to use it against Asta more than anything, and Rill’s color magic provided a lot of creative use in the fight.

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#5 – Captains vs. Captains.

Granted, this fight only takes place because it’s so visual. This fight takes place in the original training period between the Reincarnation and Spike Kingdom series and ultimately makes no sense in the grand storyline of the anime as a whole, but it makes up for it by being the only time we see the captains of the magical knights face off against each other in large numbers. It’s also special because it’s something we only get in anime, so the overall experience is just fun. It’s not a hard fight, it’s pure entertainment.

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#4 – Humans and Elves vs.

The fight against Zagred is one of many in the series that takes place on different levels and involves many different characters in different combinations. In this battle, which was the culmination of the final battle of the Arc of Reincarnation, a team of all characters fought in the floating fortress of the Eye of the Midnight Sun. When Yami, Asta, and Yuno’s well-organized battle together delivers the final blow, it’s the kind of fight that could end the series. Fortunately, it wasn’t the last.

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#3 – Asta vs Ladros

While it’s not the most impressive fight in terms of location or importance to the story, it’s what the anime really excels at. In the series of episodes leading up to this fight, there was the Asta berserker that the team behind the series was clearly experimenting with, and while the anime had some impressive animated storylines long before that, this was a fight where the team seemed to be giving it their all. The sink approach, with the most dynamic models in the series so far, has resulted in some pretty impressive vibration control that has yet to be matched.

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#2 – Julius Novachroneau vs Patrick

One of Black Clover’s greatest strengths is the way it hypes up the power of its high-strung characters. After the power of Witch King Julius Novachrono was foreshadowed by his status and brief use of temporary magic earlier in the series, the anime pulled out all the stops and really showed Julius’ first and only fight in the series (so far, anyway). This fight, which began with the Reincarnation series, really marked a major shift in the status quo of the series.

The massive display of the Wizard King’s skills and abilities completes his role as an authority in the entire franchise. It accomplishes a lot and carries a lot of weight in one fight without the protagonist being involved, and the visuals reflect that. This was another important step in the development of the series.

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#1 – Asta and Yami v. Dante

Maybe it’s a bias towards the new, but it’s clear that the Black Clover anime ends on a high note. With a team that has years of experience with the series and skills that are by far the highest in anime (and visually appealing) in general, there’s no way this fight is going to miss the top spot. But it’s not just about the visuals, it’s also the most important fight of the series, as it represents a major shift in the relationship between mentor and apprentice Asta and Yami. This is the only victory for the good guys over the Dark Triad, and it happens in less than a minute of canon time !


frequently asked questions

What is the best fight in black clover?

Black Clover: Top 10 Anime battles

Who is the strongest in the black clover?

Black clover: The ten strongest characters, as rated by CBR.

Is Asta stronger than Noel?

Asta fought against the supposed strongest and leader of the Dark Triad, Dante. If Asta swapped places with Noelle, he would hurt Vanica WITHOUT DIFFERENCE (she’s not as fast as Dante, and she seems reckless…).

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